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Writing Jobs Online is NOT an employer.

Instead, Writing Jobs Online is a portal that lists daily freelance writing opportunities.

There’s also information and tips on how to secure freelance writing gigs.

But it’s still up to you to apply for and land the jobs.

Although many of the job boards can be located easily online – I found the individual job listings convenient.

And some of the information in the eBooks was useful in terms of how to write a convincing pitch to prospective employers.

For the sake of $1 for 7 days access.

Writing Jobs Online might be worth a look if you’re a struggling freelance writer.


  • Lots of freelance writing job listings.
  • $1 trial available.
  • 60-day money-back guarantee.


  • Work is not guaranteed.
  • Many of the resources can be found for free.

This post contains affiliate links. This means that if you click a link and buy something, we might make money. This is at NO extra cost to yourself. But it helps to keep this website up and running. 🙂

Name:Writing Jobs Online.
Type:Work from home – freelance writing.
Price:$27 monthly – recurring.
Trial?Yes – $1 for 7 days.
Money-Back Guarantee?Yes – 60 days.
Rating:2.6 / 5
Recommended?Partially – possible value from the trial.
How to Join?Sign up here.

Welcome to my Writing Jobs Online review.

I’m no Stephen King.

But I know how to throw together a half-decent blog post that will rank on the first page of Google.

So last year, I decided to try my hand at freelance writing.

I set up an account on Freelancer offering to help small business owners and bloggers by writing SEO optimised content to capture traffic and secure conversions.

With specific services that included article rewriting, penning eBooks from scratch, crafting online courses, and writing benefit driven sales copy for eCommerce stores.

And after weeks and weeks of relentless bidding.

I failed to secure a single gig.

Not only was it difficult to get noticed in a saturated market.

But I also found it impossible to market my services at a decent price.

Because my competition would be willing to write an entire novel for about $1.

So, I turned to Writing Jobs Online to see if they could help me get some proper work.

Here’s what I discovered.

What is Writing Jobs Online?

Writing Jobs Online is NOT an employer.

So, don’t expect to sign up and get guaranteed work.

Instead, Writing Jobs Online is a portal that lists daily freelance writing opportunities.

There’s also information and tips on how to secure freelance writing gigs.

But ultimately.

It’s still up to you to apply for those jobs and get the work.

Image credit: Writing Jobs Online.

Who’s Behind Writing Jobs Online?

The name associated with this product is ‘Glen Anderson’.

However, I wasn’t able to find any further details on this individual.

Nor could I discern if a legitimate company is behind Writing Jobs Online.

How Much Does Writing Jobs Online Cost?

You can try Writing Jobs Online for 7-days for $1 here.

After that, you’ll be billed $27 each month for ongoing access.

You can cancel any time via the ClickBank platform.

There’s also a 60-day money-back guarantee.

What Do You Get?

Once I’d taken the $1 trial.

I was sent an email from ClickBank that redirected me to my membership area.

Once I’d logged in with the details provided, I saw this:

Image credit: Writing Jobs Online.

Here’s a brief summary of the content.

1: Writing Jobs Database

The ‘writing jobs database’ links to various 3rd-party job boards where you can potentially find freelance writing gigs.

The ‘writing jobs online’ section takes you to an internal feed that lists specific jobs.

These links also map to external sites.

I was unable to access some of them because the owners had blocked access to EU residents (trying to avoid GDPR compliance I assume).

If you scroll down on the main page, you’ll see a section titled ‘Premium Jobs for [month]’.

When I clicked on these links, I was taken to a range of external sites and application forms.

2: Writing Gigs By Price

You can use the various sections to find external sites that pay:

  • $50 – $100 writing jobs;
  • $100 – $200 writing gigs;
  • $250+ writing and online magazine gigs.

3: eBooks and Video Guides

The ‘getting started’ section provides the following downloadable eBooks:

  • Online Writing Jobs for Freelance Writers;
  • Jumpstart a Journalism Career;
  • How to Plan a Home Office That Works;
  • Time Management for Freelancers.

There’s also a section for online writing tutorials in the ‘make money with online writing video guide’ section.

4: Writing Resources

The ‘writing tools’ and ‘writing softwares‘ sections provide resources to help you write online.

Such as website hosts, royalty free image sites, and link trackers.

This is just a quick list however.

There are no detailed tutorials.

The ‘tips and tricks’ section lists internal blog posts that can help you with specific topics.

Such as how to protect your online work from plagiarism.

5: Online Survey Resources

Both the ‘premium surveys’ and ‘other online opportunities’ sections map to lists of online survey sites.

I’ve reviewed a couple of these myself.

Such as Swagbucks, Toluna, and Pinecone Research.

They are ok for a bit of extra pocket money.

But not a full-time wage.

My Thoughts On Writing Jobs Online

Here are my honest thoughts on Writing Jobs Online.

1: Writing Jobs Online is NOT a Scam

Most of the other Writing Jobs Online reviews that I’ve read are pretty harsh.

Some have even said that Writing Jobs Online is a ‘scam’.

However, this isn’t exactly true.

Since the information provided does have some value.

2: You’ll Still Need to Put the Work In

Like I said before.

Writing Jobs Online will not pay you directly.

They simply present you with a list of potential jobs.

And some additional resources to help you stand out against your competition.

I found the ‘Online Writing Jobs for Freelance Writers’ eBook fairly useful for this.

It enlightened me to the fact that my pitches to prospective employers weren’t as persuasive as they could have been.

3: Many of the Resources Can be Found for Free

It’s likely that you’ll already know of some of the freelance sites that are linked to from inside Writing Jobs Online.

And they can be found with a simple Google search.

However, I did find the ‘Premium Writing Jobs’ list useful.

Because it listed specific opportunities that I probably wouldn’t have found on my own.

It was just a shame that some of them were unavailable in the UK.

Conclusion: Fairly Useful – But Not a Magic Bullet


I’d say that Writing Jobs Online is a reasonably valuable resource for finding freelance writing jobs.

And the supplementary content might be useful if you’re struggling with your pitches.

But that’s about it.

Don’t expect to sign up and immediately start earning $1,000s per month right away.

Because you still need to actually put the effort in yourself to land the jobs advertised.

I don’t think that Writing Jobs Online is as bad as the other reviews make it out to be.

But it’s not a magic bullet either.

If you’d like to try Writing Jobs Online for 7-days.

You can join up for just $1 here.


  • Lots of freelance writing job listings;
  • $1 trial available;
  • 60-day money-back guarantee.


  • Work is not guaranteed;
  • Many of the resources can be found for free.

How I Make Money Writing From Home

I’ve given up trying to prove myself to prospective employers.

Because whilst my grammar might not be perfect.

And I’d be absolutely lost without my spellchecker.

My writing is good enough to make money.

How do I do it?

By focusing on writing blog posts that solve peoples’ problems.

And then adding affiliate links to them.

Affiliate links mean that if someone buys something that I recommend.

I get a commission.

For example, I made more than $10,000 by writing blog posts in 2017 and adding in affiliate links:

Clickbank Affiliate Earnings 2017

And do you know why I prefer this strategy to freelancing?

Because just ONE blog post could earn me money over and over and over again.

Thus creating PASSIVE income.

So, rather than constantly having to trade my time for money.

I can get paid for my singular efforts repeatedly.


Then sign up for my FREE email course here.

And I’ll walk you through the process step-by-step.

Oh, and you won’t have to buy anything to get started either.

Because the resources that you’ll be using to get set up can be leveraged for free.

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