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Mike Cruickshank is the creator of no less than 13 mathematically proven, highly profitable betting systems and associated software packages.

Each product works by exploiting legal loopholes in the UK online betting industry.

Mike’s Bonus Bagging system launched in 2010 and is still one of the most effective and low-cost ways to make up to £500 from matched betting with no prior betting experience.

And Mike’s follow-on Profit Maximiser service is currently helping more than 7,000 active members earn money every day from online bookmaker and casino bonuses.

Each Way Sniper is Mike’s most effective solution to working around account restrictions by showing you how to exploit the bookmakers’ pricing mistakes to lock in a profit from every bet.

You can get instant access to all of Mike’s products at a massively discounted price by purchasing Betting Mastermind.

99% of betting systems and online money making opportunities don’t work.

Mike’s products are the other 1%!


  • Mathematically proven to make money.
  • £1 trials available for most products.
  • Suitable for all ability levels.
  • Excellent value for money.
  • 30-60 day money back guarantees.
  • Industry leading software.
  • Superb training videos and guides.
  • Full support via email and forums.


  • UK customers only.

I first heard about Mike Cruickshank in around 2013.

At that point, I’d already been making money by cashing out the bookmakers’ free bets on my own.

But only once I’d joined Mike’s Profit Maximiser service did I begin to realise just how much money could be made from low-risk betting strategies.

I have since gone on to purchase all of Mike’s products and make a stack of money.

So, in this post, I’m going to explain who Mike Cruickshank is and how his products could help you make money online.

Who is Mike Cruickshank?

Mike Cruickshank is the creator of no less than 13 mathematically profitable betting products.

Mike Cruickshank Photo

The first being Bonus bagging – which launched in 2010.

And since then he “…has helped over 60,000 people increase their profits.” [Source].

Whilst matched betting has existed in its current form since the early 2000’s, Mike’s work has undoubtedly helped shape the matched betting landscape into what it is today.

With many of his former students going on to set up their own matched betting companies – Profit Accumulator being the most prolific example.

Despite such success, Mike doesn’t appear to reveal too much about himself in the very few interviews that I’ve come across online.

However, if I recall correctly, I think Mike said that he comes from a very humble background in Liverpool.

And matched betting helped him pay off his debts whilst he studied for his A Levels in maths and IT.

I may have also read somewhere that he spent time in the armed forces (Navy?) – but don’t quote me on that.

Do Mike’s Products Actually Work?


However, the products are only really functional if you live in the UK or Ireland.

Do you reside outside these jurisdictions?

Then you’ll likely run into problems when trying to claim the free bets and bonuses upon which Mike’s core products (Bonus Bagging, Accumulator Generator, and Profit Maximiser) are reliant upon.

Which Product is Right for You?

Many of Mike’s products are almost ‘risk-free’ and require no prior betting experience.

However, some of the more advanced casino-based systems are much more volatile and should not be used by beginners.

Below, I’ve provided a very brief overview of all of Mike’s current products based on my own experiences.

This should hopefully help you decide which one is best suited to your current ability level.

I’ve linked off to more detailed reviews where appropriate.

If you have any specific questions, just drop them in the comments section at the end of the post and I’ll get back to you ASAP.

1: Bonus Bagging – Total Novice

Bonus Bagging shows you how to cash out a selection of the bookmakers’ welcome bonuses for a profit.

And in doing so, you can expect to make up to £500.

If you’re totally new to betting – or only hold a few online bookmaker accounts – this is your ideal starting point.

Mike’s training explains how to ‘lay off’ your bookmaker bets on Betfair for ‘no-risk’.

You’ll need around £50 of your own money so that you can place the initial bets.

Learn more in my Bonus Bagging Review.

Bonus Bagging Home Page

2: Profit Maximiser – Beginner to Advanced

Profit Maximiser is the follow-on product to Bonus Bagging.

The advanced training shows you how to cash out a greater array of bookmaker welcome offers.

But the main focus is earning ongoing profits from the daily ‘refund’ and ‘reload’ bonuses.

There’s also some higher-risk strategies for profiting from the online casino and bingo promotions.

With around 7,000 active members – this is Mike’s most widely known product.

Discover more in my Profit Maximiser Review.

Profit Maximiser Training Videos

3: Accumulator Generator – Intermediate

Accumulator Generator shows you how to cash out the bookmakers’ accumulator insurance offers for a profit.

This technique was covered at a very basic level in Profit Maximiser.

But Accumulator Generator takes things to a new level by using dedicated bet finding software and calculators to vastly speed up the profit generation process.

This product is definitely a slow burner.

Use it when the football seasons are on to bank yourself a bit of extra cash each month.

Due to the higher cumulative liabilities associated with laying off accumulators – you’ll need a starting bankroll of around £500.

Learn how to get started for £1 in my Accumulator Generator Review.

Acca Matcher

4: Each Way Sniper – Intermediate

Each Way Sniper provides you with the software and tools that you’ll need to exploit the bookmakers’ pricing mistakes in the UK horse racing markets.

By placing an each-way bet with the bookmaker and ‘laying it off’ on the betting exchange, you can secure a profit no matter which horse wins or loses.

This can earn you upwards of £10 per race if the odds are good enough.

The mechanics are very similar to the matched betting process that you learned about with Bonus Bagging and Profit Maximiser.

However, because the profit comes from the favourable difference between the back and the lay odds – no free bets are required to make money.

Again, a bankroll of at least £500 will be required to cover the associated lay liabilities.

Find out more in my Each Way Sniper Review.

Each Way Arbitrage Profit

5: Matched Betting Software – Beginner

The PM Matched Betting Software identifies the most profitable matched betting selections.

This means that you’ll make more money from your free bets because the back and lay odds are closer together.

The software compares odds between more than 80 bookmakers and all of the major betting exchanges – Betfair, Smarkets, Matchbook and BetDaq.

And whilst the software can be used as a profit generation tool in its own right – via arbitrage betting – I would stay away from this because it will get your bookmaker accounts prematurely banned.

Once you’re an established Profit Maximiser user – the Matched Betting Software should be your next purchase.

Read my PM Matched Betting Software Review to find out how to get started for £1.

Profit Maximiser Matched Betting Software Odds Feed

6: Bookie Blowout – Intermediate

Bookie Blowout allows you to profit from horses whose price is expected to shorten the next day.

This means that you can then lay off the horse to lock in a profit.

I like to call it ‘delayed’ arbitrage betting but it’s really just a form of value betting.

Because if you let each selection run, you’d eventually show a profit because you’d win more often than what the odds reflect over time.

With that said – the bookmakers don’t like it.

So use Bookie Blowout sparingly.

Otherwise, your bookmaker accounts will have their stake sizes limited to just a few pence fairly quickly.

You can get access to Bookie Blowout here via my review page.

7: Advantage Play Secrets – Advanced

Advantage Play Secrets is a single product that comprises of 4 sub-systems:

1: The Golden Parachute Method

Exploit BOG price drifts by backing every horse in a race to mitigate the risk.

2: Dutching Bounty Method

Similar to Each Way Sniper – except that you bet exclusively between the bookmakers instead of the bookmaker and the exchange to lock in a profit.

3: Acca Booster

Back accumulators that hold implicit value but cannot be hedged on the exchanges – NOT risk-free.

4: Betfair Matched Bettors Exploit

Identify value betting opportunities on the Betfair Exchange that are created when matched bettors skew the book due to excessive lay betting – NOT risk-free.

8: EV Maximiser – Highly Advanced

EV Maximiser is a piece of software that allows you to find your own profitable casino bonuses.

I find myself using this tool each day to exploit a wide range of casino reload bonuses and free spins offers.

The level of risk associated with this style of ‘advantage play’ is VERY high.

I would not recommend using EV Maximiser until you have at least one year’s experience cashing out casino bonuses with Profit Maximiser.

You can buy EV Maximiser here.

9: Betting Mastermind – Professional

Betting Mastermind is a single product that includes ALL of Mike’s individual products.

The selling point is the long-term savings.

Since you’ll not have to pay for the annual subscription fees individually.

This comes at the expense of a larger upfront payment.

But by taking action, I was able to recoup this investment pretty quickly.

In addition to the eight systems listed above, you’ll also get access to a range of splinter systems and training resources, such as:

1: Betfair Sniper

A Betfair trading system that exploits price shifts in the horse racing markets.

2: Betfair 1% Club

A low-risk strategy for scalping small profits on big football matches on Betfair.

3: Betfair Renegade

A high-risk strategy for exploiting value bets in the football markets on Betfair.

4: Project Prosperity Training

A step-by-step strategy for making £20,000 from Mike’s products and then skimming off more than £3,500 each month thereafter.

Betting Mastermind Members Home Page

Which One of Mike’s Products is the Best?

I’ve made money with all of Mike’s products.

Here are my thoughts on each:

Bonus Bagging

Perfect if you’re new to matched betting.

Profit Maximiser

The best choice once you’re ready for the advanced bookmaker and casino offers.

Each Way Sniper

The next logical step once you need to make money on gubbed accounts.

Accumulator Generator

A good way to lock in extra value during the football season.

Matched Betting Software

A must-have for all Profit Maximiser members to increase their free bet profits.

Bookie Blowout

Another great system for making money on bonus banned accounts.

EV Maximiser

Essential for Profit Maximiser members that want to find their own profitable casino offers.

Advantage Play Secrets

Works well alongside Each Way Sniper for making money without free bets.

Betfair Sniper, 1% Club, and Renegade

A nice entry point to Betfair ‘trading’.

Get Instant Access to ALL of Mike’s Products Here

You can buy most of Mikes products individually.


You can click the button below to read my Betting Mastermind Review.

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(And save a stack of money in the process).

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