Matched betting is unquestionably the easiest way to make money online in the UK.

Because by cashing out the bookmakers’ welcome offers you can bank up to £1,000 in tax-free profits pretty sharpish.

And syphon an extra £500 or more from the bookmakers’ existing customer offers each month thereafter.

But if you’re totally new to the idea of matched betting and need a bit more convincing.

Be sure to check out my Ultimate Beginners Guide to Matched Betting.

Or just watch this matched betting explainer video:

Video credit: OddsMonkey.

Which Matched Betting Service is the Best for Beginners?

With so many dedicated matched betting platforms vying for your attention.

It can be difficult to figure out which matched betting service is the best option if you’re a complete beginner.

Well, before I help you decide.

There’s something that you should know.

Most Matched Betting Subscription Services Are Actually Very Similar

I taught myself the basics of matched betting back in 2012.

Since then, I’ve been a member of just about every major matched betting subscription service on the market.

And if I’m being perfectly honest – they all pretty much do the same thing.

More or less every matched betting sign-up page offers features like this:

OddsMonkey Pricing Plan Table

Image credit: OddsMonkey’s pricing table.

Matched Betting – Profitable and a Bit Boring!

You see, unlike the exciting (and very costly) world of regular gambling.

Matched betting is a pretty cut and dried process by comparison.

You just follow the same predictable steps over and over again to make money.

Which makes it difficult for the matched betting platforms to get creative and really differentiate their brand in terms of content.

This means that they end up competing with each other by ‘bundling’ in their advanced software tools and driving down their prices to create value.

So, you’ll probably end up getting a good deal no matter which one you join. 🙂

The Best All-Round Matched Betting Services

Basically, if you join any of the matched betting services below.

You’ll be able to make money by learning how to cash out the bookmakers’ new and existing offers for minimal risk:

  • Heads&Heads;
  • YesBets.

Software and Tools – The Differentiating Factor

Each service has their own nuances.

But all of the training, tutorials, basic matched betting tools, and bookmaker offers are essentially the same.

Things only really start to differ in terms of the additional software features and advanced tools included with the premium subscription options.

For example, some services may also include accumulator, each-way, Dutching, extra-place, and tennis odds matching software as standard.

OddsMonkey Each Way Racing Matcher

(Image: OddsMonkey’s Each Way Matcher software).

The Top 3 Matched Betting Services For Beginners


Although you can make money with pretty much any matched betting subscription service.

There are a few specific considerations to keep in mind if you’re a complete newbie to matched betting:

  • How clear and actionable is the basic matched betting training?
  • Is there a money back guarantee?
  • How easy is it to get help and support?
  • How well does the service cater to the advanced aspects of matched betting for long-term profits?

With these points in mind.

Here are my personal top three matched betting products and services for total novices.

#1: Bonus Bagging – Fastest Results

Bonus Bagging isn’t really a matched betting service.

It’s a standalone product that focuses exclusively on cashing out the bookmakers’ easiest offers.

You can expect to make up to £500 with Mike Cruickshank’s flagship product.

Here’s why Bonus Bagging is my #1 solution for matched betting newbies:

1: The Software Does the Hard Work

Most matched betting platforms require you to watch a load of videos and trawl through a bunch of tutorials.

Before you can even think about nervously placing your first ever matched bet.

Bonus Bagging is different.

It just tells you exactly what you need to do to make money.

You won’t even have to learn how to use a matched betting calculator.

Because the Bonus Bagging software will send the exact instructions for each bet directly to your inbox.

If you follow the instructions correctly – you’ll make a profit.

Bonus Bagging Home Page

2: The Training is Simple and Actionable

With that said.

Bonus Bagging does come with full video training.

Mike tells you only what you need to know to get results with the system.

Meaning that you can take action without getting overwhelmed.

3: It’s Stupidly Cheap

Bonus Bagging can help you make up to £500 in profit.

But it only costs £27 + VAT.

And you can claim a full refund any time inside 60-days.

Plus, there’s a £1 trial available too.

I think they call that a ‘no-brainer’?

Get Results in Half the Time

Bonus Bagging lacks the bells and whistles that come with the bigger brand matched betting platforms.

But it gets the job done in a fraction of the time.

For me, it’s all about making money for the least amount of effort.

And that’s exactly what Bonus Bagging does better than any other matched betting service that I’ve used.

Which is why Bonus Bagging is my #1 solution for matched betting novices who just want to get results ASAP.

Click the button to read my Bonus Bagging Review and get started for £1.

#2: OddsMonkey – Best Overall Value for Money

Cashing out the bookmakers’ initial offers is just the beginning.

As you progress through your matched betting career, you’ll be banking ongoing profits from an array of low-risk betting loopholes.

Many of which will require the use of specialist software.

For example:

1: Each-Way Arbitrage – Profit Without Free Bets

Eventually, the bookmakers will get sick of your matched betting exploits.

And they’ll ban you from claiming any more free bets.

This can put a real dent in your profits.

But one way around this is to use OddsMonkey’s Each Way Matcher to profit from the bookmakers’ pricing mistakes for minimal risk:

2: Accumulators – Boost Your Bankroll

When the football season is underway.

You can increase your ongoing matched betting profits by cashing out the bookmakers’ acca insurance offers.

To do this ‘risk-free’, you’ll need to use an accumulator matched betting tool.

Here’s a video overview of OddsMonkey’s associated Acca Finder tool:

3: Extra-Places – Huge Double-Payout Potential

When the bookmakers offer extra-place enhancements.

This is your opportunity to position yourself for a big payout without taking on any risk.

OddsMonkey’s Extra Place Matcher can help you find and exploit these types of horse racing offers:

Get More for Less With OddsMonkey

Some matched betting services will charge you extra to use these additional matched betting tools.

But OddsMonkey include them as standard with their Premium Membership.

Plus, you can try OddsMonkey for FREE.

Which is why OddsMonkey are my #1 solution if you’re looking for a matched betting platform that offers the best value for money long-term.

Click the button below to read my full OddsMonkey review.

And learn how to sign up for free.

#3: Team Profit – A Free Alternative

Are you trying to learn matched betting on a budget?

Don’t mind putting in a bit of extra graft?

Then you might like to take a look at Team Profit.

Their website has some of the best free matched betting training videos and guides that I’ve ever seen.

And their Facebook group has more than 10,000 members.

The only downside is that you’ll not get access to any software or advanced tools.

Here’s how Team Profit approach matched betting:

Conclusion: Keep it Simple and Take Action

Most people give up on matched betting early on because they find it too confusing.

That’s why Bonus Bagging is still my number one solution for matched betting novices.

Because the semi-automated bet finding software removes a lot of the hard work.

Thus allowing you to earn whilst you learn.

Get started with Bonus Bagging here.

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