There are plenty of ways to earn money online without investment.

For example:

  • Online surveys;
  • Using Qmee to get paid whilst you search the web;
  • Charging for your services on sites like Freelancer and Fiverr.

However, surveys and click-tasks generally have a very poor hourly rate.

And I found it really difficult to get work as a freelancer as an ‘unknown’ on the major marketplaces because I was constantly being outbid.

But fear not.

Because if you REALLY want to crush your online money-making goals in 2019…

Then you should monetise your own website.

Allow me to explain.

Man Building a Website

7 Reasons to Monetise Your Own Website in 2019

Attention is a valuable commodity.

Command enough of it and you can monetise the intent of your audience using a multitude of strategies.

And the most effective way to capture that focus is by claiming your own piece of online real estate.

Here’s 7 reasons why.

1: The Earning Potential is Insane

4.2 BILLION people have internet access [source].

This means that you can use your website to connect with 55% of the world’s population.

Giving you almost instant access to a wide range of markets that you can profit from.

And you won’t have to spend millions in advertising to do so!

2: You Don’t Need a Product to Sell

Do you know what affiliate marketing is?

It’s the practice of recommending other companies’ products in exchange for a percentage of each successful sale that you make.

This means that you don’t have to waste time or money creating your own products that might flop.

Instead, you can use affiliate links to connect your website’s visitors to the products that they can benefit from.

Earning you money in the process.

3: The Income is Passive

Investing is the holy grail of making money because the investment ‘asset‘ does the heavy lifting for you.

Thus allowing you to generate income passively (without any effort on your part).

However, if you don’t have any money to invest in the first place.

Creating your own website is the next best thing.


Because if you’re monetising your website through affiliate links or advertising.

This too generates passive income.

The difference?

You’re CREATING your OWN asset from scratch.

Rather than investing your money into a pre-existing one.

For example, in 2017, I made more than $10,000 in passive income from ONE of my websites:

Clickbank Affiliate Earnings 2017

Simply by promoting a range of affiliate products from the ClickBank Marketplace.

4: You Don’t Need to Be a Tech Genius

If you’ve not yet started your own website because you’re lacking in tech skills.

I’ve got some good news…

WordPress means that you can publish your content to the web without the need to know HTML or any other coding language.

With additional functionality being handled by dedicated plugins.

And you can use free ‘themes’ to make your website look professional without having to hire a web developer.

In fact, you can build your own website in less than 30 seconds for FREE.

Using Wealthy Affiliate’s SiteRubix platform.

5: The Profits Are Scalable

Earning $10,000 in a year was pretty awesome.

But this is peanuts compared to what’s really possible.

For example, Eddy Salomon used Wealthy Affiliate’s training to earn more than $10,000 in a single MONTH:

Eddy Wealthy Affiliate Success Story

It’s a case of choosing the right ‘niche’.

Building your website.

And creating high quality content that provides monetised solutions to your niche’s core problems.

Then it’s just a matter of scaling that model out.

6: You Really Could Become a Millionaire

Get rich quick schemes that promise stupid sums of money in short periods of time should be avoided.

The only real way to make ‘millions’ (without investing) is by working hard to create value for a ‘starving’ audience.

And your website is the ideal vehicle for doing so.

As discussed, one way to do this is by scaling out the affiliate model.

You can do this by creating content on YouTube, Instagram, Pinterest or any other platform where your ideal customer hangs out.

Once you’ve captured their attention, you can funnel them to your site using ‘backlinks’ and potentially close an affiliate sale.

A side benefit of being active on multiple social media platforms is that of ‘branding’.

And being able to identify the needs of your audience more accurately.

And if you’re able to create your own solutions to said problems…

You can leverage your reach and trust to make sales.

For example, Dom Wells created a million dollar business by developing ‘done for you’ niche websites for affiliate marketers.

Doms Wealthy Affiliate Success Story

The common denominator?

Dom built his own website.

And then scaled it out using the strategies that he learned at Wealthy Affiliate.

7: Prepare for the Upcoming Economic Collapse

Gary Vaynerchuk is a world-renowned entrepreneur with a net worth of $160 million [source].

And Gary believes that soon, the ‘economy is going to collapse’.

His solution?

To build a brand and create content that you can leverage.

And having your own website is the ideal platform for doing so.

More on Gary’s thoughts about the upcoming economic collapse in this video:

Video credit: Gary Vaynerchuk Fan Page

Conclusion: How to Earn Money Online in 2019 Without Investing

You might not have money to invest.

But you can invest your time.

And the smartest way to do that, in my opinion, is by monetising your own website.

Because you’re creating an asset that you can leverage for years to come.

That could help you earn a passive income.

And help you stay financially stable when the economy takes another nosedive.

Ready to get started?

Create Your First Website in 30 Seconds – For FREE

Like I said.

You don’t need to be a tech genius to build a website.

Nor do you need to spend ungodly sums of cash on a web developer to create a professional looking website.

Because if you click the button below.

I’ll walk you through the EXACT process that helped me build a website in less than 30 seconds.

(Without spending a penny).

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