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WalletSync looks like a GPT site but is almost certainly a Ponzi scheme scam that’s very similar to the now confirmed Workmines scam.



  • None.


  • Almost certainly a Ponzi scam.
  • You might lose money.

Opinion Disclaimer: the content in this review is ultimately a reflection of my own opinions and is not intended to malign any religion, ethnic group, club, organization, company, individual, anyone, or anything.

Type:GPT – Ponzi scam
Price:Free – £555.05
Trial?14 days free
Money-back guarantee?No
Rating:< 1 / 5
How to join?Don’t

Are you thinking about joining WalletSync?

Please DON’T.

Because as I’m about to reveal in this honest WalletSync review…

I’m almost certain that WalletSync is a copy of the now confirmed Workmines Ponzi scam.

Which means that you could end up losing money if you purchase one of WalletSync’s premium plans.

Allow me to explain.

Screenshot of the WalletSync Website.

Image source: walletsync.co.uk

What is WalletSync?

WalletSync presents itself as a GPT (‘get paid to’) website.

Where you can supposedly earn between £0.32 and £0.40 per YouTube video watched.

The WalletSync referral scheme also states that you can earn 20% daily commissions for each person that you recruit when you’re on the ‘Essentials Pack’ plan or above.

Screenshot of the WalletSync Payment Plans.


For the reasons listed below…

I strongly suspect that WalletSync is NOT a legitimate GPT site.

And you could actually end up LOSING money if you get involved.

Here’s why.

How Does WalletSync REALLY Work?

In my opinion?

WalletSync is just a clone of the Workmines scam.

Where users were tricked into getting involved with a Ponzi scheme.

Ponzi schemes are very clever investment cons that use funds provided by new members to pay existing ones without either party knowing.


As explained in the video below…

Ponzi schemes will eventually collapse.

Because the entire scheme relies on the continual influx of new members to bring in more money.

But this cannot continue forever.

Because there’s only a finite amount of people on the planet and so recruitment will eventually dry up.

And the people behind the scam will typically close the programme down and run off with the money as the scheme approaches the point where it’s no longer profitable for them.

Video credit: MoneyAndSociety

Can You Make Money With WalletSync?


It’s possible because as explained in the video above…

Ponzi schemes will typically pay out shortly after forming in order to appear legitimate and thus drive rapid growth.

But getting involved in a Ponzi scheme is incredibly risky.

What Are The Risks?

You could lose all of the money that you put into the scheme.

Because there’s no telling when the scammers will decide to close the operation and make off with the money.

Fake WalletSync Reviews

Before we go any further.

I need to make you aware that many of the ‘positive’ WalletSync reviews that you may have seen online aren’t legitimate.

Because they’ve either been created by the owners or affiliates looking to drive new recruits into the scheme…

Or unsuspecting users that genuinely think that WalletSync is legit.

And that goes for WalletSync payment proofs too.

Is WalletSync a Scam or Legit?

In my opinion?

WalletSync is a Ponzi scheme scam.

Here are 5 reasons why I think this is the case.

5 Reasons Why I Think WalletSync is a Ponzi Scam

Have you read my Workmines review?

If so…

You’ll probably be able to spot some of the similarities between Workmines and WalletSync for yourself.

Here’s a more detailed explanation of each point that makes me sure that WalletSync is just a copy of the Workmines scam.

1: You’re Forced to Upgrade

As soon as I saw the pricing plans for WalletSync…

I was sure it was a scam.

Because not only was the payout per video and wording almost identical to Workmines…

The cap of 2 videos per day means that you can only earn £8.96 in the 2 week trial.

Which is £2.95 below the minimum cashout threshold.

Basically forcing you to upgrade to the £30.97 ‘Essentials Pack’ in order to increase your daily video cap and thus facilitate withdrawals.

This clever trick is designed to force more money into the Ponzi model to keep the scheme afloat for a bit longer.

2: Only Annual Plans Are Available

Just like Workmines…

The premium pricing plan only covers annual subscriptions.

This makes it easier for WalletSync to justify charging as much as £555.05 for their top-tier ‘Enhanced Professional Pack’.

Which once again is designed to drive cash into the business early on.

3: The Illusion of Trust

I have seen what appears to be ‘legitimate’ WalletSync payment proofs online.

And this would fit with the Ponzi model.

Because small initial payments are typically released to the first few rounds of investors in order to build trust.

Which will result in more people joining the scheme under false pretences.

4: Unrealistic Payouts

I’ve reviewed a lot of GPT sites.

And even the best ones like Swagbucks aren’t going to pay you up to £0.40 for watching videos.

This unrealistic payout structure is yet again designed to drive recruitment.

5: The Payment Complaints Have Already Started

When I had a look at WalletSync’s Facebook page?

I saw quite a few complaints from people who claim that they’ve not been paid by WalletSync.

Some appear to have also made the link between Workmines and WalletSync:

WalletSync Payment Complaints.

Conclusion: Almost Certainly a Scam – Avoid

In my opinion?

Everything points to WalletSync being a Ponzi scheme scam.

And just like Workmines…

I’d expect this scheme to collapse sometime in the near future and leave many people out of pocket.

Do NOT get involved with WalletSync.

And instead use the buttons at the end of this post to share this WalletSync review on social media to help warn others.


  • None.


  • Almost certainly a Ponzi scam.
  • You might lose money.

What’s the Alternative to WalletSync?

In my opinion?

Even the legit GPT sites aren’t worth the effort.

Simply because the payout ratios are too low.

Hence why I’ve instead spent the last 12 months working on building my new online affiliate business.

Because even though it took me a while to start making money…

The income has sometimes reached £100’s per day:

Screenshot of My Earnings from Wealthy Affiliate

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