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ViralWork presents itself as a GPT site but is actually a malicious data harvesting scam.



  • None.


  • You won’t get paid.
  • Your details will probably get stolen.

Opinion Disclaimer: the content in this review is ultimately a reflection of my own opinions and is not intended to malign any religion, ethnic group, club, organization, company, individual, anyone, or anything.

Type:Data harvesting scam
Money-back guarantee?N/A
Rating:< 1 / 5
How to join?Don’t

There are loads of GPT (‘get paid to’) sites online.

Where the legitimate ones like SwagBucks and 20 Cogs will pay you for completing online surveys and other tasks.

But for every genuine rewards portal…

There are dozens more that are set up for nefarious purposes.

And in this ViralWork review…

I’ll be revealing why signing up to this website could cost you dearly.

Screenshot of ViralWork's Homepage.

Image source:

What is ViralWork?

ViralWork claims to be the ‘…#1 social influencer network’.

And are allegedly prepared to pay you $30 per task completed…

In addition to $15 for every person that you refer to ViralWork via your link.

Sounds great doesn’t it?

Well unfortunately…

These inflated earnings claims are nothing more than bait.

Designed to lure you into the jaws of this incredibly dangerous scam.

What’s ViralWork’s Ulterior Motive?

ViralWork want to steal your personal information.

So that they can sell it on to other companies, spammers, hackers, and other shady types.

This is primarily achieved by lifting the details that you use to sign up to the site.

And possibly via the surveys that you complete in the ‘task wall’.


In the case of a similar scam called LootBits…

One user said that having used the task wall…

He subsequently had hacking attempts made against his Gmail account:

Screenshot of Gmail Hacking Attempt Warning


I’ll reveal more about the mechanics of the scam in just a moment.

But it’s also worth noting that ViralWork is a ‘double scam’ of sorts.

Because it seems to me that the affiliate string URLs that map from the offers listed on the task wall indicate that ViralWork holds CPA deals with the target merchants.

Which indicates that they’ll make money if you click through and take the required action.

Which is usually downloading an app or completing a survey.

Here for example…

You can see the standard ‘£1,000 Primark Voucher’ offer that always appears at the top of the task wall on these scam sites:

Screenshot of ViralWork's Task Wall Offers.

Are Existing ViralWork Members at Risk?

Potentially yes.

Because if you’ve used the same password for your personal accounts as the one you’ve used to join ViralWork…

Then you should change those immediately.

Because it’s possible that you may end up getting hacked.

But What About the Positive ViralWork Reviews?

At some point…

You’re going to run into a ‘positive’ Viral Work review.

Where you’ll probably see a screenshot or video of someone’s account balance.


As elaborated on in the next section…

The sad truth is that you’ll never be able to withdraw that ‘money’.

Why is There Such a Strong Emphasis on Sharing?

ViralWork have no intention of paying you.

But they offer unrealistic rewards for sharing your affiliate link because they want to get as many people to join up as possible.

Because this increases the volume of data that they can then sell on for a profit.

Is ViralWork a Scam or Legit?

In my opinion?

ViralWork is a complete scam.

Here’s why.

3 Reasons Why ViralWork is a Scam

You might well be wondering why I’m so convinced that ViralWork is a scam.


Here’s three pretty convincing reasons.

1: Linked to ViralPay

I’ve actually already exposed a whole network of these data harvesting scams.

And if you take a look at my ViralPay, Viral Dollars, Notion Cash, and Kids Earn Cash reviews…

You’ll see that ViralWork is clearly just another clone of these ‘outed’ cons.

But the real smoking gun?

ViralWork actually tells you that they are linked to the proven Viral Dollars scam on their About page:

Screenshot that Proves ViralWork is Linked to ViralPay.

2: People Aren’t Getting Paid

No one ever gets paid by these influencer network scams.

Because whilst you’ll see your balance increase as you start to share your referral link…

You’ll never actually be allowed to withdraw it to your account.

Because upon submitting your withdrawal request…

It’ll usually be denied due to ‘fraudulent referrals’ or some other excuse.

But if the scam is close to running out of steam…

Then your account may just be deleted and your emails ignored.

And the problems are already evident.

Because although ViralWork has only just launched…

There are already reports on Trustpilot of people that confirm ViralWork’s nefarious intent:

Screenshot of a Negative Trustpilot Review for ViralWork

Image source: Trustpilot – Review: ViralWork

3: False Credentials

ViralWork claims to be located at 4459 Hillview Street, Columbia.


When I did a Google search for that address nothing legitimate came up.

It seems to be attributed to the theme of the website being used.


Viral Work claims to have been around since 2005 and has supposedly paid $800 million distributed between 4 million members.

But when I did a WHOIS search…

I discovered that the domain is just 35 days old:

Screenshot of WHOIS Report that Proves ViralWork is Just 35 Days Old.

This inconsistency between the date the domain was registered and the purported company history is consistent with the other data harvesting scams that I’ve exposed previously.

Conclusion: Malicious Data Harvesting Scam – Avoid

In my opinion?

ViralWork is clearly yet another malicious data harvesting scam that’s going to steal your personal information and never pay out.

I strongly suggest that you do NOT sign up to the ViralWork website.

And that you use the buttons at the end of the post to share this ViralWork review on social media to help warn others.


  • None.


  • You won’t get paid.
  • Your details may be stolen.

Is There a Legit Alternative?


If you want to stick with GPT sites then you might like SwagBucks or 20 Cogs.

But in my case?

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Even the legit ones.

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