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In my personal opinion?

ViralPay is almost certainly a malicious data harvesting scam.

Because not only are there reports coming in from users who claim to have not been paid.

The circumstantial evidence points to ViralPay being a clone of other known scams such as Kids Earn Cash and Kids Earn Money.

I strongly recommend that you do NOT sign up to ViralPay.

Because your personal information could be at risk.


  • None known.


  • Unlikely that you’ll be paid.
  • Your personal data may be at risk.
  • Linked to similar known scams.
Type:Probable data harvesting scam
Price:Free to join
Money-Back Guarantee?N/A
Rating:<1 / 5
How to Join?Don’t

Thinking of signing up to ViralPay?


Because as I’m about to reveal in this honest ViralPay review.

There’s a strong possibility that your personal details will be stolen.

Allow me to explain.

What is ViralPay?

What ViralPay claims to be and what it actually is are almost certainly two different things.

ViralPay promises to pay you between $10 and $15 for every person that you refer to ViralPay using your unique link.

With a ‘$25 sign up bonus’ available for a ‘limited time’.

They also say that you can make even more money by ‘trying out new free products’.

Potentially allowing you to ‘make $500 today’.

Well, as I explain why below.

I can say with near certainty that you will NOT make a single penny with ViralPay.

ViralPay Main Website Claims

Image source:

Who’s Behind ViralPay?

The true identities of the people behind ViralPay is unknown.

The ‘London’ address cited in ViralPay’s Terms and Conditions is likely to be a ‘virtual office’.

(57 Rathbone Place, London, W1T 1JU, United Kingdom).

My reasoning is that I found this address for rent on eOffice.

See it here.

Is ViralPay a Scam or Legit?

In my opinion?

ViralPay is almost certainly a malicious data harvesting scam that’s set up to steal your personal information for nefarious uses.

Here’s my justification.

7 Reasons Why ViralPay is Probably a Scam

Your personal information is very valuable to criminals.

Even basic data like your email address can be leveraged to send you phishing emails that could potentially compromise your bank accounts.

An email address is typically worth up to $1 [source].

So, it would make sense as to why ‘second-tier’ scammers may go to the hassle of setting up data harvesting portals to capture as many names, email addresses, and phone numbers as possible.

Because even if they aren’t going to do anything with the information they’ve collected first-hand.

They could still sell millions of records in bulk for a tidy profit.

Here’s 7 reasons why I think that ViralPay is a data harvesting portal.

1: Mirrors Proven Scams

In my recent Kids Earn Cash Review.

I provided an extensive list of reasons as to why that ‘influencer’ programme was almost certainly a data harvesting scam.

And my initial postulations appear to have rung true.

Because I received a message on Twitter from a user that said he started having his phone and social media accounts aggressively spammed after joining up:

Tweet That Proves Kids Earn Cash is a Scam

And why’s this significant?

Because the ViralPay website is basically a clone of the Kids Earn Cash website.

Pretty much everything is the same.

Including the:

  • Earning claims;
  • Website design;
  • Membership area dashboard;
  • Data request funnel.

In fact, I immediately became suspicious of ViralPay due to their advert.

Because this ViralPay post on Facebook:

ViralPay Facebook Scam Advert

Is clearly just a remix of this Kids Earn Cash infographic:

Kids Earn Cash Scam Advert

2: Payment Complaints

And whilst such similarities are huge red flags in my opinion.

‘Guilt by association’ probably isn’t a good enough argument on its own.

So, I headed to Twitter to see what people were saying about ViralPay.

And it wasn’t good.

Because I saw multiple reports of people who couldn’t understand why they were not being paid:

Tweet of ViralPay Payment Complaint

In my opinion?

These are the early warning signs that ViralPay will behave exactly like the Kids Earn Cash scam.

And the tsunami of clone scams that went before it.

3: Blocking Users

In addition to one user claiming that they had sent ’50 messages’ to ViralPay about not being able to cash out.

(Without response).

Another user reported that ViralPay blocked them:

Tweet of ViralPay Blocking a User

To me?

This seems like unprofessional behaviour at best.

And downright suspicious at worst.

4: Social Pages Missing

ViralPay claims to be the ‘#1 influencer network’.

So, you’d kind of expect them to have a strong social media following, right?

Well, in addition to only having 19 followers on Twitter.

I discovered that ViralPay’s Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram profiles had either been deleted or removed by the platforms themselves.

Plus, their Pinterest account had only 12 pins and 13 followers.

And the YouTube channel linked from their main website just went to a random account.


I wouldn’t expect to see this from a well established company.

5: Dates Don’t Add Up

ViralPay claims to have launched in 2015.

However, when I did a WHOIS lookup.

The report said that the domain was registered last month (March 2019):

ViralPay Website WHOIS Details


The company may have set up in 2015 and simply registered a new domain name in 2019.

But despite ViralPay implying that they are a LLC via their Twitter handle (viralpayllc).

I couldn’t find any record of ViralPay being an LLC.

Nor could I find the name of their ‘parent company’.

More red flags in my view.

6: Unrealistic Compensation

$10 – $15 per referral?

$25 sign up bonus?

$500 in a day?

I’ve been using and reviewing ‘rewards’ platforms for a long time now.

And ViralPay’s compensation plan is incredibly generous when compared to the rest of the market.

To the point where I would think that it’s too good to be true.

7: Excessive Personal Details Requested

When you log into the ViralPay members’ area.

You’ll see a list of ‘tasks’ that you can complete to supposedly earn extra money.

But as is the case with Kids Earn Cash.

You’re required to give away your email address, phone number, and even your credit card details to access them.

Plus, you’ll also be told to turn OFF your adblocker and ‘VPN’:

ViralPay Request to Enter Phone Number Message

Call me sceptical.

But this all looks like it’s set up to leverage as much data from you as possible.

What About the Testimonials?

Testimonials can be faked.

And although I cannot prove it in the case of ViralPay.

I know from conducting many reviews over the years that some vendors use paid actors from Fiverr to create their video ‘testimonials’.

Don’t believe everything that you see.

Conclusion: Almost Certainly a Scam


The evidence I’ve presented in this ViralPay review is circumstantial at best.

Which means that I can’t ‘officially’ brand ViralPay as a data harvesting scam at the time of writing.

However, I’d argue that in my opinion, there are enough red flags to infer that ViralPay is almost certainly a malicious scam beyond any reasonable doubt.

And even if I’m wrong.

Given that there are already reports of people not getting paid.

Why would you even take the risk of joining up?


  • None known.


  • Unlikely that you’ll be paid;
  • Your personal data may be at risk;
  • Linked to similar known scams.

Is There a Safe Alternative?


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It’s low risk because as explained in my Online Money-Making Guide.

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And you’ll not have to hand your details over to any dodgy ‘companies’.

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