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TopCashback is a rewards portal that will give you a percentage of your spend back when you shop online with certain merchants.

TopCashback has one of the highest cashback rates in the industry at 105%

However, TopCashback is not suitable for making money regularly online.

And should instead be used as a way to get some of your spend back when shopping online.

Or to enhance other independently profitable online money-making strategies like matched betting.


  • Free to join.
  • One of the top cashback rates.
  • Excellent user reviews.


  • Not a primary online money-making strategy.

This post contains affiliate links. This means that if you click a link and buy something, we might make money. This is at NO extra cost to yourself. But it helps to keep this website up and running. 🙂

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Rating:2.9 / 5
How to Join?Here

Welcome to my TopCashback review.

Most people use cashback websites like TopCashback to help them save money whilst shopping online.

However, I primarily use them to enhance my core 3 online money-making strategies.

More on this soon.

But for now, I’m going to share with you what I’ve discovered whilst using TopCashback.

Which should hopefully help you decide if TopCashback is right for you or not.

What is TopCashback?

TopCashback is a cash-based rewards portal.

This means that TopCashback will give you a percentage of your spend back when you shop online with certain merchants.

For example, you could earn money back when you purchase clothing, groceries, insurance, utilities, holidays, and much more.

TopCashback was founded in 2005 in the UK and has since expanded into the US.

TopCashback is endorsed by Rachel Riley:

Video credit: topcashbackonline

How Does TopCashback Work?

It’s pretty straightforward.

Instead of going to an online merchant directly to make a purchase.

You instead click through from the TopCashback website.

TopCashback will then track your visit to the merchant.

And you’ll be paid cashback on purchases by TopCashback once the transaction has been approved by the merchant.

For example, both new and existing Asos customers can earn cashback by going through the TopCashback website:

The cashback is paid into your TopCashback account.

Rather than coming from the merchant directly.

Can You Withdraw Cashback as Real Cash?


Unlike some other rewards websites, you’re not forced to redeem your rewards in the form of gift cards.

You can withdraw your TopCashback account credit as real money.

You may withdraw via PayPal or BACS.

Although you do have the option to move your payable cashback to your Reward Wallet.

Where you can gain access to a wide range of gift cards and pre-paid cards such as: Gift Certificates, M&S Gift Cards, Zeek Gift Cards, and Mastercard® Prepaid Card.

Why Do TopCashback Pay You?

TopCashback is basically a very clever affiliate portal.

That is, TopCashback use affiliate links to earn money for each customer they send to a merchant.

The merchant then pays TopCashback for their efforts.

TopCashback then gives some of this profit back to you.

How Long Does it Take for TopCashback to Pay You?

TopCashback aim to credit your cashback within 7 days.

But usually, your cashback won’t be available to withdraw right away.

This is due to the fact that most merchants pay out to their affiliates (TopCashback) at the end of each calendar month.

Only once this money has reached TopCashback will you be paid.

So, expect to wait up to a few months in extreme cases to actually be able to withdraw your cashback to your bank/PayPal.

Is TopCashback a Scam or Legit?

TopCashback is legit.

They are not trying to scam you.

However, there can be issues with missed cashback.

Which I’ll address shortly.

How Much Does it Cost to Join TopCashback?

TopCashback is free to join.

However, you can also opt for a ‘Plus’ account for a £5 yearly admin fee.

The Plus Membership apparently allows you to access enhanced cashback deals.

I’ve never used Plus so I can’t comment on this.

Click here to join TopCashback for FREE.

How to Use TopCashback in 3 Steps

Here’s how to start getting cashback.

1: Search for a Merchant

The first job is to find your chosen merchant.

You can either do this directly via the ‘search’ bar.

Or use the drop-down menu to browse via different categories.

2: Qualify for Cashback

The red ‘Get Cashback’ button will take you to the merchant’s website.

And track your cashback during the process.


Before you do that.

You MUST read the ‘Terms and Conditions’ below each offer:

And ensure that you meet the required stipulations.

Otherwise, your cashback will not be credited.

3: Make Your Qualifying Purchase(s)

Once you’ve clicked the ‘Get Cashback’ button.

Go ahead and make your purchases in line with the Terms and Conditions.

TopCashback will confirm your visit via a pop-up on their website (not the merchant site):

TopCashback – Problems and Complaints

The cashback process is very simple on paper.

But things can – and do – go wrong.

Here are some of the most common TopCashback problems and complaints.

1: Cashback Not Tracking

This is probably the number one issue.

To minimise the chances of this happening:

  • Make sure that you’ve got cookies enabled in your browser;
  • Clear your cookies and cache before clicking ‘Get Cashback’;
  • Turn off your ad-blocker for the merchant site and TopCashback;
  • Don’t visit other websites affiliated with the merchant after clearing your cookies.

2: Claims Can Take Months

You can make a claim to TopCashback if:

  • You’ve made a ‘declined’ purchase;
  • Your purchase was recorded at a different amount;
  • Your purchase hasn’t registered after 7 days.


The claims process can take 1-3 months from the date of submission to potentially be resolved.

Full instructions for submitting a cashback claim can be found here.

3: Not a Reliable Way to Make Money Online

Cashback and rewards websites are not reliable ways to regularly make money online.

You should view your cashback as a ‘bonus’ on top of your regular online shopping.

Rather than a primary driver for your purchasing decisions.

How to Make More Money With TopCashback

Although I just said that cashback sites are an unreliable way to consistently make money online.

They can enhance the profitability of other strategies.

Here are 3 ways that I use cashback sites to enhance my core online money-making techniques.

1: Matched Betting

I earned £2,001 in a single month from matched betting.

And I’ve made £10,000s since I started matched betting back in 2012.

Making this tried and tested process of cashing out the bookmakers’ free bets my #1 money-making strategy for UK residents.

Cashback sites can sometimes be used to get even better free bet deals.

Thus enhancing an already profitable strategy.

Never done matched betting before?

Then take my FREE email course here.

And I’ll walk you through the process of making you your first £1,000.

2: Casino Offers

Wagering through ‘+EV’ casino bonuses is currently one of my top earners.

I’ve recently just crossed the £7,500 profit mark:

However, this strategy is not risk-free.

So, a better solution is to use cashback websites to offset the potential of a loss.

The best way to do this is by following the instructions in Corkie’s Casino System.

Where Adam will walk you through the process of making a ‘guaranteed’ profit from certain casinos.

3: Affiliate Marketing

Remember how I said that TopCashback earn their money via affiliate marketing?

Well, you can do this too.

You see, most merchants have affiliate programmes that will allow you to promote their products and potentially earn you very high commissions.

For example, I earned more than $10,000 by promoting digital ClickBank products on one of my old websites:

Clickbank Affiliate Earnings 2017

You could even make money as a TopCashback affiliate. 🙂

And the good news?

Pretty much anyone can learn how to do affiliate marketing.

Take my FREE course here.

And I’ll show you how to get started.

Conclusion: One of the Better Cashback Sites

TopCashback is considered by many to be one of the better cashback sites.

Probably because TopCashback claim to pay 105% of the cashback they get from the merchant.

TopCashback has an ‘excellent’ 5/5 star rating on Trustpilot based on a mammoth 75,977 user reviews:

Image source: Trustpilot – TopCashback User Reviews.

But like I said.

I wouldn’t consider TopCashback as a primary vehicle for making money online.


  • Free to join;
  • One of the top cashback rates;
  • Excellent user reviews.


  • Not a reliable way to consistently make money online.

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