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Top NHL Betting Tips is an ice hockey tipster that’s professionally managed by the Betting Gods tipster platform.

This is a low variance, higher volume tipping service that wins around 57% of the bets issued whilst securing average odds of 2.0.

Top NHL Betting Tips is an excellent choice for sports investors who’re looking for a profitable service that avoids long drawdowns.

Highly recommended.


  • Low variance.
  • Short losing runs.
  • Small starting bankroll.
  • Scope to use on the betting exchanges.
  • Sensible staking.
  • 30-day money back guarantee.
  • Professionally managed by the Betting Gods.
  • Good value for money.


  • Low-ish ROI.

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Name:Top NHL Betting Tips
Platform:Betting Gods
Type:Tipster – ice hockey
Price:£79 per year
Trial?£1 sometimes available
Money-Back Guarantee?30-days
Rating:4.1 / 5
How to Join?Get your tips here

There aren’t that many Top NHL Betting Tips reviews knocking about just yet.

In fact, I couldn’t find any on the major betting review websites.

Which I find a bit surprising.

Because since going public in March 2018, this professional ice hockey tipster has been averaging just over £250 in profit each month betting at £10 per point.

Currently making it the 3rd most profitable tipster on the entire Betting Gods network:

Betting Gods Tipster Table Top 3

Image source: The Betting Gods Tipster Comparison Table.

Which is why I’ve decided to write my own Top NHL Betting Tips review.

To help give you a better idea of what to expect when you join up.

Let’s begin.

What is Top NHL Betting Tips?

Top NHL Betting Tips is an ice hockey tipster that’s professionally managed by the Betting Gods tipster platform.

The tips themselves are researched by Akshay who’s based in India.

Akshay has been betting on the NHL for two years – before proofing to the Betting Gods for the entire NHL season last year.

Here’s a full service breakdown for Top NHL Betting Tips:

Tipster nameAkshay
NetworkBetting Gods
LaunchedMarch 2018
SportIce hockey
MarketsMoneyline and handicap
Starting bankroll50 points
Bet size1-3 points total
Bet volume120 – 140 bets per month
Selections sent
12:30 – 14:30 UK time
Average odds2.0

Top NHL Betting Tips Performance

I haven’t yet been able to find any completed Top NHL Betting Tips trials online (I’m sure some will emerge soon).

And I’ve only just started receiving tips myself.

So, the below stats are based on the quoted prices for the entire public betting record of the Top NHL Betting Tips service:

ParameterQuoted Price Results
Bets on record779
P/L+176.4 points
Strike rate56.74%
Longest losing run6
Longest winning run10

Can You Make Money With Top NHL Betting Tips?

It’s pretty likely.

Clearly, if you’d placed every bet at the prices quoted from March 2018 up until the point of writing.

You’d be +176 points better off.

As you can see, the service started strong, entered a plateau, and has since resumed a steady ascent towards the £1,800 lifetime profit mark:

Top NHL Betting Tips Results

Does Top NHL Betting Tips Have a Legitimate Edge?

But as you probably already know.

Past performance isn’t a reliable indicator of future results.

However, it looks like Akshay knows enough about NHL to secure value prices.

Because winning at a rate of 57% maps to an equivalent price of 1.75.

Yet the average odds being secured are currently 2.0.

This favourable difference is what has produced a positive return on investment for the system so far.

If Akshay can keep this up, then you’d expect to continue making a profit over time with Top NHL Betting Tips.

What to Expect from Top NHL Betting Tips

With 779 bets on record.

And more than an entire NHL season under his belt.

I believe that we have enough data to extrapolate some fairly robust conclusions.

Consequently, this is what I think you can expect when you decide to follow Akshay’s NHL tips:

1: Short Losing Runs

This system has produced a string of 10 consecutive winners on the bounce.

Whilst the longest losing run to date is just 6.

And the volatility is pretty low on the whole.

This means that you won’t need a huge betting bank to get started.

And there’s scope to ‘scale out’ your bet sizes as your bankroll grows.

Which can help amplify the effects of the system’s ROI.

Ultimately leading to more money in your pocket over time.

2: Sensible Staking

At the moment, the staking appears to range from 0.5 – 2.5 points per tip.

This also helps to minimise the variance.

As such, you only need a 50-point bankroll to get started with this system.

3: Plenty of Tips

This is a pretty high-volume service.

Expect to get 120 – 140 tips each month.

For example, today’s email contained 11 tips in total:

Top NHL Betting Tips Email Example

4: Scope to Use On the Betting Exchanges

It’s also worth noting that some of the prices quoted are with betting exchanges like Matchbook and Smarkets.

Which means that there’s potential to make money even if you’re stake restricted with the bookmakers.

But if you’re going to take bookmaker prices on the betting exchanges – don’t forget to add in the appropriate commission rate to the win odds.

You can use this formula to do that:

Equivalent exchange value price = ((quoted decimal odds – 1) / (1 – decimal exchange commission)) + 1

5: Reasonable Pricing

At the moment.

You can get an entire year’s worth of tips for just £79.

And if you click the button below.

You can get an extra 10 days’ of tips up-front for just £1.


  • Low variance;

  • Short losing runs;

  • Small starting bankroll;

  • Scope to use on the betting exchanges;

  • Sensible staking;

  • 30-day money back guarantee;

  • Professionally managed by the Betting Gods;

  • Good value for money.


  • Low-ish ROI

Top NHL Betting Tips Performance Overview

Conclusion: A Low Variance Service With an Edge

Overall, I think this is a very impressive service.

Winning 57% of the bets whilst securing average odds of 2.0 suggests that Akshay has the knowledge to consistently produce profits betting on the NHL.

Factor in the short losing runs, sensible staking, and scope to use on the betting exchanges.

And Top NHL Betting Tips is an excellent choice for sports investors who’re looking for a profitable service that avoids long drawdowns.

Highly recommended.

Click the button below to get your first 10 days’ worth of tips for just £1:

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