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Top 20 Golf Tips is a professionally managed golf tipster operating via the Betting Gods network that offers value bets in the ‘top 20’ golf tournament markets.

Given that this service has been able to secure average odds of 14.0 at a 12.49% win rate over a sample of 3,242 bets since April 2016.

The Top 20 Golf Tips service almost certainly has a legitimate edge over the odds.

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  • Almost certainly has an edge.
  • £2 stakes enough to cover monthly sub’ costs at ave. profit.
  • 30-day money-back guarantee.
  • £1 trial sometimes available.


  • Fairly volatile.
  • Mostly unsuitable for exchange use.

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Name:Top 20 Golf Tips
Platform:Betting Gods
Type:Golf tipster
Price:£29 per month
Trial?£1 trial sometimes available
Money-Back Guarantee?30-days
Rating:3.5 / 5
How to Join?Sign up here

Welcome to my Top 20 Golf Tips review.

Where I’ll be providing my thoughts on this somewhat ‘lesser known’ golf betting service.

To help you decide if this tipping service is right for you or not.

Let’s dive in.

What is Top 20 Golf Tips?

Top 20 Golf Tips is a golf tipping service that operates out of the Betting Gods tipster management platform.

As the name suggests, this service focuses exclusively on backing selections to finish in the top 20 places of a tournament.

The idea is to find value at longer odds rather than backing favourites.

Since launching in April 2016, Top 20 Golf Tips has amassed a cumulative profit of +643 points at the time of writing.

Here’s a full service breakdown for Top 20 Golf Tips (stats correct at the time of writing):

Cumulative profit:+643 points
Ave. odds:14.0
Strike rate:12.49%
Ave. monthly profit:17.8 points
Bank growth:428.46%
Starting bankroll:150 points
Bet size:1 point level stakes
Bet volume:80 – 100 bets per month
Selections sent:Weekly – Wednesday – 2pm – 4pm
Bookmakers:Bet365, Paddy, Hills, others
Works on the exchange?Not really

Who’s Behind Top 20 Golf Tips?

Top 20 Golf Tips is managed by the Betting Gods platform.

This means that Top 20 Golf Tips has passed a 16-week proofing protocol before being allowed to go public.

And the service is subject to ongoing quality control.

Meaning that Top 20 Golf Tips may be removed from the Betting Gods roster if it cannot maintain an acceptable level of performance.

You can learn more about Darren Moore’s company in my full Betting Gods Review here.

How Much Does Top 20 Golf Tips Cost?

The Betting Gods appear to change their pricing quite often.

At the time of writing, a subscription costs £29 per month.

Or £279 per year.

There was also a 7 day trial for £1 available when I had a look.

Click here to see if the £1 trial is still available for you.

Can You Get a Refund?


You can claim a refund within 30 days.

My Thoughts On Top 20 Golf Tips

I’ve been using and reviewing betting tipsters for a few years now.

And having had a good look at the betting record for Top 20 Golf Tips.

Here’s what I think you can expect when you join up.

1: The Service Likely Has a True Edge

The average odds for this service are 14.0.

Which suggests that you should roughly be expected to win 7.14% of the bets that you place.

However, the tips issued are winning at a rate of 12.49%

Which means that a corresponding fair price would be 8.0.

Therefore, getting paid at odds of 14.0 whilst winning at a rate of 12.49% means that this service is successfully identifying ‘value bets’.

Thus resulting in the +643 points of profit recorded to date.

Furthermore, because this service has recorded 3,242 bets over 35 months.

I personally believe that the sample size and time frame are significant enough to rule out the element of ‘luck’.

2: Limited Scope for Exchange Use

We all know that systems that work consistently well on the betting exchanges are highly sought after.

Because you can bet without the fear of having your stakes restricted.

However, the liquidity in the ‘top 20’ markets on Betfair is typically pretty poor.

Which means that you’re probably only going to be able to use this service with your bookmaker accounts.

But if you do find an acceptable amount of liquidity for one of the tipped selections.

Don’t forget to factor the exchange commission into the price.

You can easily calculate an equivalent value price (EVP) by using the following formula:

EVP = ((quoted decimal odds – 1) / (1 – decimal exchange commission )) + 1

3: Patience Required

To be fair.

The nature of the markets being bet on makes this a relatively ‘low’ variance service when compared to the likes of The Golf Betting Expert.

But you’re still betting on golf!

Which means that the results are still going to be pretty choppy.

As such, I’d recommend that you commit to placing at least 3-6 months worth of bets consistently in order to allow for mean regression.


  • Almost certainly has an edge;
  • £2 stakes enough to cover monthly sub’ costs at ave. profit;
  • 30-day money-back guarantee;
  • £1 trial sometimes available.


  • Fairly volatile;
  • Mostly unsuitable for exchange use.

Conclusion: Potentially Profitable Even at £2 Stakes

At the time of writing.

Top 20 Golf Tips is averaging +17.8 points of profit per month on average.

This means that even if you only bet at £2 stakes.

You’ll be able to cover the current monthly subscription rate on average.

Of course, not every month is guaranteed to be a winner.

But given the fact that Top 20 Golf Tips has been beating the odds since 2016.

It’s my personal opinion that you’re in with a good chance of making money with this system if you stick with it for long enough.

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