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Too Damn Easy is a cash gifting scam that’s illegal in most parts of the world.



  • You might make money (unlikely).


  • You’ll probably lose money.
  • No refunds.
  • You’re getting involved with a potentially illegal pyramid scheme.

Opinion Disclaimer: the content in this review is ultimately a reflection of my own opinions and is not intended to malign any religion, ethnic group, club, organization, company, individual, anyone, or anything.

Name:Too Damn Easy (+ others)
Real owner:Unknown (‘Q’ is the alias)
Type:Illegal cash gifting pyramid scheme
Price:$2,400 – $100,000
Money-back guarantee?No
Rating:< 1 / 5
How to join?Don’t

Do you know what really amazes me about Too Damn Easy?

That if the copyright dates on the website are to be believed…

This programme is STILL somehow going after more than 20 years.

Which is pretty astounding given the business model that it’s built upon.

Because as I’m about to reveal in my honest Too Damn Easy review…

Not only could you end up losing a lot of money with this system…

You could find yourself getting involved in the potentially illegal activity of cash gifting.

And Too Damn Easy have made very little effort to cover their tracks.

Screenshot of the Too Damn Easy website.

What is Too Damn Easy?

Too Damn Easy is a cash gifting programme.

This means that a new member pays an existing member for the rights to sell the same opportunity to others.

And this ‘pay-to-play’ model also follows a hierarchical ‘pyramid-based’ recruitment structure.

Meaning that members who upgrade to more costly membership levels…

Can potentially earn more money from the people who they subsequently recruit to form their ‘downline’.

Downlines facilitate the ‘upflow’ of cash from one member to another via a pyramid structure.

I’ll explain the problem with this type of ‘pyramid-based’ business model in the second half of this TooDamnEasy review.

Who’s Behind Too Damn Easy?

I don’t know much about the real creator of Too Damn Easy.

Because the person presenting the video on the sales page only identifies himself as ‘Q’.

But the PDF guide that I received when I entered my email address on the sales page said that Ecosov Systems IBC ‘owns and manages’ Too Damn Easy.

I managed to find some other domain names that either redirect to the website or carry the same system:


How Much Does it Cost to Join Too Damn Easy?

$2,000 is the initial cost to register on the basic ‘Red’ level.

But you also have to pay an additional $100 ‘Team Leader Bonus’ and $300 ‘Membership Fee’.

So it’s going to cost you $2,400 to get started with Too Damn Easy.

You can then upgrade to the following plans:

  • Green – $4,000.
  • Black – $12,000.
  • Purple – $100,000.

But that’s not all.

Every 5th cash gift is taken from you by Too Damn Easy.

This means that every 5th gift that you receive on the Red, Green, and Black memberships will see ‘Q’ make a profit of $2,000, $4,000, and $12,000 respectively from you.

This ‘passing up’ of money follows the pyramid business model.

How Do You Get Paid?

The system says that the money is sent to you via mail.

That’s cash – not cheque, apparently.

I couldn’t see any mention of this being possible via PayPal or any other electronic means.

How Do You Get People to Join Up?

‘Q’ says that the recruitment strategy involves mailing out postcards with your unique ID on them to get leads and build your downline.

I couldn’t see any mention of recruitment by electronic means.

Is it Possible to Make Money With Too Damn Easy?



Because if you join the programme and then successfully recruit others into the scheme – you could make a profit.

But for the reasons outlined below.

I strongly recommend that you do NOT join Too Damn Easy.

Is Too Damn Easy a Scam or Legit?

In my opinion?

Too Damn Easy is a pyramid scheme scam.

Here’s why.

3 Reasons Why Too Damn Easy is a Scam

I’ve been using and reviewing online money making systems since 2007.

And I’ve seen this type of cash gifting scam many times.

Here are the specifics as they relate to Too Damn Easy.

1: The Cash Gifting Element is Illegal

Cash gifting in the context of sending money to someone ISN’T illegal by itself.

But when cash is exchanged between parties as part of a pyramid or Ponzi scheme – that’s usually deemed to be illegal in many countries.

The main reason is because pyramid and Ponzi schemes are unsustainable business models and will eventually collapse.

This is because those ‘higher up’ in the pyramid make the most amount of money.

Whilst the newer members typically make less money or actually lose it when the scheme collapses.

2: You Could Lose a Lot of Money

Further to the last point.

Pyramid and Ponzi schemes will collapse without an ongoing supply of new members – and thus fresh capital – coming into the business.

This geometric replication becomes harder and harder to sustain because each ‘layer’ typically expands at an exponential rate.

Which is ultimately destined to collapse because there’s a finite amount of people on the planet.

If this happens before you’re able to recover your initial investment – then you’ll end up out of pocket.

3: Getting Leads is Actually Really Hard


Getting people to join Too Damn Easy is probably going to be very difficult indeed.

How many people do you honestly think are going to send you $2,000+ after receiving a spam postcard in the mail?

Not many.

Conclusion: Complete Scam – Avoid

As I said.

It’s technically possible to make money with Too Damn Easy.

But I wouldn’t risk it.

Because not only is there a very high probability that you’ll lose money…

You’re getting involved in a scheme that’s considered illegal in many parts of the world.


  • You might make money (unlikely).


  • You’ll probably lose money.
  • No refunds.
  • You’re getting involved with a potentially illegal pyramid scheme.

What’s the Alternative to Too Damn Easy?

In all honesty?

There are people out there who engage in the highly dangerous practice of trying to ‘time’ their entry into pyramid, Ponzi, and HYIPs.

With the aim of getting ‘in and out’ before the scheme collapses.

That’s not my cup of tea.

And if it’s not yours either…

Then click the button below.

And I’ll show you how to set up your own online affiliate business.

It’s no get-rich-quick scheme.

But the income that I’ve managed to generate has been both passive and sustainable.

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