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Tipster Warehouse is a Betting Gods owned tipster stable that provides access to all of its services for just £9 per month.

The Tipster Warehouse offers affordable access to a well balanced portfolio of high quality tipsters that have proven themselves to be historically profitable on a number of platforms for several years.

Highly recommended.


  • Run by a reputable company.
  • Excellent value for money at £9 per month.
  • £1 trial available.
  • High quality tipsters.
  • Well balanced portfolio.
  • 30-day money back guarantee.


  • Some people may need more tipster variety.

Payments and Ownership: I DON’T own or work for Tipster Warehouse. If you have payment issues or need to get a refund – you’ll need to contact Tipster Warehouse directly. ALWAYS make sure that you understand the payment and billing arrangements BEFORE subscribing or buying anything.

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Name:Tipster Warehouse
Platform:Betting Gods owned
Type:Tipster stable
Price:£9 per month or £79 per year
Trial?£1 for 7-days
Money-back guarantee?30-days
Rating:4.1 / 5
How to join?Get your tips for £1 here

If you’re a fan of sports betting tipsters…

Then you’ll probably already be familiar with the Betting Gods.

And if you’ve tried any of their services…

Then you might be aware of the relatively higher prices that come with their top services like Quentin Franks Racing.


As I’m about to explain in my honest Tipster Warehouse review…

This new tipster stable might just be the cost-effective sports betting solution that you’ve been looking for.

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What is Tipster Warehouse?

The Tipster Warehouse is a tipping service stable that launched in January 2019.

The Tipster Warehouse provides you with unlimited access to 6 tipsters…

For a single monthly or yearly fee.

More on the tipsters included in just a moment.

Who’s Behind Tipster Warehouse?

The Tipster Warehouse is run by Darren Moore.

Whose name you’ll probably recognise as the founder of the Betting Gods tipster stable.

The Tipster Warehouse is located at:

Martland Mill, Mart Lane, Burscough, Lancashire, L40 0SD, United Kingdom.

Is Tipster Warehouse a Scam or Legit?

Tipster Warehouse is legit and NOT a scam.

I can say this with a high degree of confidence because I’ve personally being using and reviewing the tipsters that operate under the Betting Gods brand for a few years now.

And I know that Darren runs a very professional service in that respect.

Which leads me to believe that the Tipster Warehouse will follow suit.

How Much Does Tipster Warehouse Cost?

Full access to all 6 of the Tipster Warehouse’s tipsters only costs £9 per month…

Or £79 for a full year’s access.

And if you click here…

You can get complete access to every service for just £1 for 7 days.

What’s the Refund Policy?

Tipster Warehouse say they will refund your fees within 30 days if you’re not happy.

You can cancel your subscription at any time.

The Tipster Warehouse Services

At the time of writing?

Here are the tipsters that’re included with your subscription.

1: Quentin Franks Express

Quentin Franks made a name for himself on the Betting Gods platform with his Quentin Franks Racing and QF Value Tips services.

Which have been running profitably since July 2014 and October 2015 respectively.

And Quentin’s Tipster Warehouse-based Express service provides you with his top 1 or 2 tips for the day…

With selections coming through between 8am and 9am UK time daily.

The recommended starting bank is 150 points.

Performance at the time of writing is as follows:

Lifetime profit:+76.1 points
Ave. monthly profit:+15.2 points
Strike rate:37.14%
Bank growth:50.75%
Average odds:3.96

2: Bookies Enemy Express

Much like Quentin Frank…

Gary Poole already runs a profitable service on the Betting Gods platform.

In fact, Gary’s Bookies Enemy service has been around for quite a number of years now in various formats…

And has proven to be consistently profitable no matter the platform.

Gary provides around 5 of his top picks each week via his Bookies Enemy Express service.

The recommended starting bank is 150 points.

Performance at the time of writing is as follows:

Lifetime profit:+25.9 points
Ave. monthly profit:+5.2 points
Strike rate:24.77%
Bank growth:17.24%
Average odds:6.08

3: Golf Profits

Golf Profits provides each-way bets for the major golf tournaments.

You can expect around 3 picks per competition…

Which amounts to around 15 selections per month.

Tips come through every Tuesday between 1pm and 5pm UK time.

The recommended starting bank is 250 points.

Performance at the time of writing is as follows:

Lifetime profit:+40.9 points
Ave. monthly profit:+8.2 points
Strike rate:19.57%
Bank growth:16.36%
Average odds:29.28

4: BK Footy Accas

BK Footy Accas provides around 30 tips per month.

You can expect mainly doubles and trebles across a range of leagues.

With selections arriving daily between 8am and 9am UK time.

The recommended starting bank is 150 points.

Performance at the time of writing is as follows:

Lifetime profit:+39.7 points
Ave. monthly profit:+7.9 points
Strike rate:55.32%
Bank growth:26.44%
Average odds:1.92

5: MS Greyhounds

MS Greyhounds provides around 30 tips per month.

You can expect selections in the win, trap challenges, and versus markets.

Selections will be delivered daily between 10am and 11am.

The recommended starting bank is 100 points.

Performance at the time of writing is as follows:

Lifetime profit:+37.5 points
Ave. monthly profit:+7.5 points
Strike rate:31.18%
Bank growth:37.51%
Average odds:4.33

6: The USA Tipster

The USA Tipster finds value in the NBA, NHL, and MLB sports.

With tips coming through between 12pm and and 6pm daily…

You can expect around 40 – 50 tips each month on average.

The recommended starting bank is 200 points.

Performance at the time of writing is as follows:

Lifetime profit:+25.8 points
Ave. monthly profit:+6.4 points
Strike rate:42.86%
Bank growth:12.90%
Average odds:3.18

My Thoughts On the Tipster Warehouse

Although the Tipster Warehouse has only just launched…

I’m pretty familiar with how Darren Moore’s Betting Gods service operates…

And the quality of the tips provided by the likes of Quentin Franks and Gary Poole.

As such…

Here’s what I think you can expect from the Tipster Warehouse going forward.

1: Bets With An Edge

At the moment?

The historical records for the 6 individual tipsters don’t really have enough bets recorded for me to formulate any meaningful statistical conclusions.

But drawing inferences from the other Betting Gods services I’ve reviewed over the years?

Then I would expect that the Tipster Warehouse services will follow suit…

And thus establish a legitimate edge over the odds in their respective sports.

2: Good Value For Money

Access to the service costs just £9 per month.

That’s less than a single point if you’re betting at £10/point.

And what do you get in return?

A portfolio that’s currently generating a collective 50.4 points per month on average.

That works out at more than £500 in profit on average at £10/point.

3: A Balanced Portfolio

I’ve always been an advocate of building a portfolio of tipsters.


Because not only does this help to smooth out the variance…

The unique qualities of each individual service aggregate to increase the chances of you turning a collective profit at the end of each month.

The Golf Profits service for example has winners at odds of 51…

Which is offset by the higher strike rate of 42.86% provided by The USA Tipster.

Which means that you can keep ticking over whilst you’re waiting for the big priced winners to come in and skyrocket your profits.

4: Professionalism

The tipping service industry is known for its scams and low-quality services.

Which has allowed the Betting Gods to shine with their money-back guarantees and high-quality customer service (in my experience).


I like the fact that the Betting Gods proof all of their tipsters for 4-months before allowing them to go live.

And then subject them to ongoing quality checks.

I hope that this level of professionalism will be carried over to the Tipster Warehouse brand.


  • Run by a reputable company.
  • Excellent value for money at £9 per month.
  • £1 trial available.
  • High-quality tipsters.
  • Well-balanced portfolio.
  • 30-day money-back guarantee.


  • Some people may need more tipster variety.

Conclusion: Quality Tipsters at Value Prices


I really like what the Betting Gods have done here.

Because by branching out with the Tipster Warehouse…

They’re providing a more affordable option when it comes to facilitating access to high-quality tipping services.

In summary?

If you’re looking to make money from your sports betting…

Then the Tipster Warehouse looks like a no-brainer to me at just £9 per month.


If you click the button below…

You can get 7-days worth of tips for just £1.

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