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Name:Referral Pay
Type:Data harvesting scam
Money-back guarantee?N/A
Rating:< 1 / 5
How to join?Don’t

On the surface?

Its slick and disarming design makes Referral Pay seem like a legitimate GPT (‘get paid to’) website.

But as I’m about to reveal in this brutally honest Referral Pay review…

What lies beneath is actually a vile and surprisingly dangerous scam.

Allow me to explain.

Screenshot of the Referral Pay website.

Image source: ReferralPay.co

What is Referral Pay?

To the uninitiated?

Referral Pay looks like a fantastic way to make a decent amount of money online.

Because the Referral Pay website claims that you can make up to ‘$500 today’.

Where in addition to your $25 welcome bonus…

You’ll supposedly get $2 – $5 for each person that clicks your unique referral link…

Plus a further $10 – $15 for each person that joins Referral Pay as a result.

And if you think that sounds too good to be true then you’d be correct.

Because I can say with near certainty that you’ll NEVER see a single cent of the ‘profits’ that accrue in your Referral Pay membership area.

Here’s why.

How Does Referral Pay Actually Work?

The sad reality is that Referral Pay have NO intention of paying you.

I’ve provided three reasons in the next section why I know this to be the case.

But the bottom line is that the Referral Pay website has been set up by a bunch of scammers who’re looking to steal your personal information.

They do this by lifting the information that you enter into their web form on their sign up page.

And why do they want to collect your information?

Because they can sell it on for a profit.

Mainly to spammers who will bombard you with junk emails and potentially more malicious individuals who may try to break into your personal accounts.

And I’m not making this up.

Because in a similar case…

One user said that hacking attempts were made against his Gmail account…

When he gave away his personal information via the ‘task wall’ that’s ubiquitous to these sorts of data harvesting scams.

Screenshot of Gmail Hacking Attempt Warning

Have You Already Signed Up to Referral Pay?

Then in light of the previous point…

You’d be well advised to change the passwords to your personal accounts that are duplicates of the one you entered into the Referral Pay sign up form.

Because it’s thought that the scammers/their clients simply clone the email and password combinations…

And then use them to ‘try their luck’ using brute force attacks on any of your personal accounts they can find.

Fake Referral Pay Reviews and Payment Proof

Don’t believe the ‘payment proof’ screenshots posted on the Referral Pay website.

These can easily be faked using Photoshop.

And the ‘real’ Referral Pay user reviews found online may indeed contain legitimate screenshots of a positive Referral Pay dashboard balance.

But what these people have yet to discover is that they’ll never be allowed to withdraw that money.

Just like I’ve got absolutely zero chance of ever being able to get my hands on the $25 ‘welcome bonus’ that appears to have been credited to my account upon joining.

Fake Referral Pay Payment Proofs.

Why the Focus On Recruitment?


Whilst it’s likely that Referral Pay also stands to make money through the CPA deals they hold with certain merchants when you click through from the ‘task wall’ and complete a specific action…


The main emphasis is on getting users to share their affiliate link on social media.

Because they want to sucker others into joining up

So that Referral Pay can steal their personal information too.

Is Referral Pay a Scam or Legit?

There’s little doubt in my mind…

That Referral Pay is a malicious data harvesting scam.

Here’s how I know.

The Referral Pay Scam – Why You Won’t Get Paid

You’re probably wondering what it is that makes me so sure that Referral Pay is a scam.

And like I said in the Review Policy.

I’m reluctant to brand a service or product as such unless I’m certain that the entity in question is out to rip you off.

But in the case of Referral Pay?

There’s plenty of reasons.

1: Copy of Proven Scams

As the screenshots in my Viral Work review illustrate…

Referral Pay is a clone of the Viral Work scam.

And Viral Work is linked to another proven scam called Viral Dollars.

In fact?

This chain extends all the way back to what is perhaps the most prolific data harvesting scam of this sort – Kids Earn Cash.

Where many users reported having their email and social media accounts viciously spammed as a consequence of revealing their personal information through the Kids Earn Cash portal…

And not a single person reported getting paid their earnings.

On the contrary...

Twitter was flooded with reports of bemused folk who couldn’t understand why they were unable to get their money.

Kids Earn Cash Payment Complaints On Twitter


It’s guilt by association.

But it stands to reason that Referral Pay are going to follow suit…

By taking your data and failing to pay you.

And I think the passage of time will prove my assumptions to be correct.

2: False Claims

I must admit.

The scammers have gone to a fair bit of effort to make Referral Pay look as legit as possible on the front-end.

(Contrasting starkly with the comparatively sloppy attempts made by My Work For Life and Do Weekly Job).

Because in addition to making their website look as professional as possible…

Referral Pay have made some very bold claims on their website.

Such as being in business since 2005 via their totally non-existent ‘Zindex’ parent company…

Paying out ‘$60 million’ to their ‘225,000’ members…

And having over ‘500 million shares’.

And how do I know this is all nonsense?

Because these sorts of fabricated claims are replicated almost verbatim in nearly every data harvesting scam that I’ve exposed so far.

The magnitudes of which do not make sense when compared to the relative age of the domain.

Which is just 16 days in the case of Referral Pay at the time of writing:

Screenshot of the WHOIS record for the Referral Pay domain.

3: Flagged as a Dangerous Site

And the kicker?

When I tried to sign up to Referral Pay…

The referralpay.co domain was flagged by my antivirus as presenting a risk to my personal information:

Screenshot of antivirus scam warning for the Referral Pay domain.

Conclusion: Avoid This Sneaky Scam

In my opinion?

Referral Pay is a data harvesting scam.

And a deceptively dangerous one at that.

Don’t sign up.

But instead use the buttons at the end of this post to share this Referral Pay review on social media to help warn others.


  • None.


  • You won’t get paid.
  • Your personal information is at risk.

What’s the Alternative?

If you’re looking to complete some simple tasks for money…

Then Swagbucks is a legit GPT website that you can try.

As are OhMyDosh and 20 Cogs.

But in my view?

GPT sites just aren’t worth the effort.

Because you’re trading your time for little more than pennies on the hour.


I’ve had much better results by focusing on my online affiliate business.

Where the hours worked for ‘free’ in the initial months paid dividends down the line.

In the form of daily payments that have exceeded $750 in some cases.

Screenshot of ClickBank Daily Sales Affiliate Commission

But I won’t lie.

Transforming a simple domain name into a legitimate online business that you can potentially rely on for years to come isn’t for everyone.

Because the results aren’t going to happen overnight.

But if you’re the sort of person that’s willing to invest their time now to reap the rewards in several months time…

Click the button below.

And I’ll show you how to start your own online affiliate business today.

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