Name:The Instant Publisher Biz Partner Program
Type:Online business – coaching and ‘done-for-you’ content
Price:$1,997 + $197 per month
Money-Back Guarantee?90-day + $500
How to Join?Via website

I want to make one thing very clear.

I have NOT signed up to The Instant Publisher Biz Partner Program.

Therefore, I have not given this product a ‘star rating’.

Because I feel it would be unfair to grade something ‘absolutely’ that I’ve not personally used.

However, I’ve been using and reviewing online money making systems and coaching programmes like this since 2007.

And I’ve successfully made money online using some of the strategies advertised on this product’s sales page.

So, the aim of this Instant Publisher Biz Partner Program review is to share some of my insights and experiences with those strategies.

To speculate on the possible value of this coaching program.

And hopefully help you make a better buying decision.

Because the only other review for this system that I could find online was a rehash of the sales page by a biased ClickBank affiliate.

And if you’ve used this system yourself.

You’re more than welcome to leave your thoughts on the service in the comments section at the end of the post. 🙂

What is The Instant Publisher Biz Partner Program?

Aside from being a mouthful to pronounce.

The Instant Publisher Biz Partner Program is a 1-to-1 coaching service that shows you how to start a profitable online business from home.

It claims to do this by creating profitable ‘done-for-you’ niche websites, providing monthly content creation, ‘guaranteed’ traffic, and ongoing mentoring.

The programme is based on the following profit-share commission model:

  • $20,000 in earnings = 5% per month from your net profits;
  • $50,000 in earnings = 4% per month from your net profits;
  • $100,000 in earnings = 3% per month from your net profits.

It takes ‘1-2 weeks’ for the core websites to be delivered.

With the main training lasting ‘8-weeks’.

The product is sold via the ClickBank platform.

Also, The Instant Publisher Biz Partner Program appears to be tied to The Click Empire Mastermind brand.

Who’s Behind The Instant Publisher Biz Partner Program?

Your mentor is apparently someone called ‘Joel Peterson’.

Now, Joel doesn’t reveal much about himself on the sales page.

Which I find surprising given that I’d really like to know who I’ll be working with before I part with my cash.

However, unlike the false personas and pen names that typically litter the sales pages of many online products.

My research suggests that Joel might actually be a REAL person!

For example, I found Joel’s LinkedIn profile.

Which then lead me to Joel’s core website

Here’s what he has to say for himself:

Video credit: – Joel Peterson – My Story

I did some further digging around.

Some of Joel’s past projects also appear to be related to creating ‘done for you’ niche websites.

For example, The Minisite Formula appeared to have gained some traction back in 2009.

With mixed reviews being posted in this thread on the Warrior Forum.

Although well respected author and internet marketing guru Jim Cockrum did report positive results with the system:

Jim Cockrums Testimonial of Joel Petersons Minisite Formula

Image source:

Is The Instant Publisher Biz Partner Program a Scam?

I can’t say for sure.

But I’m learning towards ‘no’.

Simply because Joel’s similar past projects do appear to confer some value.

With testimonials coming from reputable sources.

How Much Does The Instant Publisher Biz Partner Program Cost?

Access costs $1,997 + VAT.

And then $197 per month for ongoing access.

Can You Get a Refund?


The product comes with a 90-day money-back guarantee.

With Joel claiming that not only will he refund all of your money if you’re not happy.

He’ll give you $500 on top too.

I can’t personally vouch for the validity of this generous offer.

But I do know that ClickBank enforce a 60-day money-back guarantee for most products sold via their platform.

And over the years, I’ve had 100% of my refunds granted that have gone through ClickBank.

The 5x Guarantee

In addition to the 100% + $500 money-back guarantee.

Joel also says that:

‘If after 1 year, your site is making at least $10,000 a year profit, I’ll personally buy your site for 5x the yearly profit – or help you find someone who will’.

What Do You Get?

The entire premise of this system is to hand you the framework of a profitable online business.

And then coach you towards success.

Here’s what Joel claims to offer:

1: Done-For-You Core Website

  • Website built for you in a ‘proven profitable niche’ (they pick the niche);
  • Includes domain name and web design;
  • 10 articles;
  • SEO and Adsense ready.

2: Done-For-You Monthly Content

  • 5 new articles written for you each month;
  • Social media posts to promote your site;
  • Training for outsourcing your content.

3: Guaranteed Targeted Traffic

  • Guaranteed monthly traffic;
  • Targeted traffic that will convert.

4: Guaranteed Ad Account Acceptance

  • Guaranteed Adsense and/or approval.

5: Mini Niche Website

  • Secondary niche website;
  • Pre-written articles;
  • Select your own niche.

6: Core 8-Week Training

  • Discover ‘red hot’ niches;
  • Learn how to drive targeted traffic to your site;
  • Where to place your ads.

7: Tech Support

  • Site management;
  • Backups;
  • ‘Thousands of dollars’ worth of plugins.

8: Tools and Templates

  • Ready-made social media posts;
  • Ready-made videos;
  • Traffic scaling tools.

9: Mastermind Webinars

  • Focus on ongoing strategies that work;
  • Recordings available;
  • Q&A;
  • Runs up to 3 (or more) times per month.

10: Private Forums and Coaching

  • Private forum access;
  • Personal support and coaching;
  • Apparently worth $25,000+ per person.

My Thoughts On The Claims


I must stress that I’ve not actually used this product.

So take what I’m about to say with a pinch of salt.

But based on what I’ve read on the sales page.

And in conjunction with my research and own personal experience.

There are my opinions on The Instant Publisher Biz Partner Program:

1: You Could Do Most of This Yourself (For Free)

How do I know?

Because I’ve set up several profitable online businesses from scratch.

For almost zero expense.

For example, I once made more than $10,000 in a single year from a niche website promoting ClickBank products:

Clickbank Affiliate Earnings 2017

My only ongoing expenses were that of hosting and paying for a couple of premium plugins.

Which amounted to only a couple of $100 for the year.

Plus, all of my traffic was generated for FREE.

So, I didn’t have to spend a penny on AdWords.

Nor did I have to use AdSense.

Now, did it take a lot of time and effort?


Did I have to work really hard for the first 6 months for very little in return?


But the point is that you can build you OWN profitable online business for next to nothing if you’re that way inclined.

And my FREE email course shows you EXACTLY how to get started.

2: Done-For-You Businesses Have Limitations

The issue here isn’t that Joel will take a small percentage of your profits once you’ve hit the $20,000 profit mark.

It’s that you could potentially be dependent upon Joel and his team to generate your money for you.

Because if they decide to close up shop.

It’s possible that you might be left with half a business.

Or nothing at all.

Personally, I like to be in control of as much of my business as possible.

Sure, I might use a freelancer to do some coding work for me.

But everything else is executed by me.

Even down to the exact keywords that I use for my articles.

Because I know I can rely on myself.

3: The Mentoring Could Save You From YEARS of Frustration


There’s one thing that could potentially justify this product’s hefty price tag:

It’s time-saving qualities.

Because whilst I’ve personally bootstrapped every business that I’ve set up.

It’s taken me YEARS of trial and error to get it right.

And that’s what most people probably aren’t willing to go through.

So, there could be immense value in having someone like Joel look over your shoulder and tell you exactly what to do.

Because that’s what was missing for a long time in my case.

Conclusion: Expensive But It Might Be Worth It

Joel seems to have a reasonable track record.

So, if you’d like to cut the learning curve and maximise your chances of making money as fast as possible from your online business.

Then The Instant Publisher Biz Partner Program might be worth a look.

Because the 90-day 100% + $500 guarantee does give me some reassurance.

And there’s the 5x profit guarantee too.

If you do sign up.

Please update me with your progress in the comments section below 🙂


  • Potentially massive time-saving qualities;
  • 90-day money-back guarantee;
  • 5x profit guarantee.


  • High cost;
  • Free alternatives possibly available.

The Free Alternative

Not keen on the cost?

Then you might like to check out my FREE online money-making course.

Where I walk you through the EXACT process that helped me make $10,893.77 in passive income from one of my niche websites.

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