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Both The Fearless Momma 2.0 and the Six Figure Empire are part of the same ‘sales funnel’.

Whilst both programmes offer ‘digital marketing training’ for capturing leads.

The only way to make money with either programme is by convincing others to ‘cash-gift’ you money so they can purchase the right to do the same to others.

The training is focused around using paid traffic strategies to promote The Fearless Momma as the ‘front-end’ product and the Six Figure Empire as a ‘high-ticket’ upsell.

You can only earn commissions on ‘tiers’ that you have ‘bought’ the resale rights to.

This starts at $250 for The Fearless Momma, and climbs to $1,000, $3,000, and $5,000 for the Six Figure Empire.

In my opinion, the recruitment and cash-flow structure strongly resembles that of an illegal ‘cash-gifting’ pyramid scheme.

Although the presence of the ‘training’ may be enough of a loophole to allow these brands to technically operate legally.

But even if these programmes are not shut down by the FTC shortly.

You could still lose your initial investments if you are unable to recruit any new members.

Because you can NOT claim a refund in either case.

I strongly suggest that you avoid both programmes.


  • Making money is technically possible.
  • Some value in the training materials.


  • Heavy focus on recruitment.
  • Likely an illegal cash-gifting pyramid scheme.
  • Massive risk of losing your initial investment.
  • No refunds.
Name:The Fearless Momma / Six Figure Empire
Type:Home business – email marketing + commissions
Price:$250 – $5,000
Money-Back Guarantee?No
Rating:1.5 / 5
How to Join?Don’t

I’ve decided to do a joint review of The Fearless Momma 2.0 and the Six Figure Empire (SFE).


Because these two products are part of the same ‘sales funnel’.

So, if you’ve received an email or seen an advert for either of these two systems and wondered if they’re legit.

Then you’ll probably find this ‘double’ review useful.

Here’s what I’ve discovered through my research and direct experience with these two products.

What is The Fearless Momma?

The Fearless Momma is a ‘digital marketing training platform’.

That comprises of 7 ‘modules’ that show you how to capture ‘leads’ (‘people willing to buy from you’) via Facebook, Craigslist, and solo ads providers.

So that you can earn a 100% ‘$250 commission’ within 72 hours.


This $250 commission is earned by using the training to persuade others to join The Fearless Momma.

Your ‘referrals’ then make money by using the same resources to refer others to The Fearless Momma and so on.

Furthermore, The Fearless Momma is a lower-cost ‘front-end’ product that leads you into the ‘upsell-flow’ for the Six Figure Empire.

In other words, the ultimate goal of The Fearless Momma is to get you to buy the Six Figure Empire.

So that you can persuade others to do the same.

What Do You Get?

Your $250 gives you access to your own membership area.

Where you’ll find the following content:

  • Core training – 7 modules for lead generation;
  • The Fearless Mastermind – live training webinars;
  • Bonuses – a formula for earning $250 in 72 hours.

You’re also granted a ‘resell licence’.

This allows you to earn 100% commissions ($250) from each person that you persuade to join The Fearless Momma.

There is no other way to make money with The Fearless Momma system (other than upsells).

This is a fact.

By admission of the creators of the system themselves:

Image credit: The Fearless Momma.

This image was taken from The Fearless Momma’s sale page that appeared after I’d entered my email into the initial squeeze page.

How Do You Make Money With The Fearless Momma?

After you’ve joined up by paying the $250.

You’re given a uniquely coded squeeze page.

To which you then drive traffic (‘people interest the offer’) using the strategies taught in the training modules.

This is typically done by paying for traffic.

Once your ‘lead’ has opted in.

You use the Aweber email provider to send ‘follow up’ emails to your lead to persuade them to pay $250 to join The Fearless Momma.

You can do this until they unsubscribe from your email list.

How Do You Get Paid?

You’re NOT paid by the owners of The Fearless Momma.

Instead, the payment comes directly from the person that you’ve referred.

This is done via PayPal or Stripe.

What is the Six Figure Empire?

The Six Figure Empire is a high-ticket upsell.

Once you’ve purchased it.

You’ll again receive some ‘digital marketing training’.

This focuses on more advanced lead generation tactics such as SMS ‘text blasts’ and ‘ringless voicemail’ message drops.

But the real point of the Six Figure Empire is to allow you to purchase ‘resell rights’ so that you can claim more commissions from your referrals.

The compensation brackets are as follows:

  • $1,000;
  • $3,000;
  • $5,000.


You have to ‘buy in’ to each commission tier.

So, you’ll have to pay $1,000, $3,000, and $5,000 respectively in order to be eligible receive commissions from each tier.

That’s $9,000 in total outlay if you want to be able to unlock all of the available commission portals.

Who’s Behind The Fearless Momma?

Tammy Montgomery is the ‘face’ of The Fearless Momma.

She presents the video that is available to you on the ‘Thank You’ page once you’ve entered your email address into the initial ‘squeeze’ page.

However, the real name behind both The Fearless Momma and Six Figure Empire is Tim Berger.

Tammy claims to have been involved with internet marketing for the last 10 years.

And since her ‘team’ got ‘so big’.

Tim ‘allowed’ her to head-up her own programme – The Fearless Momma.

How Much Does The Fearless Momma Cost?

It costs $250 to join The Fearless Momma.

You can then choose to upgrade to the Six Figure Empire.

And pay to access the higher commission tiers.

Can You Claim a Refund?


This is because you’re not paying The Fearless Momma or Six Figure Empire.

Instead, your money is going directly to your ‘sponsor’.

Your sponsor is the person who recruited you into the programme.

Is The Fearless Momma a Scam?



Because you’re paying for access to the ‘digital marketing training’.

Which theoretically has applications to lead generation in other niches.

And the FTC has not yet flagged The Fearless Momma or Six Figure Empire as a pyramid or Ponzi scheme.

However, both programmes have a strong focus on recruitment.

And arguably offer very little value in return.

Other than the information and strategies for recruiting others into the same scheme.

Which the FTC considers to be the hallmarks of pyramid and Ponzi schemes.

Can You Really Make Money With The Fearless Momma?


If you successfully recruit someone else into The Fearless Momma.

You’ll earn $250.

With additional payments for those that purchase the Six Figure Empire relative to your commission tier.

My Honest Thoughts On The Fearless Momma and SFE

Both The Fearless Momma and the Six Figure Empire worry me.

Here’s why.

1: The Business Model is Very Risky

Although neither programme is currently under investigation by the FTC at the time of writing.

It doesn’t mean that they won’t be shut down in time.

Because these two products interlink to form a ‘high-ticket’ upsell funnel – much like MOBE.

And MOBE was able to operate for several years before being shut down.

But not before they managed to scam their clients out of $125,000,000.

Furthermore, the recruitment-based business model means that if you cannot recruit anyone into The Fearless Momma.

You’ll lose your initial $250.

The same goes for the $1,000, $3,000, and $5,000 required to resell the various parts of the Six Figure Empire.

This risk is compounded by the fact that most systems that focus heavily on recruitment eventually collapse.

Typically when the market becomes diluted with the same squeeze pages and offers and people stop joining up.

So, even if the FTC don’t shut these programmes down.

You could still lose your money due to a fundamentally flawed infrastructure.

2: Capturing Leads Can Be Tough (And Expensive!)

The training inside The Fearless Momma focuses on using paid traffic to capture leads.

Typically through the use of ‘solo ads’.

When you purchase a solo ad ‘buy’.

You’re paying someone else to mail YOUR offer to their list of ‘leads’.

What you’re hoping for is for those people to click through and op in so that you can send follow up emails persuading them to join The Fearless Momma.

From personal experience, I can tell you that buying solo ads is a real gamble.

Because you have no idea if the provider is mailing your offer to a ‘warm’ list of people who are genuinely interested in your offer.

Or if they even have access to a legitimate list at all.

Because I’ve personally bought solo deals where the opt-ins were clearly fake and would never convert.

Similarly, I found that Facebook would not approve my ads for anything even remotely connected to online marketing or ‘make money online’.

Even for legit offers.

The bottom line?

Don’t expect to start generating leads and sales overnight with The Fearless Momma or the Six Figure Empire using paid ads.

3: Possible Cash-Gifting Structure

Take a look at this post on Ripoff Report.

This user claims that Tim Berger’s Six Figure Empire is a ‘cash-gifting’ programme.

Cash-gifting in isolation is not illegal.

But when money is exchanged in such a manner as to expect a return in the future.

That’s illegal. [Source].

And in my opinion.

I feel that the direct transfer of money from new to existing members for the right to recruit others into the same scheme skirts dangerously close to the formal definition of an illegal cash-gifting programme:

‘…a person may not offer or sell any form of participation in a pyramid or chain promotion. A pyramid or chain promotion is any plan or scheme or device by which (a) a participant gives a valuable consideration for the opportunity to receive compensation or things of value in return for inducing other persons to become participants in the program or (b) a participant is to receive compensation when a person introduced by the participant introduces one or more additional persons into participation in the plan, each of whom receives the same or similar right, privilege, license, chance, or opportunity’.

Source: Section 28 of the Michigan Franchise Investment Law (MCL 445.1501 et seq.).

Conclusion: Avoid The Fearless Momma AND The Six Figure Empire

I strongly suggest that you do NOT get involved with either product.

Because regardless of whether either program is ‘technically’ a scam or not.

My main worry is that you’ll not be able to make your money back.

Due to either the scheme being shut down by the FTC.

Or because the ‘pyramid’ collapses due to not enough new people joining up.

Can you imagine spending $9,000 on the Six Figure Empire to purchase full resale rights…

Only to fail to make a single commission and lose all of your money?

Especially when there are much less risky ways to make money online.

(See below).


  • Making money is technically possible;
  • Some value in the training materials.


  • Heavy focus on recruitment;
  • Possibly an illegal cash-gifting pyramid scheme;
  • Massive risk of losing your initial investment;
  • No refunds.

A Lower-Risk Alternative

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