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Welcome to my ultimate beginner’s guide to matched betting.

Where I’ll be walking you through the basic matched betting process step-by-step.

So that you can learn how to earn extra tax-free cash online without leaving your computer.

Let’s begin 🙂


This matched betting guide is for informational purposes only. If you decide to act upon said information – you take full responsibility for any and all outcomes. This guide may contain errors and out of date information. No part of this guide should be interpreted as financial advice. Only bet with money that you can afford to lose. Please bet responsibly. BeGambleAware.

IMPORTANT: Profit Whilst You Still Can

Matched betting hasn’t fully died just yet.

But ever since teaching myself how to matched bet back in 2012.

I’ve noticed that the overall profitability drops with each year that passes.

So don’t hang about.

Read this free matched betting guide in its entirety.

And take massive action today!

In A Rush?

On paper, the matched betting process looks long-winded and complicated.

But it’s actually quite easy to apply once you know what you’re doing.

And the rewards are well worth it in my opinion.


If you’d like to skip straight to the money-making part and save a bunch of time.

Check out my Matched Betting Made Easy Guide instead.

Where I’ll show you how to make up to £1,000 in 5 steps.

Using some clever software that finds the bets for you and does all the maths behind the scenes. 🙂

An Introduction to Matched Betting – Know the Facts!

Matched betting is subject to a lot of hype.

Here’s the truth about matched betting and what you can expect.

What is Matched Betting?

Matched betting is a process.

One that allows you to convert the online bookmakers’ free bets into real cash that you can keep.

Free bets are basically ‘bonus tokens’ that the bookmakers give out to attract new customers and keep their existing ones interested in betting.

The easiest way to get a free bet is to join up to a bookmaker and place a bet with your own money – in line with the bookmaker’s qualifying Terms and Conditions.

Normally, this would be very risky.

Because you might lose your first bet.

And there’s no guarantee that the free bet would win either.

The matched betting process removes this risk by betting to cover all possible outcomes.

AND it allows you to lock in a profit from the free bet – no matter what happens.

I’ll be showing you how to do this with a live matched betting example soon. 🙂

How Does Matched Betting Work?

It’s pretty simple.

You sign up to a bookmaker and place a ‘qualifying’ bet with your own money.

You then ‘lay off‘ your bookmaker bet using the Betfair Exchange to cover all outcomes.

This removes the risk.

You are then given a free bet by the bookmaker.

You then lay off the free bet.

But this time you’ll make a profit because the free bet wasn’t your own money.

Here’s a decent matched betting explainer video from the OddsMonkey Team:

Is Matched Betting a Scam?


The matched betting process is rooted in proven mathematics.

Matched betting has been covered by several major newspapers.

For example, in The Guardian back in 2010:

Matched Betting The Guardian

The only way that you could get ‘scammed’ is by joining a low-quality matched betting service.

Fortunately, if you stick to the reputable matched betting services like Profit Maximiser, Profit Accumulator, and OddsMonkey.

You’ll be fine.

Is Matched Betting Illegal?


There are no laws against claiming a free bet and betting to cover all outcomes so that a guaranteed profit is made.

However, if you are opening up multiple accounts to do matched betting.

This is somewhat of a legally ambiguous area.

Just stick to opening one set of bookmaker accounts with your own name.

Is Matched Betting Gambling?


You will be using what is called a betting exchange to bet against your bookmaker bets when they lose.

This removes the element of chance entirely.

What Are the Risks of Matched Betting?

You can end up losing money if you make a mistake.

Such as placing the wrong sequence of bets.

Or failing to place a bet correctly.

Unmatched and partially matched lay bets can be costly if you don’t know how to fix them properly.

Many of the common matched betting mistakes can be avoided by double checking your work.

Where Does the Profit Come From?

The free bet.

But rather than just punting these free bets and hoping that they’ll win (like recreational gamblers do).

You’ll bet in such a way that you’ll make an even profit regardless of the outcome.

This is possible thanks to the matched betting calculator that you’ll be using.

How Much Money Can Be Made?

If you cash out every single one of the bookmakers’ SUBs (‘sign-up bonuses’).

You’ll make around £1,000.

There’s also scope to make up to £500 (or more) each month from the bookmakers’ ECOs (‘existing customer offers’).

How Much Time and Effort is Required?

There’s definitely a learning curve initially.

But placing an actual ‘matched bet’ only takes a few minutes.

Once you’ve got the basic process nailed – it’s up to you how much time you spend doing matched betting.

Personally, I spend around 1 – 4 hours each day cashing out free bets and bonuses.

What’s the Catch?

Eventually, the bookmakers will stop giving you free bets.

This is called being ‘gubbed’.

Here’s what a ‘gubbing email’ looks like:

Ladbrokes Gubbing Email

Matched betting isn’t illegal.

But the bookmakers absolutely hate it.

Matched betting costs the bookmakers around £20 million each month because they cannot profit directly from a free bet.

Instead, these free bets are ‘loss-leaders’.

Meaning that the bookmakers are relying upon you to go crazy and start gambling with your own money thereafter.

Which is exactly what matched bettors DON’T do (or shouldn’t!).

So, once you’ve had more than your fair share of free bets.

You’ll be given the boot.

The Matched Betting Essentials

Here’s what you’ll need to get started with matched betting.

1: Live in the UK or Ireland

UK Flag Icon

You’ll need to reside in the UK or Ireland to get the most out of matched betting.

Matched betting does work in certain parts of Australia, South Africa, Sweden, and other areas of Europe.

But the Terms and Conditions of the bookmakers’ offers will differ between jurisdictions.

Which will affect how much money you can make.

And some bookmakers and/or betting exchanges may ban you from even opening an account with them in the first place.

Matched betting doesn’t currently work in the USA, Canada, or Asia.

2: Be Over 18

You need to be over the age of 18 to be able to access the online bookmakers and place bets.

If you’re under 18 – forget about matched betting until you’re old enough!

3: Have a Valid ID

You’ll need ID to be able to withdraw your money from your betting accounts.

Which means that you’ll need to submit a photograph of your driving licence or passport and a utility bill that is less than three months old.

This is to prove to the betting firms that you are 18+ and you are who you say you are.

A clear picture taken with a smartphone is the quickest and most suitable option.

4: Have £50 – £100 to Spare

You don’t need to spend this money.

But you’ll need it to place bets.

Matched betting is pretty low-risk – but mistakes can happen.

So, make sure that you’re only betting with money that you can afford to lose.

5: Access to a Betting Exchange Account

To make matched betting work, you’ll need to open at least ONE of the following betting exchange accounts:

  • The Betfair Exchange;
  • Smarkets;
  • Betdaq;
  • Matchbook.

For example, here I’m looking at football matches to lay on the Betfair Exchange:

Betfair Exchange Man Utd v Watford

Start with Betfair.

You can add more later on.

Extra Recommendations

I made a list of the top 10 things you should do before starting matched betting.

Of those, I strongly recommend that you:

  • Open a separate bank account to manage your matched betting bankroll;
  • Use a new email address for matched betting to manage spam;
  • Have a separate mobile number for opening bookmaker accounts to avoid nuisance calls.

Matched Betting Jargon Buster

Before we get into the nuts and bolts.

Allow me to clarify some key matched betting terms.

Betting Lingo

Here’s some common betting terminology.

1: Selection

A ‘selection’ is just the thing that you’re betting on.

For example, if you’re betting on England to beat Spain.

You’ve ‘selected’ England to win.

2: Stake

Your ‘stake’ is the amount that you’re betting.

For example, if you bet £10 on England.

You’ve ‘staked’ £10 on England to win.

3: Decimal Odds

‘Decimal odds’ are prices used by both the bookmakers and the betting exchanges.

For example, 2.0, 3.05, 11.0.

We only use decimal odds for matched betting.

Fractions make life harder than it needs to be.

All bookmakers allow you to switch from fractional to decimal odds.

4: Liquidity

The ‘lay liquidity’ is the amount of money that can be matched in the lay market on the Betfair Exchange.

For example, here there is £5 in liquidity available to bet on PDRM at lay odds of 1.81:

Lay Square

I’ll explain more about liquidity soon.

Betting Websites

For matched betting, we use two types of betting websites:

1: Bookmakers

We use ‘bookmakers’ to bet on selections to win.

For example, here is a selection of football games available to bet on with William Hill’s sportsbook:

William Hill Sportsbook

By clicking on any of the odds, this will open up the bet slip.

Where you can enter your stake size and confirm the bet.

Here, I’m placing a £5 bet on Man Utd to win at decimal odds of 1.83 with Coral:

Coral Bet Slip

2: Betting Exchanges

‘Betting exchanges’ are a special type of betting site.

Because they allow you to bet on selections to not win.

Bookmakers do not allow this style of ‘lay betting’.

The Betfair Exchange is the most widely used exchange for matched betting.

This ability to bet on selections to not win is conferred by the pink squares on Betfair:

Betfair Exchange Interface

You can use the search bar to find your bets quickly on the Betfair Exchange:

Betting Exchange Search

Bet Types

The bets that you’ll be placing can be categorised as follows:

1: Back Bet

A ‘back bet’ is a bet on something to win.

Back bets are placed with the bookmaker.

For example, here I’ve bet £1 on Aston Villa to beat Fulham at decimal odds of 3.2:

Bet Placed B365

2: Lay Bet

A ‘lay bet’ is a bet on something to not win.

Lay bets are placed with a betting exchange.

For example, here I have placed a £102.23 lay bet on the ‘over 3.5 goals’ market in a football match:

Lay Bet Over 3.5 Goals

(The £177.88 ‘liability‘ figure is the amount that I need in my betting exchange account to be allowed to place the lay bet).

3: Qualifying Bet

A ‘qualifying bet’ is a back bet and a lay bet placed on the SAME selection – between the bookmaker and the betting exchange.

For example, backing both England to WIN with the bookmaker and to NOT WIN with the betting exchange.

This covers all possible outcomes.

And it’s this process that removes the element of chance from matched betting.

Both the back and the lay bet are placed with your OWN money.

The purpose of the qualifying bet is to claim the free bet for ‘no risk’.

4: SNR Free Bet

A ‘stake not returned’ (SNR) free bet is a free bet that is subtracted from any winnings.

For example, a winning £10 SNR free bet bet at decimal odds of 10.0 would return £90 in total (instead of £100) because:

((10.0 x £10) – £10) = (£100 – £10) = £90

Most free bets are SNR.

You can find out for sure by checking the bookmaker’s Terms and Conditions before taking action.

If a free bet is SNR.

Then it must be placed at higher odds (generally 4.0 – 10.0) to ensure that you make enough profit from it.

5: SR Free Bet

A SR (‘stake returned’) free bet IS returned with any winnings.

SR free bets are rarer than their SNR counterpart.

(SR free bets usually come with additional rollover requirements).

The Matched Betting Calculator

The matched betting calculator will do all of the maths for you.

I’ll be showing you how to use the key features to size your Betfair Exchange bets in the worked example below.

This is what removes the risk and allows you to lock in a profit from the free bets.

How to Make Money From Matched Betting in 3 Steps

Most matched betting offers can be divided into three phases.

Phase 1: The Set Up

In this phase, you’ll need to read the bookmaker’s Terms and Conditions for yourself.

To find out what you need to do to ‘qualify’ for the free bet.

Pay attention to:

  • The minimum odds for a selection to qualify for the free bet;
  • If the free bet is SNR or SR (plus any additional rollover requirements).
  • If there is a winnings cap in place (very rare – but avoid like the plague if there is one!).

Phase 2: The Qualifying Bet

In the Qualifying Bet Phase, you are placing a back bet with your own money and laying it off on Betfair to remove the risk.

Once settled, you’ll then get the free bet.

Here’s a rough qualifying bet template that you can follow to help you:

  • Find a selection to back with the [bookmaker] at the [minimum qualifying odds] or more;
  • Find that same selection to lay on the Betfair Exchange;
  • Open up the matched betting calculator;
  • Set the ‘Bet Type’ to ‘QUALIFIER’.
  • Set the ‘Back Stake’ to the [minimum qualifying amount];
  • Input the selection’s [back odds];
  • Leave the ‘Back Commission’ set to ‘0’;
  • Input the selection’s [lay odds];
  • Leave the ‘Lay Commission’ set to ‘5’ (for the Betfair Exchange);
  • Click ‘Calculate’;
  • Check the liability, qualifying loss (‘position if’) and the available exchange liquidity (on Betfair);
  • Place the back bet;
  • Place the lay bet (by copying the ‘should lay’ figure into the Betfair Exchange bet slip and confirming);
  • Wait for the event to settle.

Phase 3: The Free Bet Phase (SNR)

Once you have the free bet, you can make some minor adjustments to the above process to lock in a profit from it.

For the sake of simplicity, I’m only going to outline instructions for exploiting a SNR free bet – since they are the most common.

Here’s a general guide:

  • Find a selection to back with the [bookmaker] between the odds of 4.0 and 10.0;
  • Find that same selection on the Betfair Exchange;
  • Open up the matched betting calculator;
  • Set the ‘Bet Type’ to ‘SNR Free Bet’;
  • Set the ‘Back Stake’ to the [size of the free bet];
  • Input the selection’s [back odds];
  • Leave the ‘Back Commission’ set to ‘0’;
  • Input the selection’s [lay odds];
  • Leave the ‘Lay Commission’ set to ‘5’ (for the Betfair Exchange);
  • Click ‘Calculate;
  • Check the liability, profit figure (‘position if’) and the available exchange liquidity (on Betfair);
  • Place the free bet;
  • Place the lay bet (by copying the ‘should lay’ figure into the Betfair Exchange bet slip and confirming);
  • Wait for the event to settle;
  • You will have made a profit equal to the ‘position if’ figure displayed by the matched betting calculator – no matter which bet won.

Matched Betting Example: William Hill – Bet £10 Get £30

He’s an example to help you better understand the matched betting process.


This example is for illustrative purposes only.

The Terms and Conditions will have probably changed by the time you read this.

Make sure you check everything for yourself before taking action.

William Hill Matched Betting Offer

Phase 1: The Set Up – Key Terms

Reading through the Terms and Conditions, I can see that the key points are:

  • Bet £10 to get 3 x £10 in free bets;
  • Must enter the code G30 when opening an account;
  • Minimum odds are 1.5;
  • Must deposit at least £10 via bank card.

Phase 2: The Qualifying Bet – £10 to Back

I’m going to place a £10 back bet with William Hill.

And then lay it off on the Betfair Exchange.

This will qualify me for 3 x £10 in free bets for no risk.

2.1 Find a Selection to Back and Lay

I’ve picked out the Real Madrid v Liverpool game.

Liverpool are 3.2 to back with William Hill:


Liverpool are also 3.2 to lay on the Betfair Exchange:

Liverpool Lay

This is a good match because the back and the lay odds are the same.

This means that the qualifying loss* will be minimal.

I never spend ages looking for exact matches.

I just take a match where there’s no more than a 0.2 difference between the back and lay odds.

*(The ‘qualifying loss’ is the small loss that arises due to the difference between the back and the lay odds – the amount of which is displayed by the matched betting calculator as the ‘position if’ figure).

2.2 Work Out the Ideal Lay Stake

The next step is to use the matched betting calculator to work out the size of the lay bet needed to cover the £10 William Hill back bet.

In this case, I input:

  • Bet Type = Qualifier
  • Back Stake = £10
  • Back Odds = 3.2
  • Back Commission = 0
  • Lay Odds = 3.2
  • Lay Commission = 5

I then click ‘calculate’.

The ideal lay stake for this bet is £10.16.

The full calculator input-output for this example looks like this:

Calc Set Up

2.3 Check the Liability and the Qualifying Loss

I need to make sure that I have enough money in my Betfair Exchange account to place the lay bet.

This amount is equal to the ‘liability’ figure displayed by the calculator.

In this case, I need £22.35 to place the £10.16 lay bet on Liverpool.

The next step is to check the qualifying loss – indicated by the ‘position if’ figure.

Here, the qualifying loss is -£0.35.

This means that I will lose £0.35 no matter what happens.

But I’ll make much more in profit from the 3 x £10 free bets. 🙂

2.4 Check the Liquidity

The liquidity is the number displayed beneath the lay odds in £’s on the Betfair Exchange for the selection to be layed.

I make sure that the liquidity is GREATER than my lay bet.

This will help me avoid an unmatched lay bet.

In this case, there’s £2,016 in liquidity available at lay odds of 3.2:

Lay Liquidity

Which is more than enough to cover my £10.16 lay bet.

2.5 Place the Back Bet

I’m happy with the required exchange liability, the qualifying loss, and the available lay liquidity.

So, I go ahead and place my £10 back bet with William Hill:

Liverpool v Real Madrid Bet Slip

2.6 Place the Lay Bet

I now need to cover my £10 back bet in case it loses.

To do this I:

  • Click the lay odds (3.2) for Liverpool on the Betfair Exchange to bring up the bet slip;
  • Copy the ‘should lay’ figure (£10.16) generated by the calculator into the bet slip;
  • Check that the liability figure (£22.35) generated by the bet slip is the same as that displayed by the calculator (a few pence difference is ok);
  • Place the lay bet.

Liverpool Lay Bet

My back bet is now covered.

Potential Outcomes:

1: If my back bet wins – all my money will be in my William Hill account;

2: If my back bet loses – all my money will be in my Betfair Exchange account.

In either case, I will have made a small qualifying loss of -£0.35.

But with 3 x £10 free bets still to come. 🙂

Phase 3: The Free Bets – 3 x £10 (SNR)

William Hill have credited me with 3 x £10 free bets.

The option to use the free bets appears in the bet slip when I click on a selection:

William Hill Free Bets x 3

They are SNR Free Bets.

Which means that the free bet is removed from any winnings.

So, I MUST select ‘SNR Free Bet’ on the matched betting calculator to account for this in the next step.

SNR Button

3.1: How to Make a Profit

The profit extraction process is very similar to the Qualifying Phase.

The key differences being that:

  • I must select SNR Free Bet on the calculator;
  • The free bet should be placed at odds of 4.0 or more (stay below 10.0);
  • I’m going to lay off each £10 free bet one at a time.

The reason for the higher odds is to ensure that a good profit is made despite the stake being removed from any winnings by William Hill.

But I stick below decimal odds of 10.0 to stop the liability from getting too big with Betfair.

I always aim for a ‘retention’ figure of 70% from a SNR free bet.

Which means that from a £10 SNR free bet – I’d want to bank at least £7 in real cash.

3.2: Find a Selection to Back and Lay

  • Find a selection to back with William Hill ABOVE odds of 4.0 (but below 10.0);
  • Find the same selection on the Betfair Exchange;
  • Make sure the back and the lay odds are fairly close together (aim for a difference of less than 1.5).

3.3: Calculate the Ideal Lay Stake

  • Open the matched betting calculator;
  • Select SNR Free Bet – (I MUST do this – otherwise I won’t make a profit!)
  • Enter ’10’ into the ‘Back Stake’ box;
  • Input the ‘Back Odds’ for the selection;
  • Input the ‘Lay Odds’ for the selection;
  • Set the ‘Lay Commission’ to ‘5’;
  • Click ‘Calculate’.

3.4: Check the Output

  • Check the liability figure;
  • Check the profit figure.

Just to be clear.

The ‘position if’ figure should show a positive number in green.

This is the profit figure.

Free Bet Profit Figure

3.5: Check the Exchange Liquidity

  • Ensure that the lay liquidity is BIGGER than the lay bet to be submitted.

3.6 Place the Free Bet

  • Place the FREE BET with William Hill.

3.7 Place the Lay Bet

  • Open the bet slip for the same selection on the Betfair Exchange;
  • Copy and paste the ‘should lay’ figure from the calculator into the bet slip;
  • Check that the liability figures match up;
  • Place the lay bet.

Potential Outcomes:

1: If the free bet wins – my winnings will be in my William Hill account;

2: If the free bet loses – my winnings will be in my Betfair Exchange account.

In either case, the profit will be the same as the ‘position if’ figure displayed by the calculator in step 3.4.

Subtract the initial qualifying loss from this amount to arrive at the net profit figure.

I repeat this for the other 2 x £10 free bets.


Here are answers to some common matched betting problems.

1: My Lay Bet is Unmatched – How Do I Fix this?

It’s important that you fix unmatched lay bets ASAP.

Otherwise, you could end up losing money if the bookmaker bet doesn’t win.

See my guide to fixing unmatched and partially matched lay bets.

Unmatched Lay Bet

2: I Layed the Wrong Selection – How Do I Cancel the Lay Bet?

You need to fix this ASAP because you could end up losing both your bookmaker bet and your exchange liability.

You have two options.

Option #1: Cash Out

If you have NO other bets in place in the same exchange market.

Then simply click the ‘Cash Out’ button.

This will cancel your lay bet for a small loss.

Then go ahead and lay off the correct selection.

Cash Out Lay Bet

Option #2: Back the Same Selection on the Betfair Exchange

You can place back bets on the Betfair Exchange using the blue squares.

To cancel a lay bet, simply back the selection for the same amount that you layed it for.

For example, I’ve mistakenly placed a £2 lay bet on Celtic at odds of 1.21 and I want to cancel it:

Wrong Lay Bet

To do this, I simply need to back Celtic for £2.

I initiate this process by clicking the blue back square for Celtic:

How to Cancel a Lay Bet On Betfair

I place a £2 back bet on Celtic at odds of 1.2:

Back Celtic

Due to the difference between the back and the lay odds, I’ve locked in a small loss of £0.02 (if Celtic win):

Back Lay Outcomes

Had the gap been bigger – I’d have lost more.

But it’s better than losing all of your associated liability if you were to simply let your un-hedged lay bet run.

3: Which Sports Should I Bet On For Matched Betting?

Football should be your go-to option.

Stick to the simple ‘win’ markets for your qualifying bets.

You can also use the ‘correct score’ markets if you need higher odds for your SNR free bets.

Try and stick to the big leagues because they will have plenty of exchange liquidity.

The ‘win’ markets in horse racing can work too when the football season isn’t on.

Coral Football Betting Markets

Sports to Avoid

Stay away from tennis and American sports until you understand matched betting more fully.

This is because tennis has different retirement rules between various bookmakers and the betting exchanges.

Which can leave you out of pocket if you pick the wrong combo.

American sports can also be a potential banana skin if you end up mixing the ‘moneyline’ market with something else.

4: How Can You Prevent Getting Gubbed by the Bookmakers?

You can’t.

Many people will tell you that you can prevent gubbings through ‘mug betting’.

Mug betting stopped working quite a while ago.

Discover why mug betting doesn’t work here.

5: How Can You Carry On Making Money Once You’re Gubbed?

With arbitrage betting.

Dutch betting variations.

And other price exploitation strategies.

Check out these 5 ways to ‘matched bet without free bets.’

Each Way Sniper Lay Calculator Profit Output

6: Can You Profit from Accumulator ‘Insurance’ Offers?


You can sequentially lay off your accumulator bets to exploit the bookmakers’ accumulator insurance offers.

This is a highly advanced matched betting strategy.

And you’ll need the Accumulator Generator software to make it work.

7: Can You Do Matched Betting For a Living?

Not if you are using a single set of named accounts.

There’s just not that much money in matched betting these days.

Heavy multi-accounters can still do matched betting full time.

But I wouldn’t advise that you do this.

8: How Do You Profit From ‘Risk-Free’ Bookmaker Offers?

Check out Profit Maximiser.

This service will teach you how to exploit the bookmakers’ offers where they give you a free bet if your first bet loses.

Profit Maximiser also focuses on using advanced matched betting strategies to exploit the bookmakers’ ongoing offers too.

9: What About ‘Stake Returned’ Free Bets With Rollover?

For the free bet, select ‘SR Free Bet’ on the calculator to work out the ideal lay stake.

Then treat each rollover bet as a ‘qualifying bet’.

Try to get the best back and lay odds matches to reduce your qualifying losses when doing the rollover.

10: How Can You Find the Best Odds Matches?

There are two ways.

Both of which use some form of matched betting ‘odds-matching’ software.

For the basic bookmaker offers – use Bonus Bagging to find the bets for you.

For rollover bets and finding your own bets – use the PM Matched Betting Software.

Profit Maximiser Matched Betting Software Oddsmatcher

11: Where’s the Best Place to Get Help With Matched Betting?

Check out my top 37 matched betting tips and tricks.

This will give you plenty of pointers for getting the most out of matched betting for free.

After that, you can use a matched betting forum for ongoing help and support.

You can ask me any questions you like in the comments section below too. 🙂

12: What is Casino Matched Betting?

Casino matched betting shows you how to profit from online casino bonuses.

These vary from ‘risk-free’ to very high-risk.

Casino matched betting is not for beginners.

Learn more about casino matched betting here.

Big Win Immortal Romance Slot

13: What is Each-Way Matched Betting?

An each-way bet is a bet on a selection (usually a horse) to win or finish within the top X number of places.

Each-way bets can be exploited using a variation of the basic back and lay matched betting process.

For example, backing and laying races with ‘extra-places’ to position yourself for a ‘double-payout’.

The most profitable each-way betting technique is that of ‘each-way arbitrage’.

Learn more about each-way arbitrage here.

14: Can Matched Betting Harm My Credit Rating?

It shouldn’t.

My credit rating has never been affected in the 6 years that I’ve been doing matched betting.

Although I believe that opening spread betting accounts might.

Personally, I don’t bother with the matched betting ‘spread betting offers’.

15: How Can I Tell if A Matched Betting Offer is Worth Doing?

For the bookmakers’ initial offers – just do Bonus Bagging (see below).

It removes the need to read the Terms and Conditions for yourself.

For the ongoing offers – follow the instructions outlined in Profit Maximiser (see below).

Make sure that you check your inbox regularly.

Bookmakers will send you personalised offers that are good value.

Some of the best ongoing offers are as follows:

  • £X risk-free horse racing and football refunds;
  • ITV horse racing promotions;
  • Money back on all losers if horse X wins the race;
  • Sky’s price boosts;
  • Goal-scorer refunds;
  • Mobile deposit bonuses;
  • 2nd place racing refunds;
  • Bet365’s 2-UP offer.

How to Find More Matched Betting Offers (The Easy Way!)

Here’s how to make more money quickly and easily with matched betting.

1: Make Up to £500 With Bonus Bagging

Bonus Bagging Logo

Bonus Bagging removes the long-winded waffle associated with the above matched betting process.

Because the semi-automated software finds the bets for you and automatically calculates the lay stakes.

The instructions for placement will then arrive in your inbox.

Do all of the offers and you can make up to £500.

Read my Bonus Bagging Review to get started.

2: Bank Regular Returns With Profit Maximiser

Profit Maximiser Logo Yellow

Completed Bonus Bagging?

Then your next step is to join its follow-on product – Profit Maximiser.

Where you can cash out the more advanced bookmaker offers.

And make a start on the ongoing offers to bring in regular profits.

Read my Profit Maximiser Review to get started.

Did I Miss Something?

If you have any questions about matched betting – I’d be happy to help.

Just leave your comments below and I’ll get back to you ASAP. 🙂

Likewise, let me know if there’s anything else you’d like me to cover in relation to matched betting or making money online.

Help Someone You Know

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