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The China Secret is a hybrid money-making system that explains how to make money from chatbots, Shopify, eBay, Amazon, and bitcoin.

Whilst there is value in the content provided.

It’s presented in a chaotic and illogical way.

For example, the ‘chatbot’ content is probably only going to be valuable to existing business owners.

Whilst the rest of the content is likely only going to be useful for beginners.

For the sake of $9 – this might be worth checking out.

But on the whole – I don’t recommend this product.


  • Some value in each section.
  • 60-day money-back guarantee.
  • Only $9 to try.


  • Poorly structured.
  • Difficult to make money with.
  • Doesn’t live up to its sales-page claims.
Name:The China Secret
Type:Hybrid – chatbots, Shopify, eBay, Amazon, bitcoin
Money-Back Guarantee?60-days
Rating:2 / 5
How to Join?Via website

The China Secret reviews that I’ve read so far have been pretty one-sided.

With some folks calling The China Secret a ‘disgusting scam’ that’s designed to exploit disabled people.

And whilst a lot of the ClickBank products that promise huge profits for little effort are indeed get-rich-quick-scams.

I sometimes come across a few that do offer hidden value.

Which is why I decided to buy The China Secret:

And actually work my way through the content.

Here’s what I discovered.

What is The China Secret?

The China Secret is a course that teaches you how to make money using ‘chatbots’ on Facebook Messenger.

There’s also additional information that explains how to potentially make money from cryptocurrency, Shopify, Amazon, and eBay.

All of the content is available in downloadable PDF format.

Image credit: The China Secret sales page.

Who’s Behind The China Secret?

The name associated with The China Secret is ‘Robert Walter’.

However, as is the case with many ClickBank products a ‘pen name’ has probably been used.

It’s also likely that the voice you heard in the sales video was that of an actor.

How Much Does The China Secret Cost?

You can access The China Secret for $9.

After my initial purchase.

I was hit with a three-point upsell/downsell flow for three additional products.

These are entirely optional.

What Do You Get?

Once you’ve signed up.

You’ll get an email from ClickBank with a link to your membership area.

Where you’ll see this:

The right-hand menu outlines future content updates.

You can access the main content from the left-hand menu.

A summary of The China Secret is as follows:

1: Chatbot Secrets

This is the core strategy.

Chatbot secrets is an online marketing guide that explains how to use chatbots on Facebook as an alternative to email marketing to capture leads and make sales.

The guide also explains how to use third-party social platforms like YouTube and Instagram alongside your Facebook chatbot to capture affiliate sales on your own website.

There’s also a third strategy that explains how to use games and quizzes to draw traffic into your chatbot or website.

2: Facebook Chatbot Secrets

This is a practical guide to installing a chatbot on Facebook.

The focus here is on using a chatbot to add value to your existing online business.

For example, you will learn of potential chatbot pitfalls.

And how to build chatbot conversation streams.

3: AirDrop Secrets + Millionaires Calendar

This section is unrelated to the core chatbot content.

Instead, this guide randomly shows you how to get free bitcoins via ‘airdrops’.

There’s a list of tools that you’ll need to participate in free bitcoin airdrops.

And instructions for obtaining and withdrawing tokens.

The ‘Millionaires Calendar’ is a spreadsheet that keeps track of free crypto opportunities.

4: The Ultimate Guide To Shopify

This is a PDF that outlines the basics of setting up a Shopify store.

The guide is actually pretty detailed.

And looking at the wording in the main member’s area.

It looks like there is more ‘advanced’ content to come.

5: The Amazon Rush

This section explains how to become an affiliate for Amazon.

It deals with specific topics such as getting your account approved.

And how to identify the best sellers on Amazon.

There’s also a section on setting up your website and driving traffic to it using backlinks and SEO techniques.

6: eBay eCommerce Secrets

This is basically a beginners guide to selling on eBay.

Specific topics covered include setting up your store.

And how to sell items on eBay.

7: Ecommerce Kickstart

When I clicked the button.

I was redirected to the same content as that under the ‘Amazon Rush’ section.

My assumption is that someone has used the wrong links.

My Thoughts On The China Secret

Here are my honest thoughts on The China Secret.

1: You’ll Probably Struggle to Make Money

Lack of cohesion is the main problem with The China Secret.

Because as you’ve probably already gathered from the content breakdown above.

Chatbots, selling on eBay, claiming free bitcoins, and affiliate marketing are all separate strategies.

And for the most part – only the basics are covered.

It could well be that more content will be added to the back end of the website in time.

But The China Secret would have worked better if it just focused on ONE strategy.

And walked you through the process from start to finish.

2: The Chatbot Training is for Existing Online Business Owners

Conversely, the core chatbot training is too advanced.

This is only going to work if you already own a website and are looking to funnel more traffic to it.

There are a lot of essential prior steps missing.

Such as identifying your niche, deciding on your business model, and setting up your website.

It’s certainly true that you could extract some of this information from the other sections such as the guide to becoming an Amazon affiliate.

But the haphazard structure will probably make this difficult for novices.

3: Pick ONE Strategy

I suggest picking ONE strategy from the content and focusing on that.

Because in my opinion.

Selling on eBay, creating a Shopify store, and setting up an affiliate website are all SINGULAR businesses.

Each of which will require hundreds and hundreds of hours of hard work to get off the ground and become profitable.

And I feel that trying to start all of them from scratch at the same time would be utter insanity.

Conclusion: Not a Scam – But Poorly Structured

The China Secret isn’t a scam.

Because there is value in the content.

However, this product is very poorly put together.

I suspect this is because the content has been derived from various PLR products that are already on the market.

Even if this isn’t the case.

I think that it’s incredibly unlikely that you’ll make any decent money with The China Secret.

At least as the product stands in its current form.


  • Some value in each of the sections;
  • 60-day money-back guarantee;
  • Only $9 to try.


  • Illogical structure;
  • Difficult to make money with;
  • Misleading marketing.

How to Succeed With The China Secret

The chatbot element is marketed as the ‘core’ of the product.

And that it’s suitable for total novices.

But the truth is that if you’re to make this particular strategy work.

You’ll need to already own an online business of some description.

Which means that you’ll need your own website.

I explain how to set one up for FREE in my email course.

Where I also walk you through the process of building your own affiliate business from scratch.

Except I’ve done it in a logical and easy to follow way.

Click the button below.

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