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The Bitcoin Revolution is a notorious scam that masquerades as a ‘trading app’.

But it’s actually used to steal your money via fake ‘broker’ websites.

Avoid this scam and its copycat shell websites.


  • None.


  • Complete scam.
  • You will lose money.
Name:‘The Bitcoin Revolution’ + multiple variants
Website:Changes often
Type:Bitcoin scam
Price:Free to join + £250 minimum ‘broker’ deposit
Money-Back Guarantee?No
Rating:<1 / 5
Recommended?No – avoid 100%
How to Join?Don’t

Welcome to my Bitcoin Revolution review.

Where I’ll be exposing one of the most persistent and harmful scams to plague social media platforms in recent times.

The fraudsters behind The Bitcoin Revolution are relentless in their drive to con vulnerable and naive folks out of their cash.

By creating multiple copycat scam websites that go by names such as Bitcoin Money, Bitcoin Code, Bitcoin Trader, and several others.

Thankfully, however.

These scams are quite easy to spot and avoid once you understand their basic template.

The key traits of which, I’ve revealed below.

What is The Bitcoin Revolution?

The Bitcoin Revolution is marketed as a ‘trading app’ that’s able to win 99.4% of the time to generate ‘profits’ for you automatically each day.

This is supposedly possible because the software is ‘ahead of the markets by 0.01 seconds’.

Making it ‘the most consistent trading app on the planet’.

This is all a lie.

I’ll reveal how Bitcoin Revolution and its clone scam-sites work in just a moment.

How Much Does The Bitcoin Revolution Cost?

It’s ‘free’ to join the Bitcoin Revolution website.

But you’ll then be forced to deposit at least £250 with an ‘approved broker’ to ‘access’ the ‘trading app’.

Under no circumstance should you deposit any money anywhere.

Because you’re almost certain to lose it.

How Do You Join The Bitcoin Revolution?

You can join via one of their many fake websites.

I strongly advise that you do NOT enter your details into the form.

Because you’ll be phoned and emailed relentlessly by a ‘broker’ who will use pressure tactics to try and get you to make a deposit.

Fake Bitcoin Revolution Reviews

You may come across some positive ‘reviews’ of Bitcoin Revolution online.

Such reviews are fake.

The websites are either run by the scammers themselves.

Or biased ‘affiliates’ who will benefit if you join up.

Even if the review seems to weigh the ‘pros’ and ‘cons’ fairly.

It’s still a fake review.

Because Bitcoin Revolution has no good points.

Is The Bitcoin Revolution a Scam or Legit?

Bitcoin Revolution is a pure scam.

This is an incontrovertible fact.

As confirmed by reputable sources such as Martin Lewis from Money Saving Expert [source].

And by the people who have signed up to Bitcoin Revolution and lost money as a result:

Image source: Martin Lewis: Spread the word – don’t believe scam Bitcoin Code or Bitcoin trading ads.

How Does The Bitcoin Revolution Scam Work?

Well, there are actually several variations.

With the core construct following the same flow as that of the classic binary options trading scam.

However, regardless of the exact mechanism.

The final outcome is ultimately the same:

You’ll lose money.

The scam follows the fundamental schema outlined in this video:

Video credit: Hans Alexander

Here’s a more specific breakdown as to how the Bitcoin Revolution scam works.

1: Fake News Portal – Captures Clicks

The first step of the scam is to capture your interest.

Scammers call this the ‘build up’.

Bitcoin Revolution attempts to do this by using ‘fake news’ stories that feature celebrities on Facebook.

The ultimate goal here is to get you to click them.

Here’s one that I keep seeing featuring Gordon Ramsay:

Gordon Ramsay Bitcoin Fake News Facebook Sponsored Post

Other celebrities that have had their likeness used without permission for these types of ads include:

  • Martin Lewis (MSE);
  • Richard Branson;
  • Simon Cowell;
  • Piers Morgan;
  • Holly Willoughby;
  • The cast of Dragons Den.

As well as several others.

Some other variations include that of ‘regular’ people suddenly making a lot of money:

Facebook claims to have clamped down on these types of posts.

But the scammers use careful wording to get their ads past Facebook’s advertising screening algorithms.

2: Spoof Website – Builds Trust

‘Relevance’ and ‘social proof’ build trust.

That’s why having clicked the Facebook ad.

You’ll be taken to a spoof website.

Where you’ll see a related ‘story’ that mentions how the ‘celebrity’ or ‘featured individual’ used Bitcoin Revolution to make money.

The website is usually coded to resemble a ‘trustworthy’ news site such as the Mirror:

This may be accompanied by fake ‘testimonials’.

And fabricated Facebook comments:

3: Bitcoin Revolution Website – Details Taken

You’ll discover that if you click ANY link or image on the spoof site.

You’ll be taken to the Bitcoin Revolution website.

Where you’ll see more fake news and made up testimonials:

The ultimate aim here is to get you to enter your details into the form.

Do NOT do this.

Because you’ll be phoned relentlessly to make a deposit in the next step.

4: Shell Broker – Forced to Deposit

Having entered your details into the form.

You’ll be redirected to what LOOKS like a ‘broker’ website.

But you’ll see no mention of the advertised trading application.

Instead, you’ll be forced to make a deposit to get access to the software:

Scam Broker Deposit Page


Because you’ll almost certainly NEVER see that money ever again.

5: Your Money is Stolen

The exact mechanism by which your money is taken varies.

Here are a few common examples:

The Classic ‘Short’ Scam

The classic scam sees your money stolen directly.

Because you’re not actually depositing with a legitimate broker.

Instead, the ‘broker’ site has been coded by the scammers themselves.

So, every deposit that you make is just going directly into the scammers’ pockets.

In the ‘short’ version of this scam.

You’ll not be able to withdraw your money and eventually – the website will disappear.

Along with your money.

The Complex ‘Long’ Con

This variation is designed to scam you out of a lot of money.

Where you’ll be persuaded to keep making deposit after deposit by your ‘broker’.

The catalyst for this is often using computer-generated software to make it look like your ‘trading account’ is in profit thanks to their ‘trading app’.

It isn’t.

And if you try to withdraw your money – you won’t be able to.

‘In and in’ tactics will sometimes be used to get you to deposit £5,000 or more.

Where your broker will offer to ‘match’ your larger deposit.

And possibly offer ‘money back’ on losing trades.

Again, this is all false.

The only person depositing money into your ‘account’ is YOU.

ID Theft

Often, you’ll be asked for pictures of your ID and more details to allow you to withdraw your money.

Do NOT do this.

Because your details may be used for further fraudulent activities.

Or even sold on to other criminals.

Draining Your Bank Account

The fraudsters may also use your card details to make illicit purchases.

Bogus Fees

You may be asked to deposit even more money in order to withdraw your cash.

This is just a sub-scam to get more money out of you.

The Affiliate Scam Variation

In some cases, the broker is actually real.

And the trading ‘software’ does exist.

Except it’s programmed to LOSE your money over and over again.

This is so that the person who ‘referred’ you to the website can profit from your losses via the affiliate agreement they hold with the broker.

Conclusion: Avoid The Bitcoin Revolution and Its Clone Scam-Sites

Do not touch Bitcoin Revolution with a telescopic bargepole.

Because you WILL lose money.

You should also avoid bitcoin, binary options, forex, or any other ‘system’ that follows the template I’ve outlined above.

Because it won’t end well.

Bitcoin Revolution – Pros

  • Absolutely NONE.

Bitcoin Revolution – Cons

  • 100% a scam;
  • You WILL lose money.

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This is an incredibly dangerous scam.

Not just because individuals have apparently lost more than £20,000 each to Bitcoin Revolution[source].

But also because this hoax just won’t go away.

The con-artists behind Bitcoin Revolution keep churning out the same scam under different names.

And use a range of fake news stories to lure people in.

So, please share this post with as many people as you can.

To help raise awareness and save people from the misery of Bitcoin Revolution.

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