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Auto Chat Profits is a digital training course that shows you how to make money from affiliate marketing using a done-for-you website, email marketing, chatbots, and solo ads.

Despite being based on legitimate internet marketing strategies.

And the relatively good quality of the training provided.

I personally feel that most people will fail to make the sort of earnings figures outlined in the sales page video.

My reluctance to recommend this product is compounded by the fact that you do not own the website that’s given to you and that you could lose money using ‘solo ads’.

At best, the chatbot ‘funnel’ training is best suited to existing affiliate marketers who already have their own website and wish to increase conversions.

Overall: caution advised.


  • Based on legitimate strategies.
  • Well structured and actionable training.
  • Chatbots may improve conversions.
  • Most of the content is done for you.
  • Well thought out conversion funnel.
  • 60-day money-back guarantee.


  • Unlikely to work as advertised.
  • You don’t own your own website.
  • Money can be lost with solo ads.
  • A lot of traffic is likely to be required.
  • Chatbots are not always accurate.

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Name:Auto Chat Profits
Type:Affiliate marketing – chatbots + email + solo ads
Price:$37 + VAT
Money-Back Guarantee?60-days
Rating:2.4 / 5
Recommended?Caution advised
How to Join?Here

Welcome to my honest Auto Chat Profits review.

I’ve been using and reviewing online money-making systems since 2007.

And it’s got to the point where I can often look at a product’s sales page and know more or less right away if the product is going to be any good or not.

And the claims that I saw on the Auto Chat Profits sales page and in their video didn’t fill me with much hope.

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Sometimes I’m completely wrong.

So, I thought I’d better try Auto Chat Profits out for myself before writing this review.

And it’s a good job that I did.

Because this product surprised me somewhat.

Auto Chat Profits Proof of Purchase ClickBank Receipt

Image: Auto Chat Profits proof of purchase – my ClickBank order receipt.

What is Auto Chat Profits?

Auto Chat Profits is a digital training course that shows you how to make money online from affiliate marketing.

When you join up to Auto Chat Profits, you’re provided with a ready-made website that has an inbuilt ‘chatbot’.

This bot comes with a ‘script’ that’s optimised to send people either directly to an offer where you’ll earn affiliate commissions via ClickBank.

Or get people on to your email list.

Where you can sell to your ‘leads’ repeatedly until they unsubscribe.

The Auto Chat Profits training teaches you how to use paid traffic sources such as ‘solo ads’ to send traffic to your website.

Where your chatbot will hopefully convert them into leads and/or buyers.

To the best of my understanding, the chatbot is programmed with the same content for everyone.

Here’s what the start of the script looks like for the website that was given to me:

Who’s Behind Auto Chat Profits?

It’s not absolutely clear.

The name attached to the sales page is Samantha Smith.

However, closer inspection reveals that this is a ‘pen name’:

Once I’d ventured into my Auto Chat Profits membership area.

I was welcomed by ‘Sophie’ – my ‘Success Coach’.

And in the ‘Welcome Video’, I was introduced to ‘Chris’.

Chris does all of the voice-overs for the training videos.

Is Auto Chat Profits a Scam?


Because the training provided is based on legitimate strategies that could actually make you money online.

However, I do have some concerns in regards to the stability of the online ‘business’ that you’ll end up building.

As well as some hidden pitfalls regarding the traffic generation strategies advised.

More on this soon.

How Much Does Auto Chat Profits Cost?

Access to Auto Chat Profits costs $37 + VAT.

There are also three additional upsells that are entirely optional.

I didn’t bother with these.

Can You Get a Refund?


Auto Chat Profits is covered by ClickBank’s refund guarantee.

Which means that you can get all of your money back within 60-days if you don’t like Auto Chat Profits.

What Do You Get?

The content is fairly concise but actionable.

Here’s what I found waiting for me inside my Auto Chat Profits membership area:

Auto Chat Profits Membership Area Menu Bar

1: Core Content

If you go to the ‘Start Here’ tab.

You’ll find everything that you need to get set up with Auto Chat Profits.

Chris presents all of the content via ‘over-the-shoulder’ style tutorial videos.

Where you’ll be shown how to:

  • Set up your ClickBank account;
  • Activate your ‘done-for-you’ Auto Chat Profits website;
  • Register your email service account;
  • Get traffic using solo ads.

Auto Chat Profits Quick Start Instructions

2: Bonus Resources

This is a protected area that has ‘blog’ style articles related to email marketing.

There’s also a downloadable guide that shows you how to write ‘killer’ emails.

Plus, there’s also a list of ‘done-for-you’ autoresponder follow-up emails for you to download.

3: Upgrades

This section has three optional ‘upsells’:

  • Faster Profits;
  • Double Your Profits Site;
  • Traffic Tsunami.

What I Like About Auto Chat Profits

Like I said in the intro.

Auto Chat Profits wasn’t the horror-show that I was expecting.

In fact there are a couple of things that I actually like about this product:

1: The Strategies Are Legit

The strategies taught inside Auto Chat Profits are proven to work.

For example, I have personally made £1,000s from affiliate marketing over the years.

And building an email list has been pivotal in my success.

In fact, most of the top internet marketers who make 6 and 7 figures online use email marketing as their primary strategy for generating sales.

Furthermore, it’s also true that ‘solo ads’ are a genuine way to start getting targeted traffic to your offers very quickly.

(But there are some big drawbacks to ‘solos’ too – as discussed below).

2: The Chatbot Strategy Could Actually Work

Online marketing is evolving.

And social media has changed the way people interact with online businesses and their support teams.

Which means that even top internet marketing gurus like ‘Gary Vee’ are professing the benefits of chatbots.

As such, I personally think that there’s some value to using chatbots to ‘warm up’ your website’s visitors to an offer or email opt-in.

And the way in which Auto Chat Profits has structured their ‘funnel’ follows a logical flow that could potentially secure conversions with some success.

But as I discuss in just a moment.

This might not work as well as the Auto Chat Profits team claim.

3: The Content is Well Structured and Actionable

This is what surprised me the most.

Because when I logged in, I was expecting just a random bunch of generic PLR eBooks and videos with little to no value.

But instead, I actually found the videos and training to be of good quality and arranged in a logical manner that I could act upon.

What I Don’t Like About Auto Chat Profits

With all of that said.

I have quite a few concerns regarding Auto Chat Profits:

1: You’re Not in Control of Your ‘Business’

This is perhaps the biggest issue with Auto Chat Profits.

Because although having a website ‘given’ to you with all of the chatbot technology built in and the hosting taken care of sounds great.

I’d argue that it isn’t.

Because this set up means that if the Auto Chat Profits team decides NOT to renew your domain at the end of the year.

You’ll lose your business.

The only silver lining here is that you’ll be able to retain any email subscribers that you’ve generated.

Because this is registered under your own name and payment details.

2: All of the Chatbot Scripts are the Same

Unless I’ve missed something major here.

It looks to me as though everyone gets the exact same chatbot script.

So, whilst the domain names will be different for everyone.

It’s possible that as more and more people start to use the Auto Chat Profits template it will lose its conversion ‘power’.

3: You’re Going to Need a LOT of Traffic to Get Results

Here’s the thing.

I really like the idea of using a chatbot funnel to get conversions.

But having successfully made money online with affiliate marketing using websites in conjunction with various traffic sources.

It’s been my personal experience that you need a LOT of traffic to get the amount of conversions that you’ll need to make decent money.

And I feel that hitting even warm traffic with an offer using a chatbot is unlikely to be any different.

4: You Can Lose Money With Solo Ads

Solo ads sound great.

But the reality is that you most certainly can end up losing money due to a number of reasons.

Such as poor traffic quality, getting scammed by a solo ad provider, or having an offer that doesn’t appeal to the traffic that you’ve bought.

Having used solo ads myself, it’s been my experience that it takes quite a bit of experimentation to actually start making money.

Because solos are really designed to get leads – not instant sales.

You make your money back in your follow ups over time.

Which means that if you can ‘break even’ to begin with – you’re actually doing very well.

5: Misclicks Can Cost You

This is more of a shot at ClickBank’s ‘PitchPlus’ upsell flow.

Because as is the case with many products sold via the ClickBank platform.

You’re presented with multiple ‘upsell’ pages after your initial purchase.

And as I found out yesterday when reviewing Bulletproof Profits.

Clicking the wrong button can cause you to be instantly charged for extra items.

Thankfully, I was able to get my £124.14 back in 24-hours by requesting a refund:

ClickBank Refund

6: The Earnings Claims are Misleading

This is where Auto Chat Profits has shot itself in the foot in my view.

Because although they have created some pretty good quality training.

They’ve hyped up their product in the sales video so much that anyone who buys this product expecting to make $1,000s right away is probably going to end up very disappointed.

Now, I can sympathise.

Because having created digital products myself.

I appreciate just how difficult it is to get people to buy something online when they don’t know who you are.

But I do feel that they should have toned it down a bit on the sales page.

Because you’re probably not going to ‘make money every day’ as advertised.

Pros v Cons

Here’s how I think Auto Chat Profits stacks up:


  • Based on legitimate strategies;
  • Well structured and actionable training;
  • Chatbots may improve conversions;
  • Most of the content is done for you;
  • Well thought out conversion funnel;
  • 60-day money-back guarantee.


  • Unlikely to work as advertised;
  • You don’t own your own website;
  • Money can be lost with solo ads;
  • A lot of traffic is likely to be required;
  • Chatbots are not always accurate.

Conclusion: Good Training But Ultimately Falls Short of Expectations

As I said.

The idea of using chatbots to convert traffic into leads and then sell to them using email marketing could work.

And the training provided inside Auto Chat Profits is good enough to help you set this framework up successfully.

However, my many years of experience as a webmaster and internet marketer has taught me that nothing ever really happens overnight.

There are no real shortcuts to building a successful online business in my view.

You have to put the work in to create something of value relative to your ideal customer.

Yes, it’s certainly true that you could speed things up massively with solo ads.

But solo ads are risky.

I’ve personally burned through a decent chunk of change trying to craft a profitable sales funnel using them.

Don’t Build Your Business Exclusively Around Chatbots

My hesitation to recommend Auto Chat Profits is further compounded by the fact that you don’t own your own website.

Which means that you’re not really building a sustainable online business that you can live off from years to come.

In summary, it’s my personal opinion that very few folks will be able to buy this product ‘out of the box’ and ‘make money every day’ as advertised.

If anything, the chatbot training is probably best suited to existing website owners looking to increase conversions.

As opposed to building an entire ‘business’ around the chatbot funnel as advised.

In Conclusion?

I advise that you proceed with serious caution.

But if you’d like to see for yourself.

Click here to get instant access to Auto Chat Profits.

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