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Team Casino is a casino matched betting platform that teaches you how to make money from the +EV bonuses offered by the online casinos.

I have personally made £9,500 from +EV casino offers over the last 19 months at the time of writing.

This was done using a different service but it proves that what Team Casino is teaching works.

But there are some risks involved.

See the full review below for more details.


  • Mathematically proven to make money over time.
  • Good training and support.
  • A legitimate way to make extra money online.
  • Comes with training that explains how to manage your risk and avoid gambling.


  • You can lose money in the short term.
  • Exposes you to potentially addictive gambling games.

Opinion Disclaimer: the content in this review is ultimately a reflection of my own opinions and is not intended to malign any religion, ethnic group, club, organization, company, individual, anyone, or anything.

Payments and Ownership: I DON’T own or work for Team Casino. If you have payment issues or need to get a refund – you’ll need to contact Team Casino directly. ALWAYS make sure that you understand the payment and billing arrangements BEFORE subscribing or buying anything.

Name:Team Casino
Real owner:Teach Digital Ltd
Platform:Independent + Facebook group
Type:Casino matched betting platform
Price:£14.99 per month
Trial?£1 for 7 days
Money-back guarantee?30 days
Rating:4.3 / 5
Recommended?Yes – some caution (risk)
How to join?Via their website

I recently heard about Team Casino via the Team Profit Facebook group that I’m a member of.

But unlike Team Profit, you have to pay for access to Team Casino.

So I actually went ahead and paid to find out what Team Casino is offering and if you really can make money with this service.

And I’ve documented my findings below in this honest Team Casino review.

Screenshot of the Team Casino website.

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What is Team Casino?

Team Casino is a subscription based service that supposedly shows you how to make money online by wagering through casino bonuses with a positive expected value (+EV).

I’ll explain more about EV and how it relates to gambling in just a moment.

But the bottom line here is that you’re paying for a service that’s going to walk you through the process of exploiting a legal online betting loophole to make money over a large sample of +EV offers.

Who’s Behind Team Casino?

Team Casino comes from the same people that started the Team Profit matched betting group on Facebook.

Teach Digital Ltd is behind Team Casino.

Their company registration number is 10353531.

And their registered address is Unit 1.10 The Lightbulb Workspace, 1 Filament Walk, London, England, SW18 4GQ.

Some of the names associated with Team Profit – and thus I’m assuming Team Casino too – are Chris, Dan, Tom, Buschra, Jeremy, Ugnius, and Josh.

Screenshot of the Team Profit and Team Casino staff.

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What Do You Get?

Here’s what I found waiting for me when I logged into my membership area.

1: Tutorials

This section basically walks you through all of the fundamental aspects of profiting from casino offers.

It’s really important that you complete ALL of these tutorials before jumping into the actual offers themselves because these walkthrough guides cover key topics such as risk management and dealing with losses.

2: Welcome Offers

This is where you actually make money.

The Welcome Offers section is a list of offers that you can make money from by signing up to a casino and playing through their casino bonus.

The offers are ordered by risk – from no risk all the way up to medium and high risk.

The number next to the small piggy bank icon specifies the suggested minimum starting bankroll required to start the offer.

The clock icon pertains to the amount of time required to complete the offer, and the ‘E.V’ figure represents the average profit that you’d expect to make over time from this offer.

The toggle boxes also contain specific instructions for completing each offer.

Screenshot of Team Casino offers.

3: Reload Offers

The Reload Offers section works in the same way as the Welcome Offers section.

Except this time you’re being shown offers that are specific to existing customers.

For example, if you already hold a Sky Casino account, then you could attempt any offers that subsequently appear in the Reloads section for Sky Casino.

4: Tracker

You can track your cumulative profit versus the cumulative expected value over time.

This can be done by ticking the ‘complete’ box next to each respective offer.

And upon doing so, you’ll be able to enter your actual profit/loss and then save it using the yellow box.

Screenshot of a casino reload offer from Team Casino.

You can view your cumulative profit by going to the ‘My History’ tab.

Where you’ll see your actual profit versus the EV to date in graph format.

Here’s what my graph looks like after completing two offers:

5: Slot Finder

Slots are the primary tool that you’ll be using to turn over the casino bonuses for a long term profit.

Each slot has a different house edge.

The house edge number – and thus your slot selection – will affect the EV of the offer.

The general rule is to keep the house edge as low as possible to maximise your profits.

You’ll often be told which slot to use via the instructions panel, but you can also use the slots finder to search for the best slot games relative to the casino you’re playing at:

Screenshot of the Team Casino slot finder.

Can You Really Make Money With Team Casino?


Playing through casino bonuses with a positive expected value (+EV) has netted me nearly £9,500 in profit over the last 19 months.

Screenshot of Excel cells that show profit from casino offers.

I did this using a different matched betting platform.

But the offers that I completed were still based on the practice of only wagering through bonuses with a positive expected value.

Which means that I can conclude that making money with Team Casino is certainly possible.

Can You Lose Money With Team Casino?


Although you’re pretty much mathematically ‘certain’ to make money over large enough sample of offers due to the mathematical phenomenon of The Law of Large Numbers…

There’s no telling what the outcome of each individual offer is going to be.

So you could for example, complete 10 offers with a positive expected value of £20, but actually end up making more, less, or even posting a loss due to ‘variance’.

In layman’s terms, variance is ‘luck’.

Can You Make Money Forever With Team Casino?

Probably not.

Because much like with regular matched betting, the casinos will ‘gub’ you once you’ve taken enough value from them.

But the plus side is that casinos tend to be far more lenient when it comes to dishing out ‘gubbings’.

So you may find that you can make money for longer with this type of ‘casino matched betting’.

Is Team Casino a Scam or Legit?

In my opinion?

Team Casino is 100% legit and NOT a scam.

I can say this because I have made money with the principles that Team Casino advocate.

The only reason why someone might say that Team Casino is a scam is if they have lost money and have only completed a handful of offers and thus not allowed for the short term variance to even out.


One way that Team Casino *COULD* scam you is by posting offers that have a NEGATIVE expected value (-EV) in conjunction with rev. share affiliate links to profit from their referrals’ cumulative losses over time.

But at the time of writing, I have *ZERO* evidence to suggest that this is the case.

And I think Team Casino are smart enough to realise that such a short term cash-grab would destroy their brand and kill their business long term.

So I wouldn’t worry about getting scammed with Team Casino.

How Much Does Team Casino Cost?

I was able to sign up for £1 for 7 days.

The cost at the time of writing thereafter is £14.99 per month.

Can You Get a Refund?


Team Casino offer a 30 day money back guarantee.

You can also cancel your billing at any time.

Team Casino – What You Need to Consider

I’ve been involved with matched betting and profiting from +EV casino offers since 2012.

And I’ve legitimately made £10,000’s from the casino offers alone since then.

I’ve also used and reviewed just about every one of the major matched betting platforms on the market too.

In light of this experience – combined with actually having used Team Casino for myself – here’s what I personally think you need to keep in mind before using this casino matched betting platform.

1: Understand The Risks

The most important thing to realise about Team Casino and +EV casino offers in general is that you WILL lose money at some point.

Because there’s just no way that you can win every single time.

But by following the risk and bankroll management protocols advocated by Team Casino, you’ll be able to push through the losing periods and come out with a profit.

Volume is the key.

Because the more +EV offers that you complete, the ‘faster’ The Law of Large Numbers will work in your favour by facilitating ‘mean regression’.

Mean regression basically describes the phenomenon of the cumulative EV closely matching the actual profit and loss over n sample of offers.

In other words?

If you keep completing +EV offers, you’ll eventually show a profit if you manage your risk correctly.

2: Do Normal Matched Betting First

In light of the above point…

The best way to build your bankroll so that you can do casino matched betting is through regular matched betting.

You can do this for free with Team Profit – or choose one of the premium services like OddsMonkey or Profit Accumulator.

Plus, you can use the sports-based reload offers to continue dripping in profits that will take the sting out of the losses associated with the casino element.

3: Don’t Gamble

If a casino offer ISN’T +EV then DON’T do it!

Otherwise you’re just donating money to the casino via their house edge.

And if you feel the need to chase your losses if an offer hasn’t gone your way – stop.

Because I’ve seen experienced matched bettors on many different forums say that they’ve lost £1,000s in a moment of madness after trying to recoup an otherwise insignificant amount.


  • Mathematically proven to make money over time.
  • Good training and support.
  • A legitimate way to make extra money online.
  • Comes with training that explains how to manage your risk and avoid gambling.


  • You can lose money in the short term.
  • Exposes you to potentially addictive gambling games.

Conclusion: Good For Extra Pocket Money

The profit that I’ve made from +EV casino offers over the last 19 months averages out at around £500 per month.

But that’s just on average.

So due to the nature of variance – I would make more or less than that amount at the end of each month in real money.

Losing months are also possible.

So, my advice here would be to see Team Casino as a way to increase your matched betting earnings on the side.

And I certainly wouldn’t count on it being a concrete source of income each and every month for an indefinite period.

Who Should Use Team Casino?

Anyone can make money with Team Casino if they are over 18 and live in the UK.

But I think that intermediate matched bettors who have a bankroll of a few £100s to play with are best suited to Team Casino.

And it wouldn’t hurt to have done some of the advantage play based sports offers so that you already have a feel for what ‘variance’ is like.

What’s The Alternative?

The system that I used to make money from +EV casino offers is called Profit Maximiser.

I used this advanced matched betting and casino service alongside the EV Maximiser tool to find my own +EV casino offers.

I currently use the Betting Mastermind package to get lifetime access to both products at a discounted rate.

Click the button below to learn more about Betting Mastermind.

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