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SwagPay is a data harvesting scam.

See below for more details.


  • None.


  • You won’t get paid.
  • Your data may be stolen.
  • Waste of your time.

Opinion Disclaimer: the content in this review is ultimately a reflection of my own opinions and is not intended to malign any religion, ethnic group, club, organization, company, individual, anyone, or anything.

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Type:Data harvesting scam
Money-back guarantee?N/A
Rating:< 1 / 5
How to join?Don’t

Are you thinking about joining SwagPay?


Because as I’m about to reveal in this SwagPay review…

This cleverly marketed ‘influencer’ platform is actually a malicious data harvesting scam…

One that could see your personal information stolen and sold on.

What is SwagPay?

On the face of it?

SwagPay looks like a great way to earn quite a lot of money online.

Because in addition to receiving a $25 bonus simply for signing up, you’ll also supposedly get $2 for each person that clicks your link…

And a further $10 for each person that subsequently joins.

Which would be great…

If that’s how SwagPay actually worked.

Screenshot of the SwagPay website.

Image source (edited): swagpay.co

How Does SwagPay REALLY Work?

In reality?

The SwagPay website has been set up simply to steal the information that you enter upon joining, and potentially from any further details that you reveal whilst using the ‘$30 task wall’.

(More on the task wall later).

This information is then sold on to shady marketing companies, spammers, and even hackers.

Is It Possible to Make Money With SwagPay?


I’ve seen this type of scam so many times now…

And no one EVER gets paid.

Most people find that their account is blocked or deleted due to ‘click fraud’.

Which is absolute nonsense.

But regardless of the excuse…

You’re literally wasting your time with SwagPay because no matter how much money you accrue in your SwagPay membership area…

You’ll NEVER be able to withdraw it.

What About the SwagPay Payment Proofs?

They’re all fake.

The images have been photoshopped.

And any video testimonials that you may have seen have either been created by the scammers themselves by using paid actors from Fiverr…

Or affiliates who don’t realise that they’ll never get paid any money.

Is SwagPay a Scam or Legit?

In my opinion?

SwagPay is a scam.

Here’s my justification.

3 Reasons Why SwagPay is a Scam


What makes me so sure that you’ll never see a single penny out of SwagPay?

Well, here’s three reasons.

1: Clone of Proven Scams

I’ve already exposed this type of data harvesting scam multiple times here on Online Income Solutions.

The scams all follow the same earning claims and website templates.

Here’s a few that I’ve reviewed in the past and did indeed turn out to be scams:

2: Made Up Claims

In line with the other scams…

SwagPay makes a bunch of claims that are completely made up.

Such as being in business for 7 years, and having paid $10.2 MILLION to its supposed 766,000 members.

All of which is incredibly unlikely given that the swagpay.co website has only been operational for 41 days at the time of writing:

Screenshot of the WHOIS record for the SwagPay website.

3: Ubiquitous $30 Task Wall

The ‘$30 task wall’ seems to appear on just about every single one of these types of data harvesting scams.

But few folks seem to understand its potentially malicious intent.

Because when one user reported that hacking attempts were made against his Gmail account…

He said that it was just after having used one of his personal passwords to sign up to a site that was linked to from the task wall:

Screenshot of Gmail Hacking Attempt Warning

Conclusion: Complete Scam – Avoid

In my opinion?

SwagPay is just a clone of an already proven data harvesting scam.

And I know I’m asking you to take my word for it at the moment…

But I’m sure that as time goes on, the reports of people having their withdrawals refused and accounts inexplicably blocked will come in.

Until then?

I strongly suggest that you steer well clear of SwagPay and its clone scam sites…

And instead use the buttons at the end of this post to share this Swag Pay review on social media to help warn others before they fall for this nasty scam.


  • None.


  • You won’t get paid.
  • Your data may be stolen.
  • Waste of your time.

What’s the Alternative?

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