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The Survey Queen is an online portal that links to several independent survey and rewards websites.

Although the Survey Queen is technically not a scam.

The website links to several unrelated gambling sites and ‘get-rich-quick’ style offers.

This prevented me from actually being able to sign up to the survey sites they recommended.

Until the Survey Queen updates their website to redirect to the correct sites.

And provide some better quality offers.

I cannot recommend the Survey Queen in its current state.


  • References some legitimate survey sites.


  • Irrelevant links to gambling sites.
  • Links to suspicious ‘get-rich-quick’ sites.
  • The legit survey sites can be found via Google.
  • Broken sign-up form.
Name:Survey Queen
Type:Online surveys – portal
Money-Back Guarantee?N/A
Rating:1.6 / 5
How to Join?Via the form on their home page

The Survey Queen website claims that you can ‘make $100 sharing your opinion’.

I’ve not been able to find any genuine customer Survey Queen reviews online so far.

So, I decided to go ahead and sign up myself.

To find out if Survey Queen is a scam – or a legitimate online money-making opportunity.

Here’s what I discovered.

What is Survey Queen?

Despite what the homepage may lead you to believe.

Survey Queen is NOT an independent survey site.

But rather a singular portal that links to other actual online survey and rewards sites like PineCone Research.

You can access these 3rd-party sites either by clicking the links on the Survey Queen’s blog.

(Well, actually you can’t – more on this in a moment).

Or by using the form on the ‘Subscribe’ or home page to get offers mailed to your inbox.

Who’s Behind Survey Queen?

I’m not sure.

I couldn’t find any information on the Survey Queen’s website or elsewhere that reveals who’s behind Survey Queen.

Other than this associated address:

8502 E. Chapman Ave., #338, Orange, CA92869, United States.

What’s In It For Survey Queen?

On their FAQ page, Survey Queen states that they get paid when you take a survey with one of their ‘partner’ sites.

This is done using affiliate links.

There’s nothing wrong with affiliate marketing.

When it’s done ethically.

But as I explain below, I personally think that Survey Queen could have done a much better job in this regard.

Is Survey Queen a Scam or Legit?

Technically, the Survey Queen website is not a scam.

But some of their links do map to some very questionable websites.

More on this in a moment.

How Does Survey Queen Work?

This is the process that I followed to ‘join up’ to Survey Queen.

1: Subscribe

If you want to get selected offers sent to your inbox.

Head to the ‘Subscribe’ tab.

And enter your details into this form:

2: Select Partner Offers

You’ll then be guided through a portal that asks you which offers you’re interested in:

3: Wait For The Offers to Arrive

Once you’ve completed the partner offers portal.

You’ll be asked to confirm your email subscription.

According to Survey Queen, you’ll get your first offer within the ‘first week or two’.

They also state that you should expect to receive 2-4 offers per month.


My Experience With Survey Queen

Here’s what I discovered when I used Survey Queen.

1: The Sign Up Form Only Accepted US Zip Codes

Despite entering a real UK postcode.

The form kept telling me that it was invalid.

Even though I’d selected ‘United Kingdom’ from the drop-down location list.

Eventually, I figured out that the form is coded to only recognise US-based zip codes.

So, you’ll have to fake one if you live outside the US.

2: Links Mapped to Gambling Sites

Bizarrely, every ‘offer’ that I clicked on from the blog went to the Karamba online casino.

A quick look at the target page’s URL suggested that this was an affiliate link.

The same happened when I clicked to ‘join’ the partner offers after I’d entered my email address.

3: Adverts for ‘Get-Rich-Quick’ Schemes

Similarly, the ads that I clicked on the ‘Thank You’ page sent me to some ‘get-rich-quick’ style websites.

I quickly clicked away.

Conclusion: Not Recommended

Based on my own personal experience?

I’d say that the Survey Queen is a ‘cash-grab’ website.

Because instead of carefully selecting each partner offer.

It looks like the creator has simply selected the offers with the best affiliate deals for themselves.

Also, the fact that all the links point to either online casinos or shady looking websites really ruins Survey Queen’s credibility.

Plus, you can just Google the names of the legit survey sites and join them independently.

Or, you can use a better quality survey portal like the Research Tribe to get offers emailed to you.

So, as their website stands at the time of writing.

I wouldn’t advise that you join Survey Queen.


  • References some legitimate survey sites.


  • Irrelevant links to gambling sites;
  • Links to suspicious ‘get-rich-quick’ sites;
  • The legit survey sites can be found via Google;
  • Broken sign-up form.

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