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Survey Monster is an online affiliate portal that links to 3rd party rewards websites.

Although Survey Monster is technically not a scam itself.

Some of the websites they link to strongly resemble ‘get-rich-quick’ schemes.

And given that you can find many of the legitimate survey sites by yourself with a quick Google search.

I personally feel that Survey Monster offers very little value.

Overall: not recommended.


  • You might make money.


  • Links to ‘get-rich-quick’ sites.
  • Exaggerated earning claims.
  • USA residents only.
  • Offers little intrinsic value.
Name:Survey Monster
Type:Online surveys – portal
Money-Back Guarantee?N/A
Rating:1.6 / 5
How to Join?Via website

Welcome to my Survey Monster review.*

Survey Monster claims that you can ‘earn up to $150 or more per hour’ or ‘around $20 per survey’:

Survey Monster Earnings Figures Claims

Now, I’ve used and reviewed a number of online survey sites.

And even the top names like Swagbucks are unlikely to match those figures.

So, I decided to sign up to Survey Monster to find out what’s really going on.

Here’s what I discovered.

*Just to be clear.

This is a review for Survey Monster found at

And NOT the other Survey Monster found at

What is Survey Monster?

At first glance, Survey Monster looks like a site that will pay you directly for completing online surveys.

However, it’s actually just an affiliate portal.

Much like how Survey Queen is structured (although not quite as bad).

That is, after you’ve signed up to Survey Monster, you’ll be presented with a list of 3rd party survey and rewards websites to sign up to.

You could probably find such sites yourself with a simple Google search.

Survey Monster Home Page

Image credit:

However, Survey Monster want you to join these other companies via their links so that they can earn affiliate commissions.

There’s nothing wrong with affiliate marketing when done ethically.

In fact, I use affiliate links on this website.

However, you’ll probably need to conduct further research in regards to the 3rd party survey companies that you’ll be signing up to via Survey Monster.

As some of them might not be legitimate.

More on this in just a moment.

Who’s Behind Survey Monster?

It’s unclear on the actual website.

So, I did a WHOIS check.

And the domain is registered to the Florida-based company Leadmonetize.

How Much Does Survey Monster Cost?

Survey Monster is free to join.

Is Survey Monster Legitimate or a Scam?


Survey Monster is legitimate and not a scam.

Because they aren’t really doing anything wrong in providing a free affiliate portal.

However, some of the 3rd party websites they link to look very dodgy indeed.

And I do feel that the earnings claims are somewhat exaggerated.

So, if you do decide to join Survey Monster.

You might want to keep the points I’ve listed below in mind.

My Take On Survey Monster

Having signed up to Survey Monster myself.

And had a good look around.

Here are my personal thoughts and experiences with this service:

1: You Can Only Join in the USA

I’m based in the UK.

And even after entering a random number into the zip field so that I could complete the sign up form.

I was told that I couldn’t join because I was located outside of the USA.

However, I managed to get around this by using a proxy with a US IP address to sign up.

2: Survey Monster Doesn’t Pay You Directly

As I said before.

Survey Monster is just an affiliate portal that redirects you to other survey sites.

Which means that you’ll be bound by the reward structures of those individual sites.

Consequently, you’ll have to query any missed payments with these 3rd party entities.

Since Survey Monster are more than likely unobliged to help you with such matters.

3: Be Careful Which 3rd Party Sites You Join

In continuation of the above point.

You’ll have to do your due diligence for each 3rd party website that you join.

Because it’s been my personal experience that some survey site portals will link to shady websites and get-rich-quick scams.

And whilst I did recognise some of the names listed inside Survey Monster as being legitimate (like Toluna).

The vast majority I’d never heard of.

And in my opinion, some of them looked very suspect indeed.

Take this ‘Make Money From Home’ listing for example:

Get Rich Quick Website Link and Thumbnail

4: The Earnings Claims Are On the High Side

To be fair.

Survey Monster do say that you’ll probably earn around $60 – $80 per month.

Which isn’t too crazy.

But their other claim that you can earn as much as ‘$150 or more per hour of work’ is massively unrealistic in my opinion.

Because from my personal experience with survey sites.

I’d say that you’ll struggle to earn any more than $1 – $2 per hour on average with such rewards portals in general.

Conclusion: Beware of 3rd Party Scams

My main concern here isn’t actually Survey Monster.

But rather the websites that they link to.

Because I’ve been using and reviewing online money making systems and strategies since 2007.

And as a general rule.

The vast majority of the websites that exhibit any of the classic 9 red flags of a get-rich-quick-scam usually turn out to be exactly that.

And of course, there are many other sites out there that look totally legit upfront.

But the scam runs very deep on the back end.

Which means that you probably won’t know that you’ve been ‘had’ until it’s too late.

The Bottom Line?

I personally wouldn’t bother with Survey Monster.

You can sign up to the ‘legit’ survey sites like Swagbucks and 20 Cogs here via my review pages.

And a simple Google search will result in plenty of others that are safe to use.

Overall: I don’t recommend Survey Monster.


  • Making money is technically possible.


  • Links to possible ‘get-rich-quick’ websites;
  • Exaggerated earning claims;
  • USA residents only;
  • Due diligence required for 3rd party websites;
  • Offers little intrinsic value.

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