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SliceThePie is a GPT site that will pay you to review music samples, images, and fashion items.

Although I personally have no reason to believe that SliceThePie is a data harvesting scam…

I do have a few concerns in regards to payments being honoured.

See the full review below for more details.


  • Reports of people getting paid.
  • The process is quite enjoyable.
  • Run by an established company.


  • Reports of people not getting paid.
  • Reports of accounts being closed.
  • Apparently the review algorithms are very strict.
  • Very low earning potential.

Opinion Disclaimer: the content in this review is ultimately a reflection of my own opinions and is not intended to malign any religion, ethnic group, club, organization, company, individual, anyone, or anything.

Real owner:SliceThePie Limited
Type:GPT – review music, images, fashion
Money-back guarantee?N/A
Rating:2.1 / 5
Recommended?Caution advised (payment issues)
How to join?Via their website

Welcome to my honest SliceThePie review.

I have to say…

The sleek layout and colour scheme of the website gives me the impression that I’m dealing with a legit GPT (‘get paid to’) website.

But I’ve been reviewing such websites for a long time now.

And some of the most professional looking outfits have indeed turned out to be data harvesting scams.


How does SliceThePie stack up?

Are they really going to pay you for listening to music?

Or are they looking to harvest your personal information and sell it on for a quick buck?


Having signed up for myself to see what’s really going on…

Here’s what I discovered.

Screenshot of the SliceThePie website.

Image source:

What is SliceThePie?

As I just alluded to…

SliceThePie is a GPT website that allows you to potentially make money by leaving reviews of music samples, logos/brand images, and fashion items.

And unlike the many aggregator sites that I’ve come across…

The tasks and payment wallet are all handled in-house.

Which means that you’ll not have to worry about trying to keep track of your earnings across multiple 3rd party websites.

This centralised nature also gives me a greater peace of mind when it comes to protecting my personal data.

Because I’m not constantly being shipped off to other sites that I’ve never heard of.

Screenshot of the SliceThePie payment wallet.

Who’s Behind SliceThePie?

SliceThePie Limited is behind the SliceThePie brand.

With the company being incorporated in April 2006.

Their registered office address is listed on the Companies House website as:

3 Dukesbridge Chambers, Duke Street, Reading, RG1 4SA.

How Does SliceThePie Work?

The process was pretty straightforward when I signed up.

First I had to create an account and confirm my email.

The next step was to click the ‘review’ option in the main menu to bring up the review category page:

Screenshot of the SliceThePie membership review area.

The main review options…

Were music and brand images.

Nothing was available for fashion when I joined up.

The next step is to make your choice and then answer a few screening questions.

How you’ll leave your review will depend on the category selected.

When I reviewed a music track

I had to listen to the sample for at least 90 seconds…

And then write my review until the orange bar had ‘filled up’:

Screenshot of how to review a music track on SliceThePie.


Reviewing an image of a ‘TV personality’ required more quantitative information.

Such as using a scale of 1-10 or multiple choice box to provide answers to questions like:

  • If this brand were a person – what would their ‘ethos’ be?
  • How entertaining do you find this personality?
  • How likely would you be to vote to ‘save’ this personality?

How Much Money Can You Make?

SliceThePie are cagey about this.

But according to their FAQ page they say that:

Your payment per review is based on your Star Rating and the quality of your review. You can earn more by submitting detailed, varied and constructive reviews in well-written English. The better your review, the bigger the bonus payment. We are encouraging scouts to leave detailed reviews and will reward them for their time/effort!



They also say that they’ve paid more than $1,000,000 in receipt of 10,000,000 reviews.

Which means that you’re looking at $0.10 per review on average.

But some of the other sources that I consulted said that you’d be lucky to earn more than $0.05 per review submitted.

What’s the Minimum Cashout Threshold?

You’ll need $10 or more in your SliceThePie account…

Before you’re eligible to request a withdrawal.

How Do You Get Paid?

Via PayPal.

The PayPal account must be linked to the email address that you used when you joined up.

Payments take 5 working days to process.

This is apparently because SliceThePie need to read all of your reviews first.

Is SliceThePie a Scam or Legit?

In my opinion?

I feel that SliceThePie is a legitimate GPT site and is NOT a data harvesting scam.

Because whilst I cannot say with absolute certainty just what exactly is being done with the data submitted…

I was relieved to see that the age of the domain actually reflected SliceThePie’s business claims (which is something typically devoid in the case of the classic data harvesting scams):

Screenshot of the WHOIS record for the SliceThePie domain.

But as revealed below…

I do have some further thoughts and concerns regarding SliceThePie.

My Honest Thoughts On SliceThePie

Having done my research…

And had a play around with the SliceThePie review interface…

Here are my thoughts and feedback on the SliceThePie service.

1: Worries Over Mixed Payment Proof Reports

When I looked online for some Slice The Pie reviews left by long-term users…

I discovered that whilst many people reported getting paid by SliceThePie…

It appears that a lot of people ‘couldn’t get their money’.

With further issues in regards to accounts being apparently ‘closed without reason…’

And problems having seemingly ‘unique’ reviews being rejected:

Negative review of SliceThePie left by a user on Trustpilot.

Image source:

2: Make Your Reviews Detailed and Unique

In light of the last point…

It looks like you’re going to have to provide very in-depth and unique reviews to ensure that you’re not flagged by the ‘copy’ algorithms.


I’m pretty limited in regards to my musical lexicon.

So I found myself running out of things to say pretty quickly.

At one point I resorted to saying that a rap song made me want to ‘pop bottles in the club’ LOL.

I’m pretty sure that review will get rejected!

3: A Refreshing Change

To be fair?

This was one of the very few GPT sites that I genuinely enjoyed reviewing.

Because I liked listening to the music and leaving my thoughts…

As opposed to completing one mind-numbing survey after another on the traditional and aggregator GPT sites.


  • Reports of people getting paid.
  • The process is quite enjoyable.
  • Run by an established company.


  • Reports of people not getting paid.
  • Reports of accounts being closed.
  • Apparently the review algorithms are very strict.
  • Very low earning potential.

Conclusion: Enjoyable – But Doesn’t Pay Well

In my opinion?

Whilst I have no evidence to suggest that SliceThePie is a malicious data harvesting scam…

And that I actually found the review process pretty enjoyable…

The bottom line is that earning less than $0.10 per review isn’t great.

And given that there have been some complaints in regards to payments not being honoured, legitimate reviews rejected, and accounts closed ‘without explanation…’

I’m going to advise that you proceed with caution in the case of SliceThePie.

What Are The Other Options?

I’m pretty sure that you’re no stranger to the GPT game.

So you’ll probably already be aware of the bigger names like SwagBucks and 20 Cogs.

But one that you might not have heard of is IntelliZoom.

Where you can actually earn around $10 per review on average!


Your reviews have to be submitted in voice or video format.

Which may or may not be to your liking.

But if you’re more interested in…

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