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Roulette Sniper is an app that runs on your desktop and instructs you to place bets in relation to which sequence of numbers have shown up previously.

You will lose money long term if you use Roulette Sniper.

Because the betting patterns and staking variations do nothing to offset the effects of the house edge.

This is an incontrovertible, mathematical fact.

And given that the sales page specifically claims that you can make money with this system.

I feel that the evidence is sufficient to brand Roulette Sniper as a scam.

I strongly suggest that you avoid this product completely.


  • None.


  • Will lose you money long-term.
Name:Roulette Sniper
Type:Software – roulette desktop app
Money-Back Guarantee?60-days
Rating:<1 / 5
How to Join?Don’t

Thinking about buying Roulette Sniper 2.0?


It’s a complete waste of money.

I’m personally not a fan of labelling a product as a ‘scam’ because I have no interest hampering someone else’s business efforts.

Unless it really IS a scam!

And it’s a mathematical fact that this product will lose you money if you use it for long enough.

Thus doing the opposite of what it claims to do.

Actually, there are actually FOUR ways that Roulette Sniper can take advantage of your money.

Most of the other Roulette Sniper reviews that I’ve read so far are biased.

Many of them have been created by affiliates looking to make a quick buck.

He’s the truth.

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What is Roulette Sniper?

Roulette Sniper is a software program that tells you to bet on roulette numbers/combinations that haven’t shown up in a while.

The app runs from your desktop.

You are required to manually input the result of the previous spin into the application.

When a ‘betting situation’ is flagged by the software.

You place the bet as instructed.

This process is illustrated in the video below:

Video credit: ppro2u

The first version of Roulette Sniper launched in 2008.

With version 2.0 launching sometime in the last few years.

Who Created Roulette Sniper?

As per the video below.

‘Vince’ introduces himself as the author of the Roulette Sniper software.

Other than that, I’ve not been able to discover anything more about the individual behind this system.

Video credit: murphy ofeimun

How Much Does Roulette Sniper Cost?

Roulette Sniper costs $39.95.

Here’s Why Roulette Sniper Doesn’t Work

You’re mathematically certain to lose money if you use Roulette Sniper for long enough.


Due to the casino’s house edge.

The house edge is what ensures the casino makes a profit over the long run.

This is achieved by paying you less than what is proportionally fair on your winning bets and keeping your entire stake when you lose.

See my Guide to Roulette Scams for a proper explanation with examples.

But the bottom line is that you’ll NEVER be able to turn a profit over the long-run from fixed odds casino games.

(If you’re playing exclusively with your own money).

Therefore, regardless of what betting pattern or staking plan is advocated by Roulette Sniper.

You’ll lose money eventually.

Roulette Sniper – The 4 Layered Scam

There are four ways in which Roulette Sniper can either leave you out of pocket directly.

Or otherwise leverage your money in a roundabout way.

1: The Front-End Product

The product costs $39.95.

If you hand over this amount of money, you’ll get a product that does the exact opposite of what it claims to do.

That’s the very definition of a scam in my opinion.

Thankfully, you can claim a refund by opening a support ticket with ClickBank.

Instructions for claiming a refund can be found here.

2: You’ll Lose Money to the Casino

This is the real danger of the system in my view.

I’ve already explained how the casino’s house edge will quietly erode your cash over time.

But the short term variance means that you could lose large amounts very quickly.

Because there’s no telling what’s going to happen from spin-to-spin.

3: ‘Vince’ Will Probably Profit From Your Gambling Losses

I’ve talked about gambling affiliate scams before.

Basically, if an individual holds a ‘revenue share’ affiliate agreement with a gambling site.

They’ll receive a percentage of your losses back as cash.

I can’t say for sure.

But the banner ads and links from the Roulette Sniper sales page are probably revenue share affiliate links.

Because if ‘Vince’ is selling a front-end product that is going to lose you money to the casinos over the long run.

It would make perfect sense to cash in for a second time by taking a cut of your gambling losses too.

4: Fake Reviewers Can Profit Too

Remember those biased reviews that I mentioned at the start of the post?

Well, these folks stand to profit too.

Because if you click their affiliate link and join up.

They’ll earn up to 75% of the $39.95 front-end sale price after fees.

There’s nothing wrong with affiliate marketing if done ethically.

Sadly, this is not the case here.

Conclusion: Avoid Like the Plague


You may make a bit of money in the short term with Roulette Sniper.

But you’re mathematically certain to lose money if you play for long enough.

Because you cannot beat the casino’s house edge when playing online roulette with your own money.

Furthermore, the logic of betting on numbers that haven’t shown up in a while is a classic example of the Gamblers Fallacy.

Since the probability of the next outcome is not affected by the result of the previous outcome.

And thus, in light of such facts.

I strongly advise that you do not purchase Roulette Sniper if your intention is to make money.


  • None.


  • Will lose you money long-term.

How to Actually Make Money From Online Casinos


There is a way that you can make money from online casinos.

And the entire strategy revolves around using the online casinos’ bonuses against them.

The trick is to calculate the true worth (‘expected value’) of the bonus.

To see if it holds enough intrinsic value (‘EV’) to offset the effects of the casino’s house edge.

I’ve outlined this process in my Guide to Winning at Online Roulette.

Click the button below to see how it works.

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