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Ron Williams Racing is an independent tipping service that issues profitable win and each-way bets for the UK horse racing markets.

The user feedback from this service has been incredible.

Because not only have 263 users given this service an aggregated rating of 5/5 stars on Tipsters Review

I personally could not find a single bad report at the time of writing.

This is probably down to the consistent profits, lower variance, achievable prices, and sensible staking.

Coupled with the fact that people are making money with Ron’s tips at the BSP.

And are thus able to turn a profit without having to worry about stake limitations with the bookmakers.

As such, I have little choice other than to make Ron Williams Racing the #1 top rated tipster on Online Income Solutions.

Click the button below to get your first 14-days of tips for just £1.


  • Impressive lifetime profits.
  • Good balance between ROI and SR.
  • Lowish variance.
  • Sensible staking.
  • Selective tips.
  • Potentially profitable at the BSP.
  • First 14-days’ tips for just £1.


  • No tip justification.

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Name:Ron Williams Racing
Type:Tipster – horse racing
Price:£37 + VAT per month
Trial?£1 for 14-days
Money-Back Guarantee?Not stated
Rating:4.4 / 5
How to Join?Click here to get your tips now

I’ll be honest.

I’ve been using and reviewing betting systems and tipping services since as far back as 2012.

And I’ve never heard of Ron Williams.

Who has supposedly been betting on the horses for the last ’40 years’.


Rather than shouting about his tipping service from the rooftops.

It looks like this chap prefers to let his results do the talking.

Because as I’ll be revealing in this Ron Williams Racing review.

This might just be one of the best horse racing tipsters that you’ve never heard of.

Let’s dive in.

What is Ron Williams Racing?

Ron Williams Racing is an independent tipping service that issues win and each-way bets for the UK horse racing markets.

You can expect your tips to arrive prior to 10 am on the day of the race – or the evening before.

At the time of writing, Ron Williams Racing has amassed a total cumulative profit of +298.15 points.

That’s £5,963 of profit betting at the advised £20 per point since launching 20 months ago in July 2017.

Here’s a full service breakdown (stats correct upon publishing):

Cumulative profit:+298.15 points
Ave. odds6.9
Strike rate:23.42%
Ave. monthly profit:Approx. +14.9 points
Starting bankroll:100 points*
Bank growth:298.15%**
Bet size:1 – 2 points total
Bet volume:1 – 2 bets per day (ave.)
Selections sent:Evening / before 10 am
Bookmakers:Main (Bet365, Sky, Coral etc)
Works on the exchange?Possible value at BSP


**Assumed based on a 100-point starting bank.

Unless I’ve overlooked something.

This system doesn’t come with an advised starting bankroll.

However, the longest losing run that I could find on record to date is 18.

So, even if you were betting the max 2 points on each bet.

A 100 point starting bankroll is likely to be enough going forward.

But you could always go higher if you’d like to minimise your risk.

Who’s Behind Ron Williams Racing?

That would be Ron Williams. 🙂

Like I said.

Ron claims to have been betting on the horses for 40 years.

But other than that, I couldn’t find out anything else about him.

How Much Does Ron Williams Racing Cost?

If you click the button below.

You can get your first 14-days’ of tips for just £1.

After that, you can continue to get tips for £37 + VAT each month.

What Can You Expect?

I’ve only just started getting Ron’s tips myself.

(See tip proof below).

However, I’ve had a good look at his betting record.

And I’ve had a dig around the Web to see what sort of results other people are getting with this service.

Here’s what I think you can expect when you join up to Ron Williams Racing.

Ron Williams Racing Proof of Tips Sent

1: Bets With a Legitimate Edge

The average odds for this system at the time of writing are 6.9.

This implies that you’d roughly expect to win around 14% of your bets on average.

And whilst I didn’t split the each-way bets into their respective parts.

Ron is currently winning around 23% of the selections he’s tipped.

Which means that he should only be securing odds of 4.34.

And because 6.9 > 4.34.

We can conclude that Ron is beating the odds.

Because getting paid at odds of 6.9 at a rate of 23% is why this system has a +ROI.

The bottom line?

Ron knows how to bet on the horses for a profit.

2: Nicely Balanced ROI vs SR Ratio

With an ROI of 23% and a strike rate of 23.42%

This system doesn’t boast exceptional stats in either department.

But they are nicely balanced.

Which is somewhat rare in the tipping game.

Because typically, high SR systems tend to have a lower relative ROI and vice-versa.

Which means that in each respective case.

You’d either be betting a lot for not much in return.

Or having to ride out some crazy variance before landing that all important ‘W’ at longer odds.

But the balance that Ron has achieved means that you can get a decent return on your wagers.

But without having to wait ages to hit a winner.

3: Scope For Use At The BSP

Now this really surprised me.

I did some digging around.

And one of the major betting review websites said that they banked +69 points by following Ron’s tips at the BSP over a 6-month trial period.

Plus, one customer has reported that he’s made close to £3,000 with Ron’s tips on the Betfair Exchange:

Ron Williams Racing Testimonial for Use On the Betfair Exchange

Image source: – Ron Williams Racing.

This is all highly significant.

Because not only does this imply that Ron has a true edge over the rest of the market.

It also means that you could make money with this service even if you’re restricted with the bookies.

And very few racing systems that I’ve reviewed can allow you to do this.

(Even the ones that are actually designed to work at the BSP in some cases!).

4: Consistent Profits (Dare I Say It?!)

Whilst past performance isn’t a guarantee of future results.

And at risk of casting the ‘reviewers curse’.

I’m going to cautiously state that when you join Ron’s service.

You’ll probably end up making money if you follow his tips for at least 3-6 months.

(Based on the current results at the time of writing).

And what makes me say this?

Well, Ron’s only had 4 losing months in the last 20.

(With this month set to close out at a profit too).

And I think that the lifetime profit graph speaks for itself:

Ron Williams Racing Lifetime Profit Graph

Pros v Cons

Here’s how I think the pros and cons stack up for Ron Williams Racing.


  • Decent lifetime profits;
  • Good balance between ROI and SR;
  • Lowish variance;
  • Sensible staking;
  • Selective tips;
  • Potentially profitable at the BSP;
  • First 14-days’ tips for just £1.


  • No tip justification.

What Do Others Think?

To be quite honest.

I’ve never seen a tipster with so many positive online reviews from REAL customers.

And that’s saying something.

Because gamblers can be a fickle bunch.

Here’s some examples.


Based on 263 reviews.

Ron Williams Racing has a perfect aggregated 5/5 star-rating on Tipsters at the time of writing:

Ron Williams Genuine User Reviews From the Tipsters Review Website

Image credit: – Ron Williams Racing.

Customers praised the steady and consistent profits.

Along with the simple staking, achievable prices, and Ron’s down-to-earth approach to tipping.

With one bloke saying that Ron’s service is the most ‘successful and profitable’ that he’s used in 10 years:

Ron Williams Racing User Feedback


I’ve yet to find a single bad review of this service.

Conclusion: Ticks All The Right Boxes

If you’ve read any of my other online money-making product reviews.

You’ll know that I don’t hand out praise lightly.

But due to the sheer number of positive reviews from genuine users of this service.

Coupled with the consistent profits, lower variance, and sensible staking.

Plus the fact that people are making money on the betting exchange by following Ron’s tips.

I have no other choice but to hand the #1 spot for the best sports betting tipster on Online Income Solutions to Ron Williams.


If you’re even remotely serious about making money from horse racing.

Then I can’t really think of a reason why you wouldn’t subscribe to Ron’s tips.

Especially when you can get your first 14-days’ of tips for just £1.

(When you click the button below).

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