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The Racing Expert is a selective horse racing tipping service run by Steve G from the Midas racing team that provides you with high-quality win and each-way bets.

This is a very low volume service with many ‘no bet’ days.

However, the tips that are issued win at an incredible rate of around 40 – 45%

This is exceptional for a service that does not focus on backing favourites.

The high strike rate and short losing runs make this system an excellent vehicle for compounding your bet sizes to amplify the service’s edge over the odds.

Working out at just £5.58 on the monthly plan – the Racing Expert offers exceptional value for money.


  • Frequent winners.
  • Low-risk staking plan.
  • Very cheap on the annual option.
  • Prices easy to obtain.
  • Short losing runs.
  • 60-day money back guarantee.


  • Relies on BOG enhancements somewhat.

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Name:Racing Expert
Type:Tipster – horse racing
Price:£14.95 per month – or £67 per year
Money-Back Guarantee?60-days
Rating:4.3 / 5
How to Join?Get your tips here

It’s the age-old problem.

As soon as a tipster becomes profitable – the number of subscribers skyrockets.

Putting downward pressure on the quoted prices.

And killing the service’s edge.

So, in this Racing Expert review, I’ll be revisiting a system that I made a return with back in 2016.

To see if it still has an advantage over the odds.

Racing Expert Sales Page Claims

Image: claims on the Racing Expert sign-up page.

What is the Racing Expert?

The Racing Expert is a selective horse racing tipping service run by Steve G from the Midas racing team.

Here’s a full service breakdown:

How Much Does a Racing Expert Subscription Cost?

There are two options:

  • £14.95 per month;
  • £67 for 1 year.

The annual plan offers a massive discount – working out at just £5.58 per month.

This can significantly increase your overall profits because you’ll be paying less each month.

Click here to choose your pricing plan.

Is There a Refund Policy?


You can claim all of your money back any time within 60 days.

Payments and refunds are processed via the reputable ClickBank platform.

My Racing Expert Trial Results

Here’s the outcome of my 5-month Racing Expert trial:

Thoughts: Selective and Accurate

This is a low volume service.

There were typically between 1 and 3 selections sent on race days – with quite a few ‘no bet’ days.

But of the tips advised – nearly half of them won!

A strike of 45% is very impressive for a profitable horse racing system.

With 20-25% typically being the norm.

Is the Racing Expert Still Profitable?


From 13/1/16 – 29/9/18 the Racing Expert shows a profit of +218 points at the advised prices +BOG:

Racing Expert Lifetime Profit Graph

The data set for the above graph is 1,103 bets.

Sampled over a period of 32 months.

I tend to believe that statistical significance begins to arise at the 500-bet mark.

And enough time has elapsed to allow for the fundamentals to play out.

Thus leading me to conclude that the system still has an ‘edge’ when BOG is factored in.

Racing Expert Reviews and Testimonials

It would appear that not a lot of people know about the Racing Expert.

But of the two reviews that I found on – both gave it 5/5 stars.

With positive comments to boot:

Racing Expert User Reviews and Testimonials


Conclusion: A Quietly Profitable, Low-Cost Horse Racing Tipster

I’m surprised that this system isn’t more popular.

Because based on the profits to date, betting at just £10 per point would see you average a profit of around £60 – £70 per month.

Plus, the high strike rate and short losing runs means that you can scale out your bet sizes to compound your profits.

And with so few folks following the tips – I found that prices remained intact for hours.


I think people are sleeping on this system.

Because when handled correctly, the Racing Expert could bank you steady profits year-round.

See my top tips for maximising your results below.


  • Historically profitable;
  • High number of winners;
  • Short losing runs;
  • Low-risk staking plan;
  • Stake sizes can be scaled out to compound profits;
  • Super-cheap on the annual plan;
  • Selective number of tips;
  • Prices easy to obtain.


  • Requires BOG prices to get the best results.

Racing Expert Benefits

Image: Racing Expert ‘benefits’.

How to Make the Most Money With the Racing Expert

Here are my top three pro tips for getting results with the Racing Expert.

1: Scale Your Bet Sizes

The high strike rate comes at the expense of a low(ish) ROI.

To get around this, you might want to carefully increase your stake sizes so that the ROI is applied to a greater amount of money.

Progressive staking is a complex subject.

But with the high number of winners and short losing runs, I’d be tempted to take a slightly more aggressive approach to scaling out my bet sizes.

Here’s one that I like.

The ‘Profit-Scaling’ Staking Strategy

Assume a starting bankroll of 100 points.

At the end of each month (or fixed interval):

1: If My Bankroll has GROWN:

I’d re-divide my current bankroll in £’s by 100 points to get the new stake size in £’s per point;

2: If My Bankroll has NOT GROWN:

Stick with the current stake size.


My reasoning for not scaling down is that it’s incredibly unlikely that I’m going to go bust betting at 1 point per selection with a 100 point bankroll.

Therefore, scaling down on a losing run has no advantage in terms of risk management – only serving to reduce my profit in £’s when the system returns to winning ways.

But by scaling up when the bank has grown – I’m taking advantage of the system’s edge.

I feel that this ‘split approach’ would work better than a global, fluid-percentage staking strategy.

If you disagree with this – please let me know your thoughts in the comments section below 🙂

Racing Expert User Testimonial

Image: Racing Expert user testimonial.

2: Use BOG Bookmakers

With the system’s ROI being admittedly quite thin – you’ll need to use BOG bookmakers to maximise your profits.

The good news is that you’ll be taking prices that may not be obvious in value to the bookmakers’ trading teams.

Allowing you to fly under the radar for longer.

With that said, I’d still recommend rotating your accounts.

3: Maximise Your Savings With the Annual Plan

If you take the annual subscription – you’ll effectively be paying around £5 a month for tips.

Compare this to the standard £14.95 monthly plan.

And the yearly discount is clearly a no-brainer.

Because it’ll barely make a dent in your average monthly profit figures.

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