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Profit Squirrel is a matched betting service that shows you how to make money online by converting the bookmakers’ free bets into real money for minimal risk.

No prior betting knowledge is required.

Very low risk – no gambling involved.

You can make up to £50 on the free trial.

Profit Squirrel will refund your money and give you £100 if you don’t make a profit within 30 days.


  • A legit way to make money online.
  • Good training.
  • 30-day money back guarantee.
  • £100 ‘no profit’ bonus.
  • Clean website.
  • Earn up to £50 for free.


  • Relatively expensive.
  • Limited software.
  • UK only.

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Name:Profit Squirrel
Type:Matched betting platform
Price:£24.99 per month
Money-Back Guarantee?30 days 100% + £100
Rating:3.3 / 5
How to join?Here

I’ve been using and reviewing online money-making products since 2007.

And when someone promises to show me how to make ‘quick-fire’ cash step-by-step for very little effort.

Experience has taught me that it’s usually a rip-off.

So… are Profit Squirrel any different?

Well, I’ve stumped up the subscription fee and thoroughly tested everything they have to offer.

And now I’m going to tell you what I really think about this service in my full Profit Squirrel review.

Profit Squirrels Home Page

Image source: Profit Squirrel’s home page.

What is Profit Squirrel?

Profit Squirrel is a matched betting service.

Matched betting is a tried and tested strategy that allows you to convert the online bookmakers’ free bets into real cash that you can keep.

Without gambling or taking big risks.

When you join Profit Squirrel, you’ll be provided with all of the training, tools, and support that you’ll need to become proficient in matched betting.

Profit Squirrel was incorporated as a limited company on the 8th of June 2015.

Their registered office address is: 50 Broadway Broadway, London, England, SW1H 0RG.

Here’s a few words from one of the directors – Chris Haill – on matched betting and Profit Squirrel:

Video credit: Profit Squirrel.

Is Profit Squirrel a Scam?


The online money-making strategy that they teach (matched betting) is legitimate.

I myself have made £10,000s since I started doing matched betting back in 2010.

Matched betting has been around since the early 2000’s.

Matched betting has even been covered by mainstream media outlets such as the Guardian and by Martin Lewis from Money Saving Expert.

Matched Betting The Guardian

Image source:

Furthermore, my dealings with Profit Squirrel do not lead me to believe that this company is out to fleece you.

I can personally verify that the strategies that they teach work.

And that the tools they provide actually make the matched betting process easier to learn and apply.

How Does Profit Squirrel Actually Work?

Online bookmakers offer free bets to attract new customers.

For example, here William Hill are offering to give you £30 in free bets when you join up and bet £10 of your own money:

William Hill Matched Betting Offer

Can you see the problem?

That’s right.

You could most certainly end up losing your £10 if your initial bet doesn’t win.

Plus, there’s no guarantee that the free bets will win either.

Profit Squirrel shows you how to remove this risk.

And then make a ‘guaranteed profit’ from the free bets.

How is this possible?

Well, the risk is removed by using a special type of website called the Betfair Exchange:

Betfair Exchange Interface

By using the pink squares, it’s possible to bet against your bookmaker bets.

This stops you from losing any money when your bookmaker bets don’t win.

Because between your bookmaker bet and your exchange bet – all possible outcomes are covered.

But how is a ‘guaranteed profit’ made from the free bets?

This is done by using Profit Squirrel’s matched betting calculator:

Profit Squirrel's Matched Betting Calculator

By selecting ‘free bet’ and entering the relevant information into the calculator.

You’ll know exactly how much to bet with Betfair to ensure an equal profit no matter which bet wins.

This process is explained in more detail in Profit Squirrel’s training.

Does Matched Betting Involve Gambling?


Because your Betfair Exchange bet will pay out when your bookmaker bet loses.

And vice-versa.

Which means that the element of chance has been completely removed.

Can Money Be Lost?


If you place the wrong combination of bets you could end up losing money because not all of the outcomes will have been covered.

This is why I strongly recommend that you follow Profit Squirrel’s training carefully.

Rather than trying to learn matched betting by yourself.

What’s the Catch?

Preventable errors aside.

The only real drawback with matched betting is that you can’t do it forever.


Because matched betting costs the bookmakers money (they’ll never make a profit from a free bet in a vacuum).

And so they’ll eventually ban you from receiving any more free bets.

For example, here you can see that Coral have sent me a ‘gubbing’ email that explains that my sportsbook account is no longer eligible for free bets:

The good news?

You’ll have probably made £1,000s before you’re completely ‘gubbed’ with every single bookmaker.

And there are options to continue making money without free bets when that day comes.

How Much Money is Required to Get Started?

You’ll need £50 – £100 of your own money to get started with Profit Squirrel.

This money is what’ll allow you to place your initial set of ‘matched bets’.

The profit that you’ll subsequently make from the free bets will be added to this amount.

Which means that you’ll not have to deposit any more money.

Can You Withdraw Your Money at Any Time?

Once you’ve verified your betting accounts.


You’ll be able to withdraw your money whenever you like.

(Unless your money is tied up in an ‘open’ bet).

Profit Squirrel have no access to your funds.

What Else is Required?

To verify your betting accounts and be able to withdraw your funds.

You’ll need to submit a photograph of your passport or driving licence and a recent utility bill or bank statement that shows your address to the bookmakers’ security teams.

This is to prove that you are over 18 years old and to verify your location.

I’ve found that a clear picture taken with a smartphone does the job.

How Much Money Can Be Made With Profit Squirrel?

You can expect to make around £500 – £1,000 if you cash out all of the bookmakers’ initial offers included with Profit Squirrel.

Things get a little more challenging after that.

But you can expect to make £100 – £500 (or more) each month by cashing out the bookmakers’ ongoing offers.

For example, here you can see that I’ve made more than £2,000 by using matched betting techniques to exploit 821 ‘ongoing’ bookmaker offers for minimal risk:

Profit Squirrel will teach you the exact same strategies that I personally used to do this.

What’s the Cost to Join Profit Squirrel?

You can join Profit Squirrel for free.

This will give you the chance to earn up to £50 from three bookmaker offers.

You can then upgrade to the Premium Membership to continue making money.

A Premium Membership costs £24.99 each month.

Alternatively, you can save yourself £149.88 by taking the annual plan.

Is There a Money-Back Guarantee?


You can cancel at any time.

And claim a full refund within 30 days from your initial purchase.

IF you have NOT made a profit.

And that’s not all.

Profit Squirrel say that they will give you £100 in cash too.

Click the button below to try Profit Squirrel for FREE.

And earn up to £50.

How to Make Up to £50 for FREE With Profit Squirrel in 3 Steps

Here’s how to make up to £50 with Profit Squirrel for free.

1: Open a Free Account

Click here to open your FREE Profit Squirrel account.

You can join up with Facebook if you like.

But I went for the old-fashioned username and password combo.

2: Complete the Initial Training

Once you’re logged in.

Click on ‘Welcome Offers’ on the left hand menu and select ‘Sports Offers’.

You should work your way through the videos in order.

The first video will show you how to make up to £25 from William Hill’s new customer sign up offer:

3: Exploit the Basic Offers

Once you’ve cashed out the William Hill offer.

You should work your way sequentially through the rest of the ‘Free’ training modules.

And once you’ve completed the ‘Coral’ and ‘Ladbrokes’ offers.

You could have made up to around £50 in total.

What Do You Get When You Go Premium?

When I upgraded to Profit Squirrel’s Premium Plan.

I was given access to the following features:

1: All Sports Offers

The bookmakers’ welcome offers are where the easy money is.

If you work your way through the offers in the ‘Sports Offers’ section.

You should be able to make at least £500.

2: All Casino Offers

Online bookmakers often have casino products attached.

And there are many independent online casinos too.

In some cases, it’s possible to exploit the associated welcome offers for minimal risk.

In the ‘Casino Offers’ section, Profit Squirrel provide instructions for profiting from zero and low-risk ‘free spins’ and ‘no deposit’ bonuses.

Wait until you’ve cashed out all of the sportsbook offers before attempting the casino stuff.

3: Advanced Offers

The ‘Advanced Offers’ section covers more specific areas of matched betting.

Such as how to make ongoing profits from accumulator bets, extra-place offers, and racing refunds.

4: Daily Offers

Click on the ‘Daily Offers’ tab on the left hand menu.

And you’ll be provided with a list of bookmaker offers that you can exploit to make money each day.

This area could help you make up to £500 or more each month in tax-free profits.

5: Oddsmatcher Software

Betting on the same selection with both the bookmaker and the Betfair Exchange is what makes matched betting different from gambling.

And it’s also what allows you to make ‘guaranteed’ profits from your free bets.

However, to make the most amount of money from each free bet.

You’ll need to find the selections whose back and lay odds are the closest together.

This is where Profit Squirrel’s purpose-built ‘Oddsmatcher’ comes in.

It automatically scans the odds for you to find the best ‘matched bets’ for you instantly:

6: Calculators

In addition to the standard matched betting calculator.

Profit Squirrel provides you with a huge selection of advanced matched betting calculators that are specific to certain offers:

7: Facebook Forum

Profit Squirrel’s support forum is hosted on Facebook.

You’ll need to request access using the email that you signed up to Profit Squirrel with.

My Thoughts On Profit Squirrel

Over the years.

I’ve been a member of just about every major matched betting platform going.

Here’s what I think about what Profit Squirrel have to offer.

Both in their own right and relative to the rest of the market.

1: You Really Can Make Money With Profit Squirrel

The bottom line is that if you do what Profit Squirrel say.

It’s highly likely that you’ll make money.

The only exception would be if you live outside the UK or Ireland.

Since matched betting thus becomes much harder (or impossible).

2: Profit Squirrel is the Most Expensive Matched Betting Service

You shouldn’t have much trouble making enough money to cover your subscription fees with Profit Squirrel.

But costing £24.99 each month, Profit Squirrel is the most expensive matched betting platform that I’ve come across to date.

Technically, you can get this down to £12.50 per month if you take the annual option.

3: Limited Software

Profit Squirrel have everything that you need to make money from the basic matched betting process.

But as a highly advanced matched bettor, I was disappointed at the lack of software for accumulator matched betting and place-market arbitrage.

The casino training is also very limited compared to what is available elsewhere. 

4: The Website is Easy to Use

Matched betting is a vast subject.

Thankfully, I found Profit Squirrel’s website pretty easy to navigate.

This contrasts with some other services that I’ve reviewed.

Where I’ve often had multiple tabs open to complete one offer.

Or ended up getting lost in the terrible menu structure and content navigation hierarchy.


  • A legitimate way to make money online;

  • Good training;

  • 30-day money back guarantee + £100 ‘no profit’ bonus;

  • Clean website.


  • Relatively expensive;

  • Limited software for advanced matched bettors;

  • UK only.

Profit Squirrel Conclusion: Overpriced But It Works

Profit Squirrel aren’t the cheapest matched betting outfit on the market.

And their software options are limited.

But if you’re 100% new to matched betting.

Profit Squirrel really could help you make up to £1,000 off the bat.

And potentially bank around £500 each month thereafter.


Then I strongly advise that you give the free trial a go.

So that you can check that Profit Squirrel is right for you.

And you could make £50 in the process too.

Click the button below to join Profit Squirrel for FREE.

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