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The Profit Maximiser Matched Betting Software helps you make more money from your free bets whilst doing matched betting.

The software can also be used to find and profit from arbitrage and Dutch bets too.

The software will find the most profitable bets almost instantly.

The PM Matched Betting Software is best suited to matched bettors who are exploiting the bookmakers’ ongoing promotions, and advanced matched bettors looking to place arbitrage bets on their gubbed accounts.

IMPORTANT: If you live outside the UK or Ireland – there’s a high probability that the PM Matched Betting Software WON’T work for you.


  • £1 trial available.
  • Make more money from free bets.
  • Reduce qualifying losses.
  • Massive time-saving qualities.
  • Odds refresh inside 30 seconds.
  • Integrates with Profit Maximiser.
  • Can be bought as a stand-alone product.
  • Custom search feature included.
  • ITV Racing software included.
  • Dutching software included.
  • In-Play odds matching software included.
  • Trusted product.


  • Arbing will lead to account restrictions.
  • May not work for non-UK residents.

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Name:Profit Maximiser Matched Betting Software
Type:Matched betting + arbitrage software
Price:£98.97 + VAT for a year’s access
Trial?£1 for 30-days
Money-Back Guarantee?30-days
Rating:4.4 / 5
How to Join?Try for £1 here

In this Profit Maximiser Matched Betting Software review I’ll be doing two things:

1: Finding out if this matched betting ‘arbitrage’ software can help you make more money from your free bets;

2: Helping you to decide if this product is right for you.

Let’s begin.

What is the Profit Maximiser Matched Betting Software?

Mike Cruickshank Photo

The Profit Maximiser Matched Betting Software is an online, subscription-based software package created by Mike Cruickshank (pictured).

Its primary purpose is to help you get the best possible odds matches on your matched bets.

The software does this by ‘scraping’ the odds from the bookmakers’ websites and cross-references them with the corresponding ‘lay’ odds on the betting exchanges.

And it’s called the ‘Profit Maximiser’ Matched Betting Software because it’s designed to integrate directly into Mike’s advanced matched betting service – Profit Maximiser.

For example, when I go to the Profit Maximiser Calendar, odds matches that are specific to each offer are displayed below the instructions.

This saves me a bunch of time and effort.

Profit Maximiser Matched Betting Software Calendar Integration

Odds Comparison – Get the Best Matches Instantly

Are you an experienced matched bettor?

Then you’ll already know just how important it is to get a ‘close’ match between the back and lay odds for your selections.

Because this will improve your ‘retention’ figures.

Meaning that you’ll lose less money on your qualifying bets.

And make more money from your free bets.

Profit Maximiser Matched Betting Calculator

Arbitrage Betting – Secure Guaranteed Profits

If the back odds are significantly greater than the lay odds – this creates an ‘arbitrage’ bet.

That is, you can back with the bookmaker and lay with the betting exchange to lock in a guaranteed profit – without the need for a free bet to be present.

The problem with this ‘bookmaker-exchange’ style of arbitrage betting is that it will get your bookmaker accounts banned very quickly.

More on this later.

Do You Need to Be a Profit Maximiser Member to Buy the Software?


If you’re just looking to do arbitrage betting – you can buy the PM Matched Betting software as a standalone product.

You can also get access to the software if you are a Betting Mastermind member too.

Which is the option that I have taken because it gives me unlimited access to ALL of Mike’s products.

At a vastly discounted rate.

For life.

PM Matched Betting Software Sales Page Header

Image: the time-saving claims made on the PM Matched Betting Software sign-up page.

How Much Does the Software Cost?

Click the button below.

And you can test out the Profit Maximiser Matched Betting Software for 30-days for just £1.

You can then continue using the software for £98.97 + VAT – to be renewed annually.

What Do You Get When You Join Up?

Once you’ve joined up, this is what you’ll be given access to.

1: Odds Matching and Arbitrage Software

This is the core of the product.

Click on the ‘Matched Betting’ tab at any point.

And you’ll get instant access to the best odds matches for your matched bets:

Profit Maximiser Matched Betting Software Oddsmatcher

If the ROI (‘return on investment’) rating in the red box is above 100 – this is an ‘arbitrage’ bet.

Meaning that you can place a back and lay bet on that selection to generate a guaranteed profit.

For example, backing ‘Nightfly’ at odds of 4.33 with BetVictor for £100 would allow me to lock in a profit of £5.69 if I hedged my position with the Smarkets betting exchange.

This 5.69% edge can be compounded by placing a larger back bet.

That is, a £1,000 back bet on Nightfly would return 10x the profit – £56.90 in this case.

However, taking arbitrage bets will get your stake sizes limited to just a few pence pretty quickly.

How to Find Your Own Custom Bets

I avoid arbitrage bets completely.

Instead, I just use the software for finding selections in the 95 – 98 % rating range for my free bets and qualifying bets.

You can do this easily at any time by going to the ‘Custom Search’ tab.

For example, I’ve asked the software to find football selections in the ‘Match Odds’ market with 188 Bet that are priced at decimal odds of 5.0 or more and lose no more than £5 per every £100 staked:

Matched Betting Software Custom search Function

2: Dutching Software

On the main software feed, click ‘Dutching’.

And you’ll see something like this:

Dutching Software Oddsmatcher

It’s basically the same as the main odds feed.

But this time it’s exclusively comparing back prices between bookmakers.

The betting exchanges are not factored in.

This can be useful when you need to grind through the wagering requirements of a ‘stake returned’ bonus.

And you don’t want to lose a lot of value to the exchanges’ commission rates in the process.

3: ITV Racing Software

The ITV Racing Software only displays selections that qualify for various matched betting ITV Racing promotions.

I’ve found this to be super-useful on Saturdays.

When I’m often trying to reduce my qualifying losses on multiple racing offers concurrently.

Such as Bet365’s 4/1 offer, William Hill’s 15% winnings boost, and multiple 2nd-place racing refunds.

4: In-Play Software

The In-Play software sorts through the selections and displays only those that map directly to an in-play, matched betting bookmaker offer.

Such as Bet365’s £50 In-Play refund on selected games.

Given the larger gaps between in-play back and lay odds.

I’ve found the In-Play Software essential for getting the best matches when the action is underway.

5: Integrated Calculators

Each odds feed comes with its own inbuilt calculators.

This means that you only need to click one button.

And the calculator will emerge with all the key data pre-populated.

Dutching Calculator

This saves me a lot of time.

Because all I need to do is alter the figures to my specifications.

Without having to fill out the matched betting calculator from scratch.

6: Full Video Training

Once you’ve joined up.

The first thing that you should do is head over to the ‘Training’ tab.

And work your way through each of Mike’s training videos in sequence.

Where you will learn how to use everything properly.

How Do You Make Money With the Matched Betting Software?

The Matched Betting Software can help you make money in three different ways.

1: Greater Profits From Your Free Bets

Like I said before.

The closer the back and the lay odds are.

The more money you will make from your free bets.

This is especially true of SNR free bets.

Where it’s harder to manually find good matches in the recommended 4.0 – 10.0 odds brackets.

2: Reduced Qualifying Losses

And by getting tighter matches on your qualifying bets.

You’ll lose less money overall.

This is crucial when you’re completing offers with large rollover requirements.

Or betting in more obscure markets where the odds are generally further apart.

3: Pure Arbitrage Betting (Caution Advised)

By betting on selections with a rating of more than 100 on the software.

You can lock in a guaranteed profit without the need for a free bet to be present.

This is probably the easiest way to make instant cash online that I know of.

And because of this, the bookmakers will quickly ban your accounts when they catch you (and they will!).

I’d only recommend this style of bookmaker-exchange arbitrage betting if you have access to a lot of ‘named’ accounts.

Or you’re not bothered about getting banned.

My Experience Using the Matched Betting Software

I first bought the Matched Betting Software in 2014.

(Back then, I think it was still called the Bonus Bagging Arbitrage Software).

And having used this product regularly since then – here’s what I’ve learned.

1: It’s Worth it For the Time-Saving Qualities Alone

I taught myself how to matched bet back in 2012.

But I didn’t realise just how much time I was wasting by manually trying to find bets until I got the Matched Betting Software.

For me, this advantage is enough to justify the price alone.

2: I’ve Made More Money

I’ve found that the average retention figure for a free bet is around 65% when looking for matches manually.

But when using the Matched Betting Software – I can often bump this up to 80% or more.

That’s an extra £15 in profit for every £100 in free bets staked.

To put that into perspective, if you were to complete Bet365’s £100 welcome offer a hypothetical 100 times.

You’d bank an extra £1,500.

And the software would have thus paid for itself multiple times over.

3: Don’t Arb Unless You’re Prepared for the Consequences!

I was tempted by the easy money offered by arbitrage betting early on.

And I paid the price.

In the form of multiple stake-restricted (and therefore useless) bookmaker accounts.

Personally, I’d only recommend taking bookmaker-exchange win-market arbs if your account has already completely lost it’s bonus privileges.

Otherwise, you’re missing out on a lot of easy money in the form of basic matched betting, advanced matched betting, and accumulator matched betting.

And before you put the final nail in the coffin with win-market arbitrage betting.

You might want to try it’s subtler and more sustainable counterpart first:

Place-market arbitrage betting.


  • Huge time-saving device;
  • Make more money from your free bets;
  • Lose less money on your qualifying bets;
  • Integrates with Profit Maximiser – displaying offer-specific results on the calendar;
  • Avoid exchange commissions by using the Dutching matcher software;
  • Super-fast odds refresh-rate;
  • Custom search function to find the selections you want;
  • Set up alerts to notify you when selections that meet your specifications come through;
  • Specific software for ITV Racing and In-Play matched betting offers;
  • £1 trial available.


  • Taking win-market arbitrage bets will get your accounts restricted eventually.
  • May not work for non-UK residents.

Conclusion: A No-Brainer for Profit Maximiser Members

If you’re an existing Profit Maximiser member.

And you’re wondering if you should invest in the Profit Maximiser Software.

I’d say yes absolutely.

Because the bottom line is that you’ll probably make more money in less time.

What About Arbitrage Bettors?

If you’re dead-set on win-market arbitrage betting.

The bookmaker-exchange matches can produce much higher ROI selections than most other bookmaker-bookmaker arbitrage alert services.

Plus, you won’t have to sit around your computer waiting for the alerts to come in.

Because you can just fire up the Profit Maximiser Matched Betting Software whenever you like.

And start printing profits at a truly abhorrent rate.

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