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Profit Genesis 2.0 is a 30-day digital training course that teaches you how to make money online using dropshipping.

Although the $5,000 per week earnings claims on the Profit Genesis 2.0 sales page are entirely unrealistic when starting out from scratch.

The core training is actually a well structured and actionable introduction to the world of dropshipping.

As such, I personally think that there’s reasonable value to be had from this product – if the $1 trial is available.

Providing that you’re a total newbie looking to get into dropshipping with zero prior knowledge.

Since experienced dropshippers are unlikely to benefit from Profit Genesis 2.0.


  • Dropshipping is a legit way to make money online.
  • Good quality dropshipping training for newbies.
  • 60-day money-back guarantee.
  • $1 trial sometimes available.


  • Unrealistic earnings claims.
  • Unsuitable for advanced dropshippers.
  • Sneaky upsell flow.
  • It takes serious time and effort to succeed with dropshipping.

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Name:Profit Genesis 2.0
Price:$1 + rebill + upsells
Trial?$1 sometimes available
Money-Back Guarantee?60-days
Rating:3.3 / 5
Recommended?Only for total dropshipping newbies
How to Join?Here

Most of the Profit Genesis 2.0 reviews that I’ve read have branded this product as a borderline scam.

With the remaining few being blatant affiliate promotions that are just a rehash of Profit Genesis’ sales page.

But in either case.

Looking at the wording, I strongly suspect that the authors haven’t actually bought and used Profit Genesis 2.0 before writing their reviews.

Since the aim of these sorts of reviews appears to be that of bashing one product in order to promote another.

So guess what?

I actually went ahead and purchased access to Profit Genesis 2.0:

Profit Genesis 2 Proof of Purchase ClickBank Order Receipt

Which means that everything in this Profit Genesis 2.0 review is based on my first-hand experience with the product.

Here’s what I discovered.

What is Profit Genesis 2.0?

Profit Genesis 2.0 is a 30-day digital training course that teaches you how to make money online using dropshipping.

This product also goes by the name of ‘Profit Genesis Reloaded’.

And the Profit Genesis 2.0 sales page claims that you can make ‘$5,000 week after week… consistently’:

Profit Genesis 2 Sales Page Claims

Image credit:

Who’s Behind Profit Genesis 2.0?

The name associated with Profit Genesis 2.0 is David Miller.

Now, it’s highly likely that this is a pen name.

However, as I’ll elaborate on in just a moment.

The training videos inside the Profit Genesis membership area do appear to be narrated by the actual creator of this system.

Rather than just being a sea of disjointed PLR videos and eBooks from multiple sources.

What is Dropshipping?

Dropshipping is a legitimate business model that allows you to sell items online for a profit.

But without having to physically stock the items yourself.

Instead, you list your items for sale on your eCommerce/Shopify store.

And when a purchase is made.

You simply submit the order to your supplier with your customer’s details.

The goods are then shipped to the buyer.

Your profit is the amount that you sold the product for – minus costs and fees.

The Pros of Dropshipping

Here are some of the good things about setting up a dropshipping business:

  • Minimal set up costs;
  • Simple business model;
  • Low-risk;
  • No need to pre-purchase items to be sold;
  • Easy to build a professional looking store with Shopify;
  • Can be very lucrative.

The Cons of Dropshipping

Here are some of the potential disadvantages of dropshipping:

  • Low margins;
  • Saturated markets;
  • Can be difficult to build a brand;
  • Quality control issues;
  • A lot of work required to succeed.

How Much Does Profit Genesis 2.0 Cost?

I was able to get full access to Profit Genesis 2.0 for $1.

With a rebill of roughly $38 scheduled for 14 days time.

I’m not really sure if the $1 deal was a limited time deal or if they’ve dropped the price permanently.

Click here to see if the $1 deal is still open for you.

Can You Get a Refund?


Profit Genesis 2.0 is sold through the ClickBank platform.

Which means that you can get all of your money back within 60-days.

Plus, you can cancel the rebills at any time.

Is Profit Genesis 2.0 a Scam?


Because dropshipping is a legitimate online business model.

And the training provided by Profit Genesis 2.0 is good enough to help you build the foundation of your first ever dropshipping business from scratch.

However, I do have some concerns regarding the relationship between the training content provided.

And the attainability of the associated earnings claims made on the Profit Genesis sales page.

More on this in a moment.

What Do You Get?

Here’s what I found waiting for me in my Profit Genesis 2.0 membership area:

1: Core Training

The Profit Genesis system is comprised of 23 training videos.

The videos are split into 3 x 10-day blocks.

But you can watch them at your own pace without having to wait for ‘drip-fed’ content to be released.

Profit Genesis 2 Training Videos

The videos are ordered sequentially.

So that you can follow along and set up your dropshipping business step-by-step.

Core topics include:

  • Niche selection;
  • Sourcing products;
  • Setting up Shopify;
  • Shopify apps;
  • Driving traffic;
  • Order fulfillment;
  • Mindset for success.

2: Bonus Content

There’s a fair amount of bonus content.

Some of it I found to be relevant.

Such as the ‘Top 10 High-Demand Products’.

Whilst other elements were a bit ‘off piste’ for my liking.

Such as delving into CBT for improving your mindset and confidence.

Profit Genesis 2 Bonus eBook Top 10 High Demand Products

3: Exclusives

This section is a bit random.

It’s basically just a bunch of affiliate links and banners that map to other ClickBank products.

I didn’t bother signing up to any of these.

My Experience With Profit Genesis 2.0

After having a good look at the content.

Here are my honest thoughts on Profit Genesis 2.0.

1: Looks Like a Get-Rich-Quick-Scam

The sales page didn’t fill me with much hope.

Because the high earnings claims and predictable sales script strongly resembles that of the many get-rich-quick scams that I’ve seen over the years.

However, I also know that sales pages and ‘VSLs’ are formulaic.

With ClickBank themselves teaching you how to create a powerful sales page for your digital products in their very own ClickBank University 2.0 vendor training.

Which is why I don’t always consider the use of pen names, voice overs, stock images, and even paid actors from Fiverr to be the sole reason to brand a product as a ‘scam’ (like many other ‘review’ sites do).

Because I’ve actually bought some legit products on ClickBank that were marketed in this manner.

2: But the Training is Actually Legit

This is where Profit Genesis 2.0 really surprised me.

Because instead of being confronted with the usual bunch of crappy PLR content on dropshipping, affiliate marketing, and crypto all thrown together into one illogical mess.

The core Profit Genesis training is actually pretty good.

(Although I feel that the ‘bonus content’ isn’t quite up to the same standard).

Because I was able to follow along with what ‘David’ was teaching me.

And the branded logos suggested that this content was created specifically for Profit Genesis 2.0.

Rather than being recycled from several PLR sources (although that’s still a possibility due to the nature of PLR).

As such, I felt that enough detail was provided to help a newbie successfully set up their first-ever Shopify dropshipping store.

And understand how they could get traffic to it and make sales.

3: Weaving Through the Upsell Minefield

This bit wasn’t much fun.

I always expect to be upsold after my initial purchase via ClickBank.

And I don’t really have a problem with this because it’s a legit way to add more value for the customer when done correctly.

But what I do have an issue with is being instantly charged if I misclick on any of these ‘upsell flow’ pages.

Which was the case when I was inexplicably billed an extra £103.45 whilst reviewing Bulletproof Profits.

And given that I could have sworn I never clicked ‘add to order’ in that instance.

I immediately became alarmed when the upsell page for Profit Genesis 2.0 told me not to click ‘back’, ‘refresh’, or even exit the page.

Otherwise I’d risk being charged twice!

So, I went into my PayPal account and cancelled all automatic rebills related to ClickBank to prevent any upsells from being sneakily added.

You may wish to do the same after you’ve purchased access to the front-end Profit Genesis product.

Because even though you can claim a refund for these unwanted upsells via ClickBank.

Getting unexpectedly whacked for a couple of £100s isn’t a nice feeling.

Just be careful!

4: Don’t Expect to Make $5,000 Per Week

Here’s my main gripe with Profit Genesis.

Although I fully understand the sales page strategies that are required to sell even legitimate products.

I think Profit Genesis have overstepped the mark with their earnings claims.

Because although I’m certainly no dropshipping guru.

I’ve been involved with affiliate marketing, digital product creation, and reviewing online money-making systems for long enough to know that it takes a LOT of hard work to make ‘$5,000 week after week’ online.

As such, I feel that the ‘fast-cash’ illusion that they’ve created on their sales page is going to leave a lot of people disappointed with Profit Genesis 2.0.

The Bottom Line?

It’s probably going to take you a LONG time (and a LOT of hard work) to build a mid-four-figure dropshipping business from scratch with no prior knowledge.

Because in my personal experience.

That’s how online business tends to work in general.

Conclusion: Legit Dropshipping Training For Newbies

Ridiculous earnings claims aside.

I personally feel that the core training provided inside the Profit Genesis 2.0 membership area is good enough to help a total newbie get started on the right path with dropshipping.

So, if you’re sold on the idea of dropshipping.

But you haven’t got a clue where to start.

Then Profit Genesis 2.0 might be worth a look for the sake of just $1.

Click here to see if the $1 trial is still open for you.


  • Dropshipping is a legit way to make money online;
  • Good quality dropshipping training for newbies;
  • 60-day money-back guarantee;
  • $1 trial sometimes available.


  • Unrealistic earnings claims;
  • Unsuitable for advanced dropshippers;
  • Sneaky upsell flow;
  • It takes serious time and effort to succeed with dropshipping.

Don’t Fancy Doing Dropshipping?

Then affiliate marketing might be better for you.

Because I’ve personally made $10,000s over the years with affiliate marketing:

Clickbank Affiliate Earnings 2017

All without having to worry about ‘margin calculations’.

Or many of the other headaches that come with dropshipping.

Yes, you still have to put in the work.

But I can quite easily walk you through the process of getting started for free in my email course.


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