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Profit Accumulator is a matched betting service that shows you how to cash out the bookmakers’ free bets for a profit without gambling.

You can earn up to £1,000 with Profit Accumulator by cashing out the bookmakers’ sign up offers.

And potentially £100s more each month from the reload offers thereafter.

Profit Accumulator is the largest matched betting service in the UK – with more than 100,000 premium subscribers registering in the last 4 years.

If you are over 18 and a resident of the UK or Ireland – you can make money with Profit Accumulator.

Even if you have no prior betting experience.

Highly recommended.

Click the button below to join Profit Accumulator for FREE and earn up to £45 today.


  • Free trial – make up to £45.
  • No experience required.
  • A genuine way to make money online.
  • No gambling involved.
  • Monthly payment plan – no contract.
  • Cancel any time.
  • 30-day money back guarantee.
  • Excellent training and support.
  • A legitimate company – founded in 2014.


  • UK customers only.
  • Each-way tool could be improved.

This post contains affiliate links. This means that if you click a link and buy something, we might make money. This is at NO extra cost to yourself. But it helps to keep this website up and running. 🙂 As per the Review Policy, the presence of affiliate links does NOT influence the content of the review.

Name:Profit Accumulator
Type:Matched betting service
Price:£17.99 per month
Money-Back Guarantee?30-days
Rating:4.4 / 5
How to Join?Here

I first joined Profit Accumulator in August 2016.

And I’ve personally been using the same ‘matched betting’ strategies that Profit Accumulator teach to generate a tax-free income since as far back as 2012.

You see, Profit Accumulator isn’t the first matched betting ‘service’ to hit the market.

But they are the largest.

And having been a user and reviewer of ‘make money online’ products since 2007.

I thought that it might be useful if I use my experience and ‘industry’ insight to write this honest Profit Accumulator review.

To help you decide if Profit Accumulator is worth your time and effort or not.

What is Profit Accumulator and How Does it Work?

Profit Accumulator is a matched betting service.

Matched betting is a tried and tested strategy that allows you to convert the online bookmakers’ free bets into real cash that you can keep.

All WITHOUT gambling or taking unnecessary risks.

Profit Accumulator teaches you how to do matched betting the easy way.

Matched Betting Process With Profit Accumulator

Even if you’ve never placed a bet in your life.

Because Profit Accumulator’s matched betting tools remove the need to know any of the complex mathematics of matched betting.

Or waste time trying to find the most valuable bookmaker offers to exploit by yourself.

For example, here the online bookmaker ‘Betfred’ is offering you a £30 free bet when you deposit and bet £10 of your own money:

Betfred Matched Betting Offer

Obviously, this would be a risky thing to do.

Because you could lose your £10 deposit.

And if the £30 free bet doesn’t win – you’re going to be a tenner worse off.

Profit Accumulator shows you how to remove the risk of losing your £10 deposit.

And then make a ‘guaranteed’ profit of around £21 in real cash from the £30 free bet.

The Power of the Betfair Exchange

This is all possible thanks to a special type of betting website called the ‘Betfair Exchange’.

Betfair allows you to bet ‘against’ your bookmaker bets so that you won’t end up out of pocket when your bookmaker bets lose.

This is done using the pink squares on the Betfair Exchange’s interface:

Betfair Exchange Interface

For example, you could place a £10 bet with Betfred and a £10 ‘lay’ bet with the Betfair Exchange on the SAME selection in a football match.

Such as £10 on England to beat Germany with Betfred.

And £10 on England to NOT beat Germany with the Betfair Exchange.

This would cover every possible outcome.

Including the draw.

The Result?

You’d ‘make back’ your £10 no matter which team wins or loses.

AND… you’d still get the £30 free bet from Betfred.

The Fun Part

You can bet against the £30 free bet using the Betfair Exchange to ‘lock in’ an equal profit regardless of the outcome.

How is This Possible?

By using the Profit Accumulator Matched Betting Calculator to size your Betfair Exchange bet perfectly:

Profit Accumulator Matched Betting Calculator

From the picture above, you can see that by placing a £23.76 bet on the Betfair Exchange.

You’d make a profit of at least £22.57 from the £30 free bet placed with Betfred.

No matter what happens.

If you’re totally new to betting – this may seem like magic!

But you can learn how to do this for FREE.

Simply by joining Profit Accumulator on their free trial.

Where they’ll walk you through the exact steps required to make up to £45 from the Betfred and Coral ‘welcome offers’:

Profit Accumulator Free Trial Bookmaker Offers

Who Created Profit Accumulator?

Profit Accumulator was launched in 2014 by Sam Stoffel.

Sam started doing matched betting whilst attending university in Leeds.

He then realised that if he could simplify the matched betting process and make people realise that it wasn’t gambling.

Then matched betting could help people in the UK make a legitimate tax-free income online without having to know anything about betting or maths.

You can hear more from Sam and how he managed to pay his way through university with matched betting in this video:

Video credit: Join Matched Betting – published Apr 25, 2016.

Is Profit Accumulator a Scam?


Aside from being a well-established and legitimate company.

The fundamental matched betting strategies taught by Profit Accumulator have been around since the early 2000s.

Matched betting has been covered by prominent media outlets like The Guardian, The Telegraph, Save the Student, The Huffington Post, and most recently – Vice.

Martin Lewis from the Money Saving Expert has also featured matched betting on his website and forums.

Matched Betting The Guardian

Image source: https://www.theguardian.com/money/2010/jul/24/free-bets-bookies

My Personal Matched Betting Profits

Although I’ve not recorded all of my personal results from matched betting over the years.

The amount of money that I’ve made extends into the tens of thousands of pounds.

I remember clearing more than £12,000 in one year alone.

And more recently, I’ve banked in excess of £1,700 in tax-free profits just by cashing out a handful of the bookmakers’ ‘reload’ offers:

Profit Maximiser Free Bet Profit Graph

Is Profit Accumulator Just Gambling?


Matched betting is not gambling.

The element of chance is completely removed by using the Betfair Exchange to cover your bookmaker bets when they lose.

Furthermore, you’ll know exactly how much money you’ll make from the free bet before you actually place the bet.

Thanks to the matched betting calculator.

Can Money Be Lost?


Matched betting is ‘risk-free’ on paper.

But you could most definitely end up losing money if you place the wrong combination of bets.

That’s why I strongly recommend that you learn the basics of matched betting with Profit Accumulator rather than trying to figure it out alone.

Because the detailed training will show you how to avoid common matched betting mistakes and take action with confidence.

For example, completing the ‘unmatched bets’ training section will save you from a lot of needless headaches:

Profit Accumulator Matched Betting Training

What Are the Real Risks?

Making mistakes is the biggest risk.

As I said, most of these blunders are easily preventable if you follow and implement the training properly.

There’s also the risk of getting drawn into regular gambling.

You need to remember that any bet placed outside the matched betting protocol is never going to be beneficial for you over the long run.

Even if you win in the short term.

This is because the bookmakers’ overrounds ensure that the money wagered recreationally through their sportsbooks gives them a tidy profit over time.

Matched betting is a legitimate loophole that allows you to ‘beat the odds’ – providing that you stick to the rules.

If you have any prior issues with gambling, I advise that you don’t use Profit Accumulator.

Check out BeGambleAware for help if you think you need it.

Do You Need to Already Know About Betting?


You’ll be taught everything that you need to know to make matched betting work in the training.

In fact, it might be an advantage if you don’t know about betting.

Because you’ll be able to focus 100% on what works.

And not get tempted to start gambling your profits.

Is Profit Accumulator Legal?


Although the bookmakers don’t like matched betting.

It’s not illegal.

What’s the Catch?

The main sticking point is that eventually, the bookmakers will stop giving you free bets once you’ve claimed too much value.

This is called being ‘gubbed’.

Clearly, having your bonus privileges revoked with a bookmaker is going to reduce the amount of money that you can make because matched betting is dependent on these bonuses.

Bookmakers ‘gub’ at different rates.

Some might hit you with the ‘gubbing stick’ in a few weeks.

But I have accounts that I’ve been using for years and I can still get free bets from them.

How Much Money is Needed to Start?

You’ll need at least £50 – £100 of your own money to place the first round of ‘matched bets’.

The profit that you make from each free bet thereafter will be reinvested into this amount.

So, you’ll not have to redeposit.

Whilst it may be tempting to withdraw and spend your profits right away.

I advise that you focus on building your matched betting bankroll to at least £1,000 – £2,000 before doing so.

Because the more money you have – the more matched betting offers you can do concurrently.

Thus allowing you to make more money in the same timeframe.

Can You Get Your Money At Any Time?

Just to be clear.

Profit Accumulator is not managing your money.

You are in control of the deposits and withdrawals that you make to and from the online betting sites.

This is generally quite a simple process.

The only time that you’d not be able to get your money is if the bookmaker has not yet verified your age.

Or if your money is tied up in ‘open’ bets.

Otherwise yes.

You can withdraw your money at any point.

Can Matched Betting Damage Your Credit Rating?

It shouldn’t because you’re not opening a line of credit with the bookmakers.

Mine’s not budged in the 6 years that I’ve been doing matched betting.

The only time where this may change is if you start opening spread betting accounts.

Personally, I don’t bother with the matched betting spread betting offers so I can’t really comment on the effects of that.

I would advise, however, that you use a different bank account for funding your bookmaker accounts.

This will keep betting transactions away from your current account and make it easier to manage your money.

What’s the Best Way to Make Deposits and Withdrawals?

Use a bank card to start with.

Because most bookmakers won’t allow you to claim the bonus if you deposit via PayPal or an eWallet.

Personally, I’d advise that you do NOT use PayPal at all.

Because they are known for suspending accounts that make a lot of gambling transactions.

There’s a thread on the Profit Accumulator forum that tells you which sites will accept eWallets like Skrill.

Skrill is a good option if you can use it because you will get your withdrawals faster.

And you can use 2 Factor Authentication to add an extra layer of security to your matched betting funds.

Can You Do Matched Betting On Mobile?


In fact, there are some specific ‘mobile only’ matched betting offers that you can profit from.

Personally, I try to do matched betting from a laptop or PC because there’s less chance of making a misclick with my clumsy fingers!

How Much Money Can Be Made With Profit Accumulator?

The matched betting landscape continues to change.

At present, you can expect to make up to £1,000 from the bookmakers’ sign up offers.

And probably around £500 or more each month from the ‘reload’ offers thereafter.

The bulk of your ongoing profits will come by following the specific instructions for each offer on the Profit Accumulator ‘Calendar’:

Profit Accumulator Daily Calendar Matched Betting Offers

These figures are only approximate though.

Your exact profits will vary depending on the amount of time and effort that you put in.

How Much Time is Required?

Personally, I spend around 1-4 hours doing matched betting each day.

But really, it’s up to you how much time you devote to matched betting.

I’d say that you should probably allocate a couple of hours each day initially to get your head around the basic matched betting training guides.

Things will get easier (and more profitable!) after that.

If you work full-time, awkward shifts, or even nights – you can still make money with Profit Accumulator.

Because the bookies are open 24/7 to accept bets.

How Much Does Profit Accumulator Cost?

You can join Profit Accumulator for FREE and earn up to £45 from two bookmaker offers.

And if you want to carry on making money thereafter.

You can avail of the ‘Platinum Monthy’ subscription.

This costs £17.99 per month.

Or you can take the ‘Platinum Annual’ option and save yourself £65.88.

Profit Accumulator Membership Price Comparison Table

What’s Profit Accumulator’s Refund and Cancellation Policy?

Profit Accumulator will refund your money in full within 30 days if you’re unhappy with the service and have not made a profit.

You can email Profit Accumulator’s support to claim your refund.

There’s no cancellation fee and they will pay the PayPal charges.

You can manage your Profit Accumulator subscription at any point by going to ‘My Account’ > ‘Update Billing’.

Where you will find simple instructions for cancelling your recurring Profit Accumulator subscription.

Does Profit Accumulator Provide Support?


You can get support via email from 9am – 5pm Monday to Friday and from 10am to 4pm at weekends here: ‘support@profitaccumulator.co.uk.’

You can also phone the Profit Accumulator offices during the same hours on 0115 824 3730.

There’s also support available on the Profit Accumulator forums too.

Is Profit Accumulator Worth It?

If you’ve never done matched betting before and you’re over 18 and live in the UK or Ireland.

Then yes.

Profit Accumulator is one of the best ways to make money online.

Because you’ll get more money for your time when compared to doing low-yield activities like those online surveys.

And all of your profits are tax-free.

How Do You Join Profit Accumulator?

Click the button below.

And you can join Profit Accumulator for FREE.

Try it now and earn up to £45.

How to Make Money With Profit Accumulator in 3 Steps

Have you opened your free Profit Accumulator account?

Then here’s what you need to do next to make money with Profit Accumulator.

1: Watch the Basic Training Videos

From your dashboard.

Go to ‘Offers’ > ‘Sportsbook Sign Up Offers’ > ‘Matched Betting Basic Training’.

Watch the video and work your way through the written guide.

This will teach you everything you need to know about the basics of matched betting.

Profit Accumulator Basic Matched Betting Training Video

2: Cash Out the Coral Offer

Once you’ve got the theory out of the way.

Click the ‘Next Stage’ button.

This will take you to the instructions for making money from the Coral welcome offer.

Follow along to make your first matched betting profit.

Matched Betting Coral Instructional Video

3: Cash Out the Betfred Offer

With your bankroll already growing.

The next step is to claim more tax-free profits by cashing out Betfred’s sign-up offer.

The process is very similar to the Coral offer.

But make sure you watch the video and read the guide in full to avoid making any mistakes.

Matched Betting Betfred Instructional Video

Profit Accumulator – Specific Matched Betting FAQs

If you’re not totally new to matched betting.

Or you are comparing Profit Accumulator to some of the other matched betting services out there.

You may need to know the answers to the following questions.

Does it Matter if You Already Have Bookmaker Accounts?


This is a common misconception.

Because although the amount of money that you can make initially will be reduced if you’ve already used up some of the bookmakers’ initial free bet offers.

You can still make plenty of money from the reload offers and the daily offers on the calendar.

There are also some low-risk casino offers too.

Along with some bingo and poker bonuses that you can potentially profit from.

Profit Accumulator Advanced Offers and Training

Do You Need a Facebook Account to Use Profit Accumulator?


Unlike other matched betting services and groups, you do NOT need a Facebook account to join Profit Accumulator or use their matched betting forums.

Profit Accumulator have their own private forums that you can access from your membership area.

Do Profit Accumulator Carry the Advanced Casino Offers?

Not officially.

But there’s an informal thread on the Profit Accumulator forum that discusses using advanced EV calculations to profit from the casinos’ higher value offers.

However, if advanced casino offers are your primary focus.

I’d look elsewhere.

Because there’s no definitive training inside Profit Accumulator for these types of offers.

Which could lead to you misjudging the variance and getting yourself into trouble.

Does Profit Accumulator Carry an Each-Way Arbitrage Tool?

Sort of.

The Each Way Catcher pulls odds from the win and the place parts of the bookmakers’ horse racing selections and cross matches them to the corresponding lay odds on the betting exchanges.

This does indeed identify potential each-way arbitrage opportunities.

However, as far as I can tell, the Each Way Catcher calculator will only let you set the stake size up to the maximum lay liquidity amount currently available:

Profit Accumulator Each Way Catcher Calculator

You can get around this by using the ‘Each Way Calculator’ in the ‘Advanced Calculators’ section.

I get that this feature is helpful for avoiding unmatched bets.

But because each-way arbs are so time sensitive.

It would be easier if they just let you change the maximum stake sizes to whatever you like directly from the Each Way Catcher in my opinion.

The primary purpose of the Each Way Catcher appears to be for exploiting the ‘extra places’ offers for the smallest possible qualifying loss.

Rather than going after each-way arbs to make a profit with maximum efficiency.

So, if you’re looking for an each-way arb’ing tool to profit from your gubbed accounts.

I don’t think that the Each Way Catcher is the best option out there.

Is There a Profit Tracker Tool?


You can access the Profit Tracker from your main dashboard.

There’s also an ‘Offers Progress’ bar.

And you can exclude offers using the ‘Gubbed Bookmakers’ filter.

Can You Get Profit Accumulator Mobile Notifications?


You can use the Catapush app to get Profit Accumulator notifications on your mobile.

This is useful for getting notifications for things like new accumulator matches, new offers being posted, forum posts, and general announcements.

Instructions for getting set up are available on your dashboard.

Is There a Profit Accumulator Affiliate Programme?


You can use the ‘Refer-a-Friend’ scheme or apply to the ‘Profit Accumulator Affiliate Programme’ to earn money when you recommend people to Profit Accumulator.

The latter is a great option if you have a website or a strong social media presence because you can generate a recurring passive income.

I have a lot of experience in affiliate marketing.

So feel free to give me a shout in the comments section below if you need any affiliate marketing tips or advice.

What Do You Get When You Join Profit Accumulator Platinum?

Once you’ve made some money from the free offers.

Your next move should be to reinvest that cash into a Profit Accumulator Platinum membership.

Because you’ll get unlimited access to the following features that’ll really blow the roof off your profits.

Profit Accumulator Features and Tools

1: Oddsmatcher

Finding matched bets manually is a real pain.

Thankfully, the Profit Accumulator Oddsmatcher will find the bets for you instantly.

This will help you make more money from your free bets because the software will find the bets with the best odds.

And save you a lot of time.

Profit Accumulator OddsMatcher

2: Match Catcher

Horse racing offers are a good source of ongoing matched betting profits.

But due to the volatile nature of the horse racing markets, it’s important that you get the best possible odds matches to maximise your profits.

The Match Catcher scans the horse racing WIN markets exclusively to find the best odds matches.

The Match Catcher is NOT the same as the Each Way Catcher.

Because the Match Catcher does NOT scan the each-way markets.

But it will flag up win-market arbitrage opportunities.

There’s also an integrated matched betting calculator that’ll pull the relevant data to calculate your ideal lay stake instantly.

Profit Accumulator Match Catcher Calculator

3: Acca Catcher

Accumulator matched betting is a highly advanced strategy that allows you to profit from the bookmakers ‘acca insurance’ offers.

Because by betting against each ‘leg’ of your qualifying accumulator bet in turn.

You can avail of a free bet if exactly one selection loses.

Which you can then lock in a profit from as normal.

The Acca Catcher will scan thousands of bet combinations to find the most profitable accumulator bets when the value of the refund is factored in.

This is a very advanced piece of kit that is suitable for those who are confident in their matched betting abilities.

Use the Acca Catcher when the football season is on to get the most value from it.

Profit Accumulator Acca Catcher

4: Dutching Tool

This feature allows you to place bets between bookmakers to cover all possible outcomes.

You may wish to do this to avoid paying commission on your lay bets and/or reduce your total liability for a matched betting opportunity.

Alternatively, you can use the Dutching component as a profit generation tool in its own right.

Because it picks up arbitrage opportunities that exist between bookmakers in certain win markets.

It’s not recommended that you take ‘arbs’ on un-gubbed accounts because this will lead to stake limitations.

Stake limitations are the final nail in the coffin for an account because your allowed bet sizes will be too small to elicit any form of value (‘lay to lose’ offers excluded).

But arb’ing can be a great way to squeeze extra cash out of an already bonus banned account.

5: Offers Calendar

The ‘Offers Calendar’ is going to be your go-to resource for generating profits long-term.

Because each day, the Profit Accumulator staff scour the bookmakers’ Terms and Conditions to find the most profitable offers for you.

This feature alone is worth the subscription fee.

Because the Offers Calendar is packed with £100s of potential profit each week.

Thus making it a profit-producing asset.

So, once you’ve completed most of the easy bookmaker sign up offers.

Check the Offers Calendar each day to make the most amount of money from your matched betting.

6: Advanced Calculators

The ‘Advanced Calculators’ section houses all of the different types matched betting calculators.

This makes it easier to exploit specific types of bookmaker offers because the complex maths is handled for you in a couple of clicks.

My personal favourite is the ‘Early Payout’ calculator.

Because this is one of the most profitable ongoing matched betting offers we’ve had in recent times.

Profit Accumulator Advanced Matched Betting Calculators

7: Profit Accumulator Forum

Profit Accumulator has the largest matched betting forum and community that I’m aware of.

There are currently more than 1,300,000 forum posts in the ‘Reload Offers’ section alone.

And according to Profit Accumulator, they have served more than 100,000 paying customers in the last 4 years.

Access to a high quality and very active matched betting forum is important because as a novice – you can leverage the expertise of more experienced matched bettors in an instant.

I would advise that you get involved with the forum as soon as you’ve joined up.

Because there’s a lot of great info in there.

For example, the Profit Accumulator ‘Tips and Tricks’ section has posts that cover matched betting abbreviations, tennis retirement rules, best odds guaranteed (BOG), handling bookmaker disputes, combining Betfair liabilities, making money on gubbed accounts, how to bet less than £2 on Betfair, and much more.

You can sort by popular posts and upvote high-quality posts so others can find them easily.

You can also enable desktop notifications to get updates quickly.

Have a look and give it a try.

Profit Accumulator Forum

My Thoughts on Profit Accumulator

As a very advanced matched bettor.

My only real criticism is the lack of fluidity when it comes to finding each-way arbs.

If they could fix the calculator so that you can input any maximum stake amount – this would make it so much easier to syphon profits from already gubbed accounts.

Yes, you can pile in with the win-market arbs and Dutch bets.

But these are much more noticeable than each-way arbs in my experience.

Each-way arbs can be used for longer than you’d expect on some accounts – if you keep the odds and the stake sizes sensible.

I can’t really blame them for not carrying the advanced casino offers because they are very risky.

However, these types of offers are making me the most money at the moment.

So it might be an idea to include some formal training for those who are ready for it.

Big Win Immortal Romance Slot

Perfect for Novice Matched Bettors

But if I were starting my matched betting journey all over again.

Profit Accumulator has everything that I’d need to start making money with matched betting from scratch.

Even if I’d never placed a bet in my life.

Because the training is detailed and well organised.

And the support is excellent.

Plus, there’s literally £100s in tax-free profits ripe for the taking in the ‘Sign Up Offers’ section as soon as you sign in.

I’d hate to think how many online surveys you’d have to fill in to even make a fraction of what matched betting can earn you!

Matched betting is the most powerful ‘active income’ strategy currently available in the UK that I know of.

The Free Trial is Brilliant

I also love the fact that you can join and earn up to £45 for FREE!

You’re literally being offered the chance to make money for nothing.

And with the 30-day risk-free money back guarantee for the Platinum plan.

I think you’d be daft not to give Profit Accumulator a go! 🙂

Try Profit Accumulator for FREE here.


  • Free trial available – make up to £45;
  • No prior betting experience required;
  • No gambling involved;
  • Excellent training and support;
  • Superb value for money;
  • Very low risk if applied correctly;
  • A legitimate way to make money online;
  • 30-day full money-back guarantee.


  • UK customers only;
  • Each-way tool could be better.

Profit Accumulator User Reviews

There are loads of Profit Accumulator success stories and genuine user reviews available online.

I think those that carry the most weight come from the Trustpilot site.

Where 85% of the 54 reviews left rated Profit Accumulator as ‘Excellent’:

Profit Accumulator Trustpilot User Reviews

Image source: https://uk.trustpilot.com/review/www.profitaccumulator.co.uk

There are of course some bad Profit Accumulator reviews.

Profit Accumulator complaints are in the minority, but of those that I saw on the Trustpilot site, the PA staff do try to fix the issues as far as is practical.

For example, offering discounts and refunds.

There’s also a 43-page thread on NetMums.com discussing matched betting.

And people on there generally have good things to say about Profit Accumulator.

For example, Katie made £400 tax-free with Profit Accumulator in just three weeks:

Profit Accumulator NetMums User Review

Image source: https://www.netmums.com/coffeehouse/work-692/self-employed-76/1261930-matched-betting-profit-accumulator-discussion-thread.html

Conclusion: Profit Accumulator – A Powerful Way to Bank Tax-Free Profits Today

To most folks, matched betting sounds too good to be true.

Well, it isn’t.

It’s natural to be sceptical about matched betting.

But the fact is that anyone who says that matched betting is a scam, a con, or doesn’t work is absolutely 100% incorrect.

The maths is bulletproof… and the practical results speak for themselves.

I’ve made £1,000s from matched betting – without gambling or relying on dumb luck.

And you can too.

Profit Accumulator 5 Star Customer Review

Matched betting can put real cash in your pocket today.

And Profit Accumulator is the perfect way to get started.

I strongly recommend that you give Profit Accumulator a try if you’re a student, a stay at home parent, retired, self-employed, working from home – or simply in need of a bit of extra cash.

Take action and you’ll soon be a believer!

Click the button below to join Profit Accumulator for FREE.

And you could make up to £45 in tax-free profits today.

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