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Name:Press 1 Cash
Website:Press1cash.com + others
Type:Home business – possible scam
Money-Back Guarantee?No
Rating:N/A (not enough information)
Recommended?Serious caution advised
How to Join?By calling an automated number

Press 1 Cash is currently being promoted in several Facebook groups that are known for allowing scams.


I went in search of some legitimate Press 1 Cash reviews.

But unfortunately…

All I could find were biased YouTube video reviews from folks that just wanted me to join up via their ‘affiliate’ link so that they could earn money.


There was no way that I was going to pay the required $297 ‘joining’ fee to find out if Press 1 Cash is a scam or not.

But I’ve done some pretty thorough research.


I’m seriously starting to think that Press 1 Cash isn’t exactly what it appears to be.

To the extent that I strongly suspect that you’ll probably end up losing money if you get involved with this scheme.

Allow me to explain why.

Press 1 Cash Header

Image source: Press1cash.com

What is Press 1 Cash?

In my opinion?

What Press 1 Cash looks like and what it ACTUALLY is are probably two very different things.

Because according to its sales page copy and video.

Press 1 Cash supposedly allows you to make money when people call your ‘automated text responder’ and ‘press 1’.

You can see how Press 1 Cash works in the video I’ve embedded below:

Video credit: Dan Froelke’s Channel


I STRONGLY suggest that you do NOT act upon Dan Froelke’s offer to join up.

Because ‘Dan’ himself has actually revealed some critical pieces of information that I believe infers the true motives behind the Press 1 Cash system.

More on this shortly.

How Does Press 1 Cash Supposedly Work?

To be completely fair?

I haven’t actually used the Press 1 Cash system first-hand.

But having looked at the sales page and watched Dan’s video.

Here’s how I think Press 1 Cash works:

1: Getting Access

You pay $297 to get ‘access’ to the Press 1 Cash SMS and voice message system.

2: Set Up Your Link

You connect your ‘referral link’ to the automated text message that your leads will receive when they ‘press 1’ upon hearing your automated ringless voicemail drop.

Your referral link can supposedly be changed to promote ANY offer that you like.

3: Drive Traffic

It’s then up to you to drive traffic to your phone number to secure leads.

How Does Press 1 Cash ACTUALLY Work?

It’s my personal opinion that the real purpose of Press 1 Cash is to earn money by recruiting people to promote Press 1 Cash.

Who then make money by recruiting others into the Press 1 Cash scheme… etc.

And if you think that sounds super-dodgy.

It very well could be.

I’ll explain why soon.

Who’s Behind Press 1 Cash?

According to Dan’s video?

Press 1 Cash has been created by Paul Farman:

Powerpoint Slide that Explains the Press 1 Cash System

Keep that name in mind.

Because I’ll be exposing some interesting information that relates to ‘Paul Farman’ in just a moment.

How Much Does it Cost to Join Press 1 Cash?

The total cost is $297.

This gives you access to the automated text and voice system.

As well as your own phone number, back office, Press 1 Cash clone website, and…

…the ‘right’ to recruit others into the Press 1 Cash scheme and earn ‘$200 per sale’.

(Huge red flag!)

Can You Make Money With Press 1 Cash?



But if you don’t make any ‘sales’ then you’ll lose your $297.

And as you’ll see why when I break down their business model.

I personally think that there’s a VERY high chance that you won’t make any money at all with Press 1 Cash.

Can You Claim a Refund?


This is stated on Press 1 Cash’s FAQ page.

Where they also say that it’s up to you to request payment from your referrals via PayPal:

Press 1 Cash Payment Terms

Image source: https://www.press1cash.com/faq.php

I’ve reviewed many of these sorts of systems that ‘cash gift’ money between users via PayPal before.

And getting your money back is usually difficult.

Is Press 1 Cash a Scam or Legit?

The Press 1 Cash lead conversion software might be legit.

But it’s my personal opinion that the Press 1 Cash compensation scheme is a borderline scam.

Here’s why.

3 Reasons Why Press 1 Cash Might Be a Scam

So far?

I’ve been alluding to the point that I think Press 1 Cash is a scam.

Now, I could be wrong.

But the following three points raise some SERIOUS alarm bells in my mind.

1: Uses a Pyramid Commission Model

A ‘pyramid scheme’ is a business model that relies upon the recruitment of others into the programme to make money.

Pyramid schemes are typically illegal because the ‘newer’ recruits will almost certainly lose money when the scheme collapses when people stop joining up.


Press 1 Cash MIGHT be able to keep themselves out of trouble with the law.

Because technically, the owners could argue that their service could be used to promote ANY online opportunity.

And I suspect they would also claim that they are some sort of ‘MLM’ (‘multi-level marketing’) outfit and scrape through on a technicality.


The video on the Press 1 Cash sales page explicitly states that you’ll not only make $200 from each person that you refer to Press 1 Cash.

But you’ll also continue to earn money from your referrals’ referrals too!

Feel free to correct me in the comments section at the end of the post…

But it really looks like the whole point of Press 1 Cash is to make money by recruiting others into Press 1 Cash to do the same.

Which would fit the definition of a pyramid scheme – as outlined in this video:

Video credit: BrainWave

The bottom line?

If Press 1 Cash is indeed a pyramid scheme.

Then there’s a super-high chance that you could end up losing money.

Because you’re totally reliant upon recruiting other people into the system to make money.

And that’s not a sustainable business model.

2: Linked to Other Shady Products

In Press 1 Cash’s defence?

They do say that you can use their system to market ANY online offer.

But in Dan Froelke’s video review of Press 1 Cash.

He gives a list of products that you could potentially promote using Press 1 Cash.

Including two that I’ve already reviewed myself:

Press 1 Cash Video Slide


I realise that ‘guilt by association’ isn’t really a valid argument.

But when I reviewed Instant Cash Solution and the Fearless Momma 2.0.

I discovered that they both used the same vague pyramid selling model as Press 1 Cash.

Plus, there’s a video of our friend ‘Dan’ on the Instant Cash Solution sales page singing its praises:

Video Thumbnails of Dan and Dennis Promoting Instant Cash Solution

Image source: InstantCashSolution.com

The bottom line?

Whilst I must admit that this is circumstantial evidence at best.

I personally view these sort of connections to similar get-rich-quick schemes as being huge red flags.

3: Scam Complaints Against Paul Farman


Who exactly is Paul Farman?

Well, Dan claims that ‘Paul has created some of the most iconic programs and software over the years in the work from home niche – GoRingless, GoRingless Extreme and 297 Club…’:

Press 1 Cash Video Slide Claims

I don’t know about you…

But I’m starting to think that ‘Dan’ might be trying to lead us astray here.


I did some research on GoRingless and Paul Farman.

And once I’d waded through the sea of biased affiliate reviews.

I found the following threads on Rip Off Report:

The bottom line?

Those ‘scam’ complaints are anecdotal.

And should therefore be taken with a pinch of salt.

But I do think that there’s some value in bringing them to your attention for consideration.

Particularly if you’re thinking of getting involved with ANY products associated with ‘Paul Farman’.

Conclusion: Serious Caution Advised


All of the points that I’ve raised in this Press 1 Cash review are based on circumstantial evidence.

And it’s entirely possible that the lead conversion software is legit.

This means that in line with my Review Policy.

I can’t ‘officially’ brand Press 1 Cash as a ‘scam’.

But I have some SERIOUS concerns regarding the compensation plan associated with this product.

And even if Press 1 Cash is totally legit.

Let me ask you this….

Where Are You Going to Get Your Leads From?


Press 1 Cash may be able to get people to click your SMS link and secure a sale.

But it’s still up to you to get people to see and call your number.


You could go ahead and create a Press 1 Cash review and get traffic to it from Google and YouTube.

But let me ask you another question….

Why Not Do This For Your OWN Legit Business?

Because as illustrated in my case study.

I was able to make $10,893.77 by sending traffic to my OWN website.

But WITHOUT having to persuade people to join some shady pyramid scheme.

Which meant that there was NO risk of me losing $297 if I couldn’t persuade anyone to join up.

So click the button below.

And I’ll show you how I did it…

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