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Premier Greyhound Tips is a Betting Gods managed tipster that provides tips in the greyhounds markets.

Overall, I’d say that this is a pretty solid addition to your tipster portfolio if the previous results can be maintained going forward.


  • Good reviews by users.
  • Shows a consistent profit over the last 5 years.
  • Almost certainly has a legitimate edge over the odds.
  • Results likely down to skill and not luck.
  • Reasonably priced.
  • 30 day money back guarantee.
  • Managed by a reputable company.


  • Some sharp variance to be expected.

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Name:Premier Greyhound Tips
Tipster name:Michael
Platform:Betting Gods
Type:Greyhound tipster
Trial?£1 for 7 days sometimes available
Money-back guarantee?30-days
Rating:3.2 / 5
Recommended?Yes – (if you like tipsters)
How to join?Click here to get your tips now

To be honest?

My only prior experience betting on the greyhounds has been through matched betting.

Where I would frequently back and lay 3 x £10 bets for a minimal loss – to then net a £10 free bet that I could hedge for a £7-£8 guaranteed profit – via Betfred’s ‘Greyhounds Free Bet Club’.

So, I thought I’d go in search of a greyhound tipster to see if I could increase my profits on my other bookmaker accounts through value betting.

And since I’ve had previous success with several of the Betting Gods’ tipsters over the years – I decided to take a closer look at their Premier Greyhound Tips service.

I’ve documented my findings below in this Premier Greyhound Tips review – which I hope will help you decide if this service is right for you or not.

Here we go.

Screenshot of Premier Greyhound Tips stats.

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What is Premier Greyhound Tips?

Premier Greyhound Tips is a premium greyhound racing tipster that operates out of the Betting Gods tipster stable.

Tips are issued in the afternoon via email between 2pm and 4pm.

Here’s a full service breakdown (stats correct at the time of writing):

Launched:October 2014
Bets on record:2,314
Cumulative profit:+673 points
Ave. odds:5.64
Strike rate:28%
Ave. monthly profit:+11.4 points
Starting bankroll:100 points
Bank growth:673%
Bet size:1-5 points win and E/W
Bet volume:Approx. 1-3 bets per day
Selections sent:2pm – 4pm daily
Works on the exchange?Unknown

Who’s Behind Premier Greyhound Tips?

The tips are provided by Michael.

But the service itself is managed by the Betting Gods professional tipster platform.

Check out my Betting Gods review to learn more.

Is Premier Greyhound Tips a Scam or Legit?

Premier Greyhound Tips is a legitimate tipping service and NOT a scam.

I say this not only because the Premier Greyhound Tips service has produced a historical profit since it launched nearly 5 years ago…

But also because the Betting Gods are a legitimate company that – in my opinion – do their best to offer the best tipping services possible.

One contributing factor being the 16-week proofing protocol that all individual tipsters must pass before being allowed to sell their tips through the Betting Gods platform.

Can You Make Money With Premier Greyhound Tips?


The idea behind any LEGITIMATE tipping service is to find value in the bets.

And when this is done with a degree of consistency – a long term profit is possible because the bookmakers will end up paying you more than what is mathematically fair for the selections issued by the tipster.

The key to success – beyond identifying a successful tipster – is that of placing enough bets so that the variance (‘luck’) evens out and more money is made than lost.

Can You Lose Money With Premier Greyhound Tips?


And you should expect to!

Because even when following a profitable tipster – it’s typical that you’ll lose more bets than you win.

This deficit is overcome by securing value as mentioned above.

But because there’s no telling which bets are going to win and lose – it’s CRUCIAL that you follow the bankroll and staking plan issued by your tipster to avoid blowing your starting bank.

You should then go ahead and place enough bets to negate the variance as previously mentioned.

However, it’s also worth noting that past performance is not a reliable indicator of future results.

Hence the need to only ever bet with money that you can genuinely afford to lose.

How Much Does a Subscription Cost?

The Betting Gods do change their pricing points quite often.

But at the time of writing – you can use this link to get your first 7 days of tips for just £1.

If you like the service – you can continue to get tips for £19 per month thereafter.

Can You Get a Refund?


The Betting Gods say that you can get your money back within 30 days from your initial point of purchase.

You can cancel your subscription at any time.

My Thoughts On Premier Greyhound Tips

I’ve used and reviewed many different types of tipsters over the years, and I’m no stranger to the Betting God’s service.

So here are my opinions on the Premier Greyhound Tips service based on what I’ve seen so far.

1: Probably Has a Legit Edge

As I said before, establishing a legitimate edge over the odds is the key to making a long term profit with any tipping service.

And I personally believe that Premier Greyhound Tips is able to do this.

The first indicator would be that the service shows a historical profit and positive ROI over a span of nearly 5 years.

And the second is that the service secures average odds of 5.64 – which means that you’d roughly expect to win 17.7% of the bets placed because 100/5.64 = 17.73…

However, Michael’s tips are winning at a rate of 27% at the time of writing.

Which suggest to me that this service is indeed beating the odds.

2: Results Likely Down to Skill and Not Luck

But how likely is it that these results are just the product of blind luck?

Well, although I didn’t run a statistical analysis, I would say that it’s pretty unlikely that Michael has spent the last 5 years being lucky.

Especially given that the sample of bets is greater than 2,300.

So I suspect that this service is beating the odds and thus securing a profit due to the skill of the tipster.

3: Some Sharp Variance

With all of that said…

I think it’s important to acknowledge that this service is going to have its ups and downs.

This is apparent just by looking at the lifetime profit to date; which although trends upwards nicely – does display some sharp dips here and there:

Screenshot of lifetime profits graph for the Premier Greyhound Tips service.

4: Good Reputation

Aside from being a well established tipster on the Betting Gods network…

The Premier Greyhound Tips service has proofed well on tipping services review websites, and has been the subject of much praise by actual subscribers.

For example, here you can see that Premier Greyhound Tips has a 5/5 star rating on Tipsters Review – based on 42 user reviews:

Screenshot of 5 star review for Premier Greyhound Tips on the Tipsters Review website.

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  • Good reviews by users.
  • Shows a consistent profit over the last 5 years.
  • Almost certainly has a legitimate edge over the odds.
  • Results likely down to skill and not luck.
  • Reasonably priced.
  • 30 day money back guarantee.
  • Managed by a reputable company.


  • Some sharp variance to be expected.

Conclusion: A Solid Performer

In my opinion?

The Premier Greyhound Tips service is pretty solid based on the results to date.

And if this level of form is maintained going forward – then I’d say that Premier Greyhound Tips is a good addition to your sports betting tipster portfolio.

Just remember to stick to the staking plan, place enough bets to allow the variance to even out, and never chase losses.

And be sure to only ever bet with money that you can genuinely afford to lose.

What’s The Alternative?

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Then the best option is to click the button below.

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