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Photography Jobs Online will NOT pay you directly for taking and submitting photographs to their site directly.

Instead, Photography Jobs Online provides you with a list of 3rd-party websites that may pay you for your images.

In addition to listing potential freelance photography jobs and some basic training on how to potentially make money from your work.

However, given that you can find the listed 3rd-party photobanks for free yourself – along with arguably much more up to date training.

And that most of the jobs posted were either out of date or included broken links when I checked.

I personally feel that Photography Jobs Online offers very little value for even the most inexperienced freelance photographer.

Overall: not recommended.


  • $1 trial sometimes available.
  • 60-day money-back guarantee.


  • You won’t be paid directly by Photography Jobs Online for your pictures.
  • Unlikely to live up to its sale’s page claims.
  • Better ‘training’ content can be found for free elsewhere.
  • Most job listings are out of date.

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Name:Photography Jobs Online
Type:Work from home – freelance photography
Price:$27 + VAT (monthly rebill)
Trial?$1 trial sometimes available
Money-Back Guarantee?60-days
Rating:1 / 5
How to Join?Here

As soon as I saw the sales page.

I had a pretty good idea what to expect from ‘Photography Jobs Online’.

Because the copy, claims, and video templates are almost identical to that of Writing Jobs Online.

And whilst I didn’t think that particular product was a total scam.

It didn’t really live up to its claims either.


In order to make this Photography Jobs Online review as insightful and as honest as possible.

I decided to sign up for myself to see if it would turn out to be the let-down I was expecting:

Photography Jobs Online Proof of Purchase ClickBank Order Receipt

Here’s what I discovered.

What is Photography Jobs Online?

In my opinion?

Photography Jobs Online isn’t what it appears to be.

Because in addition to saying that you can ‘upload and instantly sell to millions of potential buyers’ the sales page states that:

When you join you will:

  • ‘Get paid an average of $2-$5 per photo;
  • ‘Earn up to $25 per photo;
  • ‘Earn up to $200 for 4k photos;
  • ‘Upload and sell as much photos as you want’.

Which gave me the impression that all I needed to do was take photos, upload them to the Photography Jobs Online website and then get paid.

Well, that’s not how it works at all.

Photography Jobs Online Sales Page Claims

Image credit:

Here’s How Photography Jobs Online Actually Works

Photography Jobs Online is just a bunch of links to 3rd-party stock image websites and freelance photography jobs.

With some outdated eBooks offering ultra-basic advice on how to make money selling your photographs.

The truth is that you can find these stock image websites with a simple Google search.

Likewise for the freelance photography jobs.

I strongly suspect that the eBooks are derived from PLR (‘Private Label Rights’) sources.

Which would explain their outdated look and feel.

I was able to find more up to date content on YouTube.

Who’s Behind Photography Jobs Online?

The name associated with this product is Chris Page.

Although this is quite likely to be a pen name.

The upshot is that I don’t know for sure who’s really behind Photography Jobs Online.

How Much Does Photography Jobs Online Cost?

Access costs $27 + VAT per month.

Although I was able to get a $1 trial for 7-days when I checked the sales page.

This product is sold via the ClickBank platform.

Which means that you can claim a full refund within 60-days of your initial purchase.

You can also stop the rebills at any time you like.

Is Photography Jobs Online a Scam?



Because you do get access to a list of photography ‘jobs’ and related content.

However, it’s my personal opinion that this product falls short of the expectations it creates on its sale’s page.

The reasons for which I’ll reveal in just a moment.

What Do You Get?

Once I’d paid my sign up fee.

I was provided with my log in details.

Here’s an overview of what I found waiting for me when I signed in:

Photography Jobs Online Membership Area Content Thumbnails

1: Picture Submission Guide

Clicking on the first thumbnail image opens up an eBook called ‘Making Money from Your Camera’.

It’s basically a very simple introduction to photography, taking pictures and selling them.

There’s also some tips on taking certain types of photos by playing around with the exposure and shutter speeds.

2: Tools

This is a list of tools to help you with your photography.

Such as thumbnail generation and album makers.

All of the links that I clicked pointed to 3rd-party websites.

3: Submit Your Photos

This is where I naturally assumed that I’d be uploading my photos to get paid.

However, what I found was a list of links pointing to 3rd-party websites that would potentially pay me for my work.

Granted, there was some information on how these websites differ in their payment and commission structures.

4: Photography News

This section provides a list of freelance photography jobs that you can apply for.

However, when I checked the links.

Nearly all of them mapped to jobs that had expired.

There are more jobs listed at the foot of the main membership area.

Again, the vast majority of the links that I clicked sent me to 404 error pages or to jobs that had since closed.

5: Other Content

There’s quite a bit of ‘bonus’ content.


  • Photography ‘money-making’ tutorial videos;
  • Photoshop tutorial videos;
  • List of stock photo agencies.

There’s also a rather random list of ‘survey sites’ that you could potentially make money from, such as Pinecone Research.

However, having used and reviewed a lot of these types of rewards websites.

(Including some of the better ones like Swagbucks and 20 Cogs).

It’s my personal opinion that they are mostly a waste of time.

Simply because the relative hourly earnings rate is so low.

My Honest Thoughts on Photography Jobs Online

Now, I’m certainly no Steve McCurry.

But photography was one of my favourite hobbies once upon a time.

And I’ve also been using and reviewing online money-making systems since 2007.

So, in light of those facts.

Here are my honest thoughts on what ‘Photography Jobs Online’ has to offer:

1: You Can Find the Photobanks Yourself

I can’t really see any benefit to going through the Photography Jobs Online portal to find websites that will pay you for your photographs.

Because you can find these sites for free using Google.

I can only assume that the outbound links from the membership area are affiliate links.

Which would mean that the creators of Photography Jobs Online stand to profit if you click them and take a specific action.

Now, there’s nothing wrong when affiliate links are used correctly (I use them on this site myself).

But when such links are embedded into ‘thin’ content with little value for the end user.

That’s when affiliate marketing starts to become unethical in my view.

2: The ‘Training’ Content is Pretty Poor


I’m no expert when it comes to photography.

Which makes it even more alarming that I found the content too basic.

I managed to find much better and more up to date information for free on YouTube (example at the end of the post).

3: It’s Probably Quicker to Source the Jobs Yourself

In my view?

The only thing that could have saved Photography Jobs Online is their job listings.

Because it could have conferred some serious time-saving qualities if you’re too busy to trawl the web looking for photography jobs.

However, given that most of the links I clicked were either broken or pointed to outdated positions.

I think it would actually be quicker to go directly to the freelance sites and job boards yourself.

Conclusion: Very Little Value On Offer

Photography Jobs Online was actually worse than I expected.

I don’t even think that signing up on the $1 trial is worth it.

Because unlike Writing Jobs Online, there are no time-saving advantages to be had from the job listings in my opinion.

And I suspect that most people will find the training content to be too basic and outdated to be of much use.

So, there’s no logical reason to involve Photography Jobs Online in my view.

Because they aren’t going to pay you directly for taking photographs.

And you’ll still have to put the effort in yourself to get the jobs that you apply for via the 3rd-party websites.

Thus leading me to believe that you’re highly unlikely to be able to ‘turn your hobby into a profitable business’ using this product exclusively.

But if you’d rather see for yourself.

Click here to try Photography Jobs Online now.


  • $1 trial sometimes available;
  • 60-day money-back guarantee.


  • You won’t be paid directly by Photography Jobs Online for your pictures;
  • Unlikely to live up to its sale’s page claims;
  • Better ‘training’ content can be found for free elsewhere;
  • Most job listings are out of date.

Here’s A Better Way to Make Money From Your Pictures

Remember how I said that I found better content for making money from photography on YouTube?

Well here’s an example:

Video credit: Work From Your Laptop – How To Sell My Photos Online 2018 – 5 Best Sites for Photographers

Do you know what’s weird?

As I was listening to this video, I was sure that I’d heard the narrator’s voice before.

And I had!

Because the person behind this video is called Eric.

Whose training videos I’d watched before over at Wealthy Affiliate.

Wealthy Affiliate is the same platform that’s helped me make good money online from affiliate marketing over the years.

And Eric even wrote a post that explains how he earned $7,202.50 in a single MONTH with Wealthy Affiliate:

Wealthy Affiliate Proof of Income

Do you want to make money online?
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