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Name:Perfect Portfolio
Type:Financial education
Price:£2,997 – £8,991
Money-back guarantee?Yes – conditional
Rating:Unrated (not enough insight)
Recommended?Caution advised
How to join?Via their website

Are you thinking about purchasing one of Minesh Bhindi’s Perfect Portfolio programmes?

Then I suspect that you’d like to know more about what you’re going to get before you part with your cash.

If so…

Then this Perfect Portfolio review should be of some help.

Because I’ve personally been able to get full access to all three programmes.

Which may help you better decide if Perfect Portfolio is for you or not.

Here’s what I discovered…

Screenshot of the Perfect Portfolio Website.

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What is Perfect Portfolio?

Perfect Portfolio say that they ‘make safe investing exciting’ and ‘help people in 46 countries grow their money’.

But how do they actually do that?


This is supposedly achieved via three investment education programmes:

  • REIT Income – Real estate;
  • Cash Flow Gold and Silver – Metals;
  • Index Income – Index funds.

Screenshot of the Perfect Portfolio Programmes

I’ll get into the details of each programme in just a moment.

But it’s also worth noting that each programme also comes with 1-to-1 coaching and weekly Q&A calls.

Who’s Behind Perfect Portfolio?

Perfect Portfolio has been created by Minesh Bhindi and his team.

Minesh claims to have begun negotiating real estate deals at the age of 15 alongside his father in the Canary Wharf area of London.

And supposedly generated £68,000 in cash-back with £250,000 equity from a £1,000,000 investment at the age of 17.

Minesh also states that having delivered talks to university investment clubs for 7 years, taken part in countless interviews, and even having spoke alongside Richard Branson at the 02 Arena…

He decided to create the ‘Gold and Silver For Life’ programme in 2010.

And the launch of Perfect Portfolio LLC in March 2019 was with the aim of ‘…helping more people create portfolios that work for them and their families’.

Screenshot of Minesh Bhindis LinkedIn Profile Picture.

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How Much do the Programmes Cost?

It depends on how many you’d like to enrol in.

At the time of writing:

One programme costs £2,997 (one time).

Any two programmes costs £5,994 (one time).

Access to all three programmes costs £8,991 (one time).

Is There a Refund Policy?




It comes with quite a few conditions.

Having looked at their terms in the Privacy Policy…

In order to get your money back…

You must NOT be making more than 1% return each month (average is supposedly 2.2%) ‘…on the starting capital amount by implementing the strategies for 6 months, after a 1 month learning period’ [source].

This essentially means the refund period lasts for 7 months.

But refunds are at Perfect Portfolio’s discretion.


You must have attended all of the Q&A’s, sent in a copy of 6 months of trading performance on your broker account (real or virtual), and have completed all of the training.

Is Perfect Portfolio a Scam or Legit?

I can’t say for sure.

I wasn’t able to uncover anything major when I researched the terms ‘Perfect Portfolio scam’ and ‘Minesh Bhindi scam’.


I wasn’t able to find any genuine Perfect Portfolio user reviews outside of the testimonials posted on their website either.


I would still caution you to continue your research beyond this review before making any decisions.

You can view Minesh Bhindi’s LinkedIn profile here if you’re interested.

How Does Perfect Portfolio Work?

As I said.

I’ve been able to access all three programmes in full.

And they all tend to follow the same flow.

Which is:

1: Watch the intro video;

2: Get a broker account;

3: Register for the weekly Q&A;

4: Complete all of the modules;

5: Book a 1-to-1 call.

A Look Inside Perfect Portfolio

The content for each module is delivered as a single video.

Which is a recording of Minesh explaining his strategies live to an audience in seminar format.

You can also click a button that displays all of the slides for each presentation.

I found this useful because I didn’t want to sit through hours of video content.

Here’s a brief summary of what each module covers.

But I must stress one point…

The ‘claims’ made below are their words – not mine.

That’s why I’ve put them in quotation marks.

So please take them with a pinch of salt.

Screenshot of Inside the Perfect Portfolio Membership Area.

Programme #1: REIT Income

This programme claims to be able to offer you 4% returns per year via rental income.

And an additional 12% using the ‘cash flow’ strategy.

Module 1: Creating Portfolios That Grow

In this module Minesh presents his Perfect Portfolio Methodology, the Wealth Triangle Principle and the way to structure your portfolio with the ‘new way’ of investing in Real Estate.

Module 2: Profit From ETF’s & Options

In this module Minesh uncovers ETF’s, REIT’s and Options.

You’ll also ‘dive’ into the exact REIT’s that Minesh uses.

Module 3: Rental Income Before You Own

In this module, Minesh will show you ‘how to use Puts to generate an income on your Real Estate Investment Trusts before you own the funds’.

‘You’ll be making 1%-2.2% per month BEFORE you own the ETF’.

Module 4: Rental Income Once You Own

In this module, Minesh will show you how to ‘generate a 1% to 2.2% per month income on your REITS’.

Module 5: Bringing In The Money

In this module, Minesh will walk you through how to ‘bring in the money’.

You’ll be implementing everything you’ve learned and ‘know how to make it work’.

Module 6: Profit Enhancing Principles

In this module Minesh will walk you through a select number of Profit Enhancing Principles that will help you ‘increase your ROIs while reducing the time it takes to learn the strategy’.

Programme #2: Cash Flow Gold and Silver

It’s claimed that a return of 1% – 2.2% each month is possible whilst holding metals under this programme.

Module 1: Creating Portfolios That Grow

In this module Minesh presents his Perfect Portfolio Methodology, the Wealth Triangle Principle and the way to structure your portfolio for growth.

Module 2: Discovering ETFs and Options

In this module you’ll learn about ‘powerful’ tools known as Exchange Traded Fund’s and Options.

Module 3: Getting An Income Before You Buy

In this module you’ll learn how to use Cash Secured Puts to ‘generate an income before you buy any stock’.

Module 4: How To “Rent Out” Your Gold & Silver

In this module you’ll learn how to rent out your metals and ‘generate a cash-flow while you wait for the capital gain’.

Module 5: How To Do It All

In this module you’ll learn how to implement everything you’ve learned, you’ll set up your charts and ‘know all the steps for practically implementing the strategy’.

Module 6: Art & Mining Stocks

In this module you’ll learn how to ‘increase your returns with a little more artfulness’.

Plus, David Morgan presents an ‘exclusive never-before-seen talk’.

Module 7: Profit Enhancing Principles

In this module you’ll learn how to ‘generate an increased return using some skills that come from the art of investing that are normally developed over years of investment experience’.

Programme #3: Index Income

According to Minesh?

This programme is apparently ‘…the single, most proven wealth building vehicle of our time’.

Module 1: Creating Portfolios That Grow

In this module you’ll learn the ‘foundational knowledge of investing in the US Stock Market’.

You will learn ‘the Perfect Portfolio Methodology, the 3 reasons why you MUST be invested in the Stock Market at any time and the 26 essential lessons to profit in this investment’.

Module 2: Discovering Exchange Traded Funds and Options

In this ‘simple’ module you’re going to learn about why Exchange Traded Funds are ‘growing at an amazing rate, the benefits they provide to normal investors and why they’re the best source of diversification ever innovated in the investment space’.

You’ll also get the ‘simplest’ introduction to Options.

Module 3: Generating An Income – Before You Buy The Stock

In this ‘easy’ module you’ll learn how to ‘generate a cash-flow while positioning yourself to acquire the stock’.

‘Before you even own the stock, you’ll be generating an income with what you learn in this module’.

Module 4: “Renting” Out Your Index Funds

In this ‘simple’ module you’ll learn the mechanics behind ‘generating that 12% to 26.4% per year income from your Index Fund ETFs’.

You’ll learn ‘how, when and why we execute rules to easily and safely generate an income, while your assets appreciate’.

Module 5: Setting Up Trading View & Implementing The Strategy

In this ‘easy’ module, ‘you’ll sit back and follow Minesh to set up your account to follow the markets, you’ll go, step by step and within minutes have your entire charting system set up so you can make decisions in minutes’.

Module 6: Profit Enhancing Principles

‘Learn from Minesh how, after years and years of doing and teaching, what little different things you can do to increase your profits and generate higher returns on your journey’.

Conclusion: Caution Advised

To be totally honest?

I’m nothing even close to what could be remotely considered as an ‘expert’ in analysing investment programmes (yet!).

With that in mind…

I wouldn’t really feel comfortable telling you that Minesh Bhindi’s Perfect Portfolio is either ‘good’ or ‘bad’.


I do hope that my overview of the modules has helped you in your decision as to whether this programme is right for you or not.


My parting advice is to proceed with caution.

Only ever spend and invest money that you can afford to lose.

Have You Used Perfect Portfolio?

Did you make money?

Were the coaching calls any good?

Would you recommend Perfect Portfolio to others?

Good or bad…

Let me know of your experience with Perfect Portfolio and Minesh Bhindi in the comments section below.

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