Welcome to my ‘Partner With Mike B’ review. *

This was a really difficult product to test.

Because after I’d signed up via the ClickBank order form.

I was simply redirected to a squeeze page for ClickFunnels (a completely different product).

With no further instructions being sent to me in regards to accessing the Partner With Mike B content.

*This is a Research-Based Review


The Partner With Mike B brand seems to still be in circulation on the internet.

And ‘Mike Buontempo’ is still active on social media.

So, I’m guessing that Mike has changed his payment gateway.

As such, I’ve still gone ahead with this review.

But I’ve had to base this review almost 100% on research alone.

So, take my findings with a pinch of salt.

Because I suspect that a lot of my sources have not used this product either.

What is Partner With Mike B?

Having cross-referenced several sources.

It would appear that Partner With Mike B is a system that shows you how to make money by promoting CPA offers on Facebook.

CPA (‘cost per action’) systems pay you when a ‘lead’ clicks through from your Facebook ad and performs a specific action on the ‘landing page’.

Low barrier actions like getting someone to enter their email address on the landing page may earn you a few cents or dollars.

Whilst higher value actions such as paying for consulting would (or should!) earn you a higher reward.

Who is Mike B?

Research indicates that Mike Buontempo is ‘Mike B’.

Mike appears to be an internet marketing guru.

Who, according to his LinkedIn profile is:

‘Helping clients drive more leads and sales using Facebook, Google, and YouTube Ads’.

How Does Partner With Mike B Work?

Although I can’t personally confirm this.

Partner With Mike B apparently requires you to post CPA ads that capture leads who will do exactly what you’re doing.

Which is using paid advertising to promote the Partner With Mike B system.

And that this is a ‘pay-to-play’ system.

Which means that you can only promote the products that you’ve personally bought.

To me, this sounds a lot like a pyramid scheme.

Because you’re being asked to ‘buy in‘ for the privilege of being able to promote the same system to others.

Who can only make money by recruiting others and so on.

However, other sources say that the program negates the pyramid model because the value is conferred by using this CPA system to promote a wide range of other products and services.

But again.

I must stress that I wasn’t able to access the system first-hand.

So, I can’t confirm or deny these 3rd-party claims.

How Much Does Partner With Mike B Cost?

It cost me £1 to join on the trial via ClickBank.

With a rebill of £24.90 set to begin 4 days later.

However, as stated, the ClickBank gateway did not allow me to access the Partner With Mike B content.

Other sources claim that Partner With Mike B is actually a 6-step upsell funnel.

That starts at $37 for the front-end product.

And maxes-out at $3,500 for the top-tier option.

Is Partner With Mike B a Scam?

It’s difficult for me to say for sure.

Because I haven’t been able to access the product.

But if my sources are correct.

Then there are a few things to consider:

1: Paying to Play

If you’re buying into a system so that you can recruit others to do the same.

And there’s no other way to use the resources to make money.

You run the risk of not being able to recoup your initial costs if you cannot get more people to join.

Of course, if Partner With Mike B allows you use the system to make money in other ways.

Your chance of success may be higher.

2: Paid Ads

I’ve used paid ads myself.

Both on and off Facebook.

And I can tell you that actually getting people to ‘convert’ is very difficult.

Furthermore, I’ve had a few Facebook accounts closed for trying to run Facebook ads to (100% legitimate) affiliate marketing, make money online, and business opportunities.

It could be that Mike shows you how to get around this in his training.

But I can’t say for sure.

3: $1,000 Per Day Claims

It’s certainly true that people are making more than $1,000 per day with Facebook ads.

But from my personal experience, I’d say that this is unrealistic for the average novice.

The hard part is designing a campaign that’s able to produce a positive ROI.

You could end up burning through a fair bit of cash before you find the sweet spot.

Conclusion: Proceed With Caution

If my sources are correct.

Then I advise that you should be very cautious with this system.

Because it looks like a significant cash outlay on your part may be required to get up and running with Partner With Mike B.

And the returns are unlikely to be guaranteed.

Is There a Lower-Risk Alternative?

Affiliate marketing has worked well for me.

And whilst you’ll certainly have to put in some effort to see results.

You can get started pretty much for free.

Get my FREE email course here.

And I’ll walk you though the exact process step-by-step.

Have You Used Partner With Mike B?

Did it work for you?

What’s good about this system?

Do you think that Partner With Mike B is a scam?

Tell me why in the comments section below.



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