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Paidera is a GPT site that does not appear to pay out and links to spam and possible scam websites.



  • None.


  • Unlikely that you’ll be paid.
  • Identity of the owners is hidden.
  • Linked to proven scams.
  • Possible data harvesting portal.

Opinion Disclaimer: the content in this review is ultimately a reflection of my own opinions and is not intended to malign any religion, ethnic group, club, organization, company, individual, anyone, or anything.

Type:GPT site (probable scam)
Money-back guarantee?N/A
Rating:1 / 5
How to join?Don’t

Before I begin this Paidera review…

I just want to make one thing very clear:

I’m not affiliated with Paidera and have no intention of trying to persuade you to sign up.

Far from it.

Because I’ve been exposing a lot of data harvesting scams recently.

And when I looked at the Paidera website…

Some of the claims and wording sounded very similar.

Image source:


Once I’d signed up and logged in…

The back-end wasn’t quite what I expected.

Allow me to explain.

What is Paidera?

Paidera presents itself as a multi-stream GPT (‘get-paid-to’) website.

Where you’re supposedly able to earn money by:

  • Completing online tasks;
  • Recruiting others via your referral link;
  • Doing surveys;
  • Creating YouTube videos;
  • Participating in quizzes;
  • Promoting Paidera on forums and via blog posts.


I have to admit that I was expecting to log in and just be presented with the same ‘task wall’ that’s ubiquitous to the data harvesting scams that I’ve been exposing recently.


Paidera surprised me a bit.

Because when I signed in to the back-end of the website…

I did indeed see options for completing such actions.

And there seemed to be a lot of surveys available too.

I was even able to successfully complete one of the surveys and get $0.15 added to my Paidera balance:

Screenshot of a Completed Paidera Survey.


As I dug further into the content…

And performed some more in-depth research online…

I began to become suspicious of Paidera’s intent with their website.

More on this in the second half of this Paidera review.

Who’s Behind Paidera?

I have no idea.

I couldn’t find any Terms and Conditions or a Privacy Policy anywhere on Paidera’s website…

Nevermind a contact address or an associated company name.

Is Paidera a Scam or Legit?

In my opinion?

Although I don’t have enough evidence to say with absolute certainty that Paidera is unquestionably a malicious data harvesting scam (like Kids Earn Cash)…

It’s certainly possible that Paidera is not a legitimate GPT site.

Here’s why.

What I Don’t Like About Paidera

Whilst I haven’t exhaustively completed every single type of task listed in Paidera’s membership area…

There are a few things that worry me about Paidera.

1: Payment Complaints

This is what really kills Paidera’s legitimacy in my view.

Because when I did some further research online…

I found a number of anecdotal reports that Paidera do not pay out:

Screenshot of Paidera Payment Complaint 1.

Screenshot of Paidera Payment Complaint 2.

Screenshot of Paidera Payment Complaint 3.

You can view the source of these comments on this other Paidera review:

2: Linked to Known Scams

The domain redirects to

And when I checked out the Sociaprofit Facebook page…

I saw links to other products that I’ve reviewed and are deemed to be scams by myself and others who’ve used them.

Such as BTC Heat and BTC Smash.

Screenshot of the Sociaprofit Facebook Page Linking to the BTC Heat Scam.

3: Links to Shady Websites

It’s fair enough that a GPT site uses affiliate links to monetise itself…

But a couple of the CPA deals that I saw – such as the £1,000 Primark Voucher – are associated with some of the known data harvesting scams such as UrbansurMoney.


Some of the target domains that I reached from clicking the offers listed under the Task #2 and Task #3 walls were blocked by my anti-malware for ‘spam’.

Screenshot of Spam Site Blocked By Anti Malware.


Some the target 3rd party domains that were asking for my details looked very dodgy indeed.

With some just having random numbers as their domain name.

I didn’t feel comfortable entering my information so I just closed the survey and didn’t proceed.

4: Huge Number of Display Ads

I did complete one survey…

But every single page was crammed with display ads.

And the radio buttons were positioned on the border of some of these ads.

It’s almost like they wanted me to accidently click the ads instead of the buttons themselves… ?

5: Strong Focus On Recruitment

Most legit GPT sites have affiliate programmes.

But Paidera has a really strong focus on this area.

Since they claim to pay you for creating videos, forum posts, and blogs in addition to sharing your referral link.

This worries me because the proven data harvesting scams also do the same thing.

Conclusion: Possible Scam – Avoid

To be honest?

I was just going to give Paidera a ‘not recommended’ rating.

Because I can’t specifically prove that they’re a malicious data harvesting scam.

But then…

I thought about the 3rd party links to spam websites, the request for information on dodgy domains, and the peripheral link to proven scams…

Along with the fact that people are already reporting that Paidera are not paying out…

And I’ve decided to label Paidera as a ‘probable scam’.

Overall: Avoid.


  • None.


  • Unlikely that you’ll be paid.
  • Identity of the owners is hidden.
  • Linked to proven scams.
  • Possible data harvesting portal.

What’s the Alternative?

There’s no need to take your chances with borderline scams like Paidera.

Because a quick Google search will yield plenty of legit GPT websites like Swagbucks that you can use to earn rewards.

But to be honest?

I’ve personally given up with GPT websites completely.

Even the legit ones.

Simply because I’m making far more money online with affiliate marketing.

This screenshot illustrates that I’ve passively generated more than $1,120 in affiliate sales from one affiliate network alone in a single week:


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There’s no reason that you can’t learn how to do the same.

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