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Paid Surveys UK is an aggregator that links you to other rewards websites that will compensate you for completing online surveys and other tasks.

Although I found no evidence to suggest that Paid Surveys UK is a malicious data harvesting scam.

I personally feel that based on my own experiences with survey sites.

Most people will probably struggle to make anywhere close to the advertised £300 per month figure.

Overall: limited value.


  • Making money is possible.
  • Free to join.


  • Low hourly rate.
  • Possible privacy issues.
  • Not a reliable way to make money online.
Name:Paid Surveys UK
Type:Survey aggregator site
Money-Back Guarantee?N/A
Rating:2.3 / 5
Recommended?Limited value
How to Join?Via their website

I recently discovered a website called

It appeared as a paid advert at the top of Google when I was searching for legitimate work from home jobs:

Paid Surveys UK Google Advert Listing Example

So I clicked through.

Where I was told that I could potentially earn up to £300 each month by completing online surveys:

Paid Surveys UK Website Claims

And the small print states that the ‘average survey payout is £3’.

Well, I’ve reviewed a lot of different survey sites over the years.

And these figures seem a little on the high side to me.

So, in order to make this Paid Surveys UK review as thorough as possible.

I decided to try it out for myself.

Here’s what I discovered.

What is Paid Surveys UK?

Paid Surveys UK is a rewards aggregator site.

This means that rather than compensating you directly for completing surveys they simply provide you with links to the other websites that will.

You might be wondering why Paid Surveys UK has bothered to do this.

Well, it’s all down to making money really.

Because when you join up to one of these survey panels via their links.

Paid Surveys UK may make a small commission.

This is called affiliate marketing.

And to be honest, there’s nothing wrong with affiliate marketing as long as it’s done ethically.

How Does Paid Surveys UK Work?

After clicking the ‘start earning in under 2 minutes’ button.

I was asked for some basic details to help find me the ‘best’ paid surveys.

Which were then displayed on the next screen.

Where I could tick a box to confirm my interest in each.

Upon clicking ‘continue’, I was then asked for more details – including my email address.

I then received an email from ‘Lauren’ welcoming me to Paid Surveys UK:

Paid Surveys UK Welcome Email Example

More emails followed.

Containing the links pointing to the rewards websites that I’d expressed interest in.

I could then join those websites in order to complete tasks and get compensated.

Who’s Behind Paid Surveys UK?

The company behind Paid Surveys UK is Submission Technology Ltd.

Submission Technology Ltd was incorporated in June 2002 and specialises in lead generation.

The address associated with Submission Technology Ltd is The Beater House, Turkey Mill, Maidstone, Kent, ME14 5PP.

How Much Does it Cost to Join Paid Surveys UK?

It’s free to join.

As are most of the affiliated survey panels.

However, one of the recommended sites was a bingo company.

Where I could potentially lose up to £10.

More on this in a moment.

Paid Surveys UK Foxy Bingo Offer

Is Paid Surveys UK a Scam or Legit?

Technically, Submission Technology Ltd is a legitimate company.

And I have no evidence to suggest that Paid Surveys UK is a malicious data harvesting scam.

However, I found two reports on the ASA website that ruled against Submission Technology Ltd in relation to one of their previous rewards websites called

Where it appears that their more aggressive ad copy got them into trouble for making claims that the ASA decided breached:

CAP Code (Edition 12) rules; 3.1 (Misleading advertising), 3.7 (Substantiation), 3.11 (Exaggeration) and 20.4 (Homework schemes).

Source 1:

ASA Adjudication on Submission Technology Ltd t/a – 22 October 2014;

Source 2:

ASA Adjudication on Submission Technology Ltd t/a – 06 February 2013.

My Thoughts On Paid Surveys UK

As I said.

I have a good understanding of how online survey sites and rewards platforms work.

And having had a good look at how Paid Surveys UK operates.

Here are the key points that I think you’ll need to consider before getting involved.

1: The Average Hourly Rate for Surveys is Less than £1.50/Hour

Check out this case study.

And you’ll see that based on 50 hours worth of work across 12 of the most popular survey sites like Swagbucks, InboxDollars, Opinion Outpost, and Toluna.

The panel made less than $90.

That averages out to be £1.38 per hour based on the current conversion rate.

Now, some survey sites like 20 Cogs are ‘top heavy’.

Meaning that you can potentially make a chunk of money in the beginning.

But as the study that I referenced above reported.

You may struggle to find enough surveys ‘…to fill up the hour’ once you’ve tapped out all of the welcome bonuses and most valuable offers.

Meaning that you shouldn’t expect there to be a regular influx of high-quality surveys available to complete month-after-month.

2: You Could Lose Money

As I said.

One of the recommended sites was a bingo company.

Where you could only qualify for the bonus money if you deposited and spent £10.

Obviously, this isn’t risk free.

And whilst you’re not obliged to take part in such offers.

Just be aware that you may come across other gambling offers as you progress through the other 3rd-party survey sites.

Because when I did the cashback offers with 20 Cogs.

I was asked to give up my bank details to the lottery websites.

And I would be rebilled automatically once the initial trial ended.

I personally recommend that you think very carefully before getting involved with any betting offers.

Because I found that cancelling these automatic rebills wasn’t exactly straightforward.

Just something to keep in mind.

3: Your Data May Be At Risk

You’ll need to be mindful of how much of your personal data you’re prepared to give away.

Because whilst Paid Surveys UK only asks for some basic details.

It’s been my experience that some of the 3rd party websites linked to from Paid Surveys UK ask for a lot more.

My main issue with this is that I don’t really know what’s going to happen to my information.

At the very least.

I recommend that you use a separate email address and mobile number to guard against spam and nuisance calls.

Personally, I have both an anti-malware and antivirus installed too.

Because I have come across sites that have been flagged as ‘fraudulent’ when clicking through from aggregators in the past.


  • Making money is possible;
  • Free to join.


  • Low hourly rate;
  • Possible privacy issues;
  • Not a reliable way to make money online.

Conclusion: £300 Per Month Might Be a Struggle

Whilst their adjusted ad copy might keep them out of further trouble with the ASA.

I personally feel that based on my experience using rewards websites.

Coupled with the case study that revealed an average hourly rate of less than £1.50 per hour when completing online surveys.

That most people will struggle to earn anywhere near £300 per month with Paid Surveys UK and their affiliated websites in my opinion.

However, I could be wrong.

So, if you’ve made decent money with Paid Surveys UK.

Feel free to share your experiences in the comments section below.

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