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The Brutal Truth About Making Money Online:

There Are NO Shortcuts!

Hey!Dan Online Income Solutions

My name’s Dan…

And I teach people who are sick and tired of being ripped off by shady online money-making products…

How to finally generate a passive income online…

By setting up their own online affiliate business using 100% legitimate strategies that are proven to work.


Because back in 2007…

I found myself stuck in a minimum wage job that I utterly despised.

And probably much like yourself…

I started investigating how to make money online.


And for the next 10 YEARS…

I flip-flipped from one strategy to the next…

Spinning my wheels trying to learn online poker…

Wasting my time with the Forex markets…

Constantly getting out-bid on the freelance platforms…

And earning pennies on the hour from those mindless online survey sites.


But then things went from bad to worse.

My health began to deteriorate.

Because you wouldn’t know it from looking at the picture of me boxing above…

But I have a condition called ASD (‘Autism Spectrum Disorder’)…

Which basically means that it’s close to impossible for me to hold down a ‘normal’ job.



Figuring out how to genuinely make money online literally became my ONLY option.

The pressure at times was unbearable.

Because many of these ‘make money online’ scam products are designed to exploit vulnerable people…

By taking advantage of their desperation to make money quickly…

And ultimately rob them of their last few pennies.

Awful, I know.


But in 2017?

I finally found a strategy that worked.

It’s called affiliate marketing.

And it made me my first 5-figures in passive income online:


Clickbank Affiliate Earnings. 2017 

Affiliate Marketing:

The Most Realistic Way to Make a Wage-Replacing Passive Income Online 


What exactly is affiliate marketing?


To sum it up?

Affiliate marketing allows you to get paid a percentage of a product’s sale price when someone clicks your ‘affiliate link‘ and buys the item.

How many times have you bought something like a new phone, laptop, or book…

And then recommended it to a friend because you thought it was awesome?



Affiliate marketing works on the same principle.

Except thanks to online affiliate programmes

You’ll get paid for your efforts.


Take Amazon for example.

They have an affiliate programme called Amazon Associates.

Where you can earn up to 12% commissions on ALL the sales made when someone clicks your affiliate link and buys one or more items:


Screenshot of the Amazon Associates Affiliate Programme.


But why is affiliate marketing the best way to make money online?

Because it’s so ACCESSIBLE.

Since you DON’T need a university degree or any special talents to get started.

Nor do you need to invest any money, buy stock, or even provide customer service.

Because you make your money when someone clicks your affiliate link and buys something.

It’s that simple.

Discover How to Live a Life of Financial Freedom

By Starting Your OWN Affiliate Business

Passive income.

It has the potential to transform your life.

Especially when you leverage it through the power of affiliate marketing.

Because starting your own affiliate business can literally change your life by:


  • Creating a wage-replacing income (no more boss!).
  • Giving you more time to spend with your family.
  • Paying off your mortgage.
  • Preparing for retirement.
  • Eradicating your debts.
  • Putting extra money in your pocket whilst you’re at university.
  • Starting a legitimate work from home career.
  • Helping you become truly financially independent.


Sadly for many?

Passive income is something they dream about as they sit chained to their desk in some soulless corporate job…

Or as they slave away in a manual labour gig for little more than minimum wage…

Whilst their boss reaps the rewards from their blood and sweat.


But it doesn’t have to be this way.

Because I’m living proof that someone with NO degree…

Broken schooling…

An unimpressive IQ…

And a career-crippling medical condition…

Can learn how to make a passive income online.

All thanks to affiliate marketing.


Just take a look at some of my earnings.


I’m clearly not going to be looking around the Ferrari showrooms anytime soon.

But affiliate marketing has allowed me to earn more than $1,200 in passive income in less than 4 weeks:


Screenshot of ClickBank Affiliate Commissions for July.


What would you do with an extra $1,200 each month?


The reality is that’s only the tip of the iceberg…

As to what’s REALLY possible with affiliate marketing.


Since once you start to scale out…

The income can reach utterly insane levels.

As this screenshot from one of the world’s best affiliate marketers (Robby Blanchard) shows:




But just hang on a minute.

Making that sort of money certainly isn’t going to happen overnight.

Because it takes TIME to see results from affiliate marketing.

But here’s where I can help you.

Let Me Teach You How to Make Money From Affiliate Marketing

Using a Proven 5-Figure System

If I’m being honest?

Most people who try to make money from affiliate marketing fail.

Simply because they don’t have a proven plan to follow…

And they lack the support they need to help them get through the learning phase.


That’s why I’ve created this FREE email course.

So that I can walk you by the hand…

Through the 7 steps that took me from $0 to earning 5-figures online.

And whilst I legally cannot guarantee that you’ll make any money at all…

I honestly believe that it will help you get your affiliate business up and running as soon as possible.


Thus giving you the best possible chance…

Of earning a passive income online from affiliate marketing…

So that you’ll NEVER have to touch another ‘get-rich-quick’ scam EVER again.


So enter your email address below and click the button.

And I’ll personally walk you through the process of setting up your first ever affiliate business.

Using the EXACT same strategy that earned me my first 5-figures online.

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