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One Wise Link is an affiliate marketing platform that requires you to recruit others to join in order to make money.

In my opinion?

This product is a borderline scam.

Not recommended.


  • You might make money.
  • Free to join.


  • Getting leads might be difficult.
  • Forced to promote low quality offers.
  • Not guaranteed to make money.
  • The only way to make money is by recruiting others.
  • Upsells via associated products.

Opinion Disclaimer: the content in this review is ultimately a reflection of my own opinions and is not intended to malign any religion, ethnic group, club, organization, company, individual, anyone, or anything.

Name:One Wise Link (OWL)
Type:Affiliate aggregator site
Price:Free to join
Money-back guarantee?N/A
Rating:1.4 / 5
How to join?Via homepage

I came across One Wise Link on a Facebook group.

It was being advertised as a ‘guaranteed money-making system’.

And my inherent scepticism was amplified upon clicking the referral link and arriving at the scammy looking landing page.


It was free to join up.

So that’s exactly what I did.

And this honest One Wise Link review reveals what I’ve discovered.

Screenshot of the One Wise Link Membership Area.

Image source:

What is One Wise Link (OWL)?

Let’s look at the claims first.

Because it’s my opinion that what One Wise Link (OWL) presents itself as and how it really works are not exactly in alignment.

The sales page video (that I’ve embedded for you below) states that OWL is a ‘guaranteed’ money making system that can start making you money ‘today’:

Video Credit: IM With Dan Fox


The video goes on to say that OWL has ‘…eliminated all the obstacles to you making money online’.

And that ‘…you will have all you need to build a passive, residual monthly income’.


Having signed up and watched all of the training videos.

I personally have some serious doubts about these claims.

How Does One Wise Link REALLY Work?

One Wise Link is an affiliate aggregate site.

Because once you’ve joined OWL.

You’re then asked to sign up to a set of sub-products via your sponsor’s affiliate link.

For example…

If you hypothetically signed up through my OWL referral link.

I’d earn a commission if you then went on to join the programmes listed inside OWL.

And when I joined OWL?

The associated sub-programmes were listed as:

  • Earn Easy Commissions;
  • Lead Lightning and PLS;
  • Global Domains International.

I’ll talk more about these programmes in the second half of this OWL review.

Who’s Behind One Wise Link?

The person in the sales videos introduces himself as Dan Fox.

Dan’s personal website can be found here:

And you can view his Facebook profile here.

To be fair?

Dan does come across as a friendly and decent guy.

But this doesn’t change my opinion of the OWL programme.

How Much Does One Wise Link Cost?

You can join up for free.

And you can even get started with some of the associated products for free or a nominal cost.

But if you’d like to progress with those systems?

Then you’ll potentially have to cough up $100’s in upsells.

Something that Dan fails to mention in his otherwise quite charming sales videos.

Can You Actually Make Money With One Wise Link?



Because if someone clicks your link and then goes on to join the associated programmes you could make money.

But as I’ll expand upon in the next section.

I have some serious reservations in regards to how likely this is to happen.

Is One Wise Link a Scam?

It’s borderline.

But if pushed for an answer?

I’d have to say that One Wise Link is a scam.

Because as far as I can tell…

Although there is some value to the training provided in the OWL membership area…

The only way to actually make money with OWL is by getting others to join the system and the associated sub-programmes.

This contrasts with legitimate internet marketing schools.

Where you can make money without using their affiliate scheme.

By applying the training to any topic or niche that you like.

Why I Don’t Like One Wise Link

I’ve been using and reviewing online money-making systems for many years.

And based on what I know…

Here are some of the issues that I have with One Wise Link.

1: Getting Leads Might Be Difficult

This is perhaps the biggest problem with marketing anything online:

Trying to get relevant traffic to your offer.


Dan does attempt to address this issue in the training.

But having tried his Facebook marketing strategies myself…

It’s been my experience that essentially spamming MMO Facebook groups doesn’t really work all that well.

You might get a few sign ups.

But not in the droves that you’d require to earn good money online.


The ‘traffic sources’ training section is just a bunch of hyperlinks to random sources like Craigslist.

With no explanation as to how to use each one.

Because from personal experience…

I can tell you for a fact that you’re not going to be able to promote your OWL affiliate links with ease on certain platforms.

Due to the now much more stringent advertising rules.

2: Required to Promote Low-Quality Offers

By strange coincidence?

I did a Make Money Even review just yesterday.

And it was my personal opinion that it’s a thinly veiled pyramid scheme.

I haven’t reviewed the other associated products.

But from my research…

It looks like Earn Easy Commissions and Lead Lightning also require the recruitment of others to make money.

Which brings me to the final issue…

3: You’re Not Guaranteed to Make Money

I cannot realistically see how you’re ‘guaranteed’ to make money with OWL as Dan claims.

Because further to the last point…

Your earnings with OWL and its associated products are all dependent upon being able to convince others to join the scheme.

And then take a cut of the money generated by their downlines or specific actions (CPA deals).


If the ‘guaranteed’ part pertains to the Make Money Even programme, where your $10 joining fee is supposedly refunded to you right away…

Just as I said in my Make Money Even review…

You’re not really ‘making money’ because it costs $10 to join.

And I’ve yet to see any proof that Make Money Even pays out at all.


  • You might make money.
  • Free to join.


  • Getting leads might be difficult.
  • Forced to promote low quality offers.
  • Not guaranteed to make money.
  • The only way to make money is by recruiting others.
  • Upsells via associated products.

Conclusion: Borderline Scam – Not Recommended

In my view?

One Wise Link is a borderline scam.

Because although you can sign up for free…

The only way to make money with this system is by recruiting others to do the same.

This type of business model isn’t sustainable.

Because when you eventually run into market saturation issues and people stop joining…

You won’t make any money.

Which could leave you out of pocket if you’ve paid for any of the upsells linked to the associated products.

As such?

I wouldn’t feel happy recommending One Wise Link to anyone.

Is There a Legit Alternative?


But it’s NOT a get-rich-quick scheme.

In fact…

It requires a fair bit of work.

But in my opinion?

Learning how to set up and monetise your own websites is the best way to legitimately make money online.

Because by using the training over at Wealthy Affiliate…

I was able to generate over $1,100 in affiliate sales in the first week of this month alone:


And do you know what?

All you need to get started is some patience and the desire to succeed.

Because if you click the button below…

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