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OhMyDosh is a legitimate GPT site that will give you cashback for completing online tasks.

This is one of the best rewards websites that I’ve reviewed because OhMyDosh pays cash, there’s no minimum offer threshold, and you can cash out at £10.

OhMyDosh is a good choice if you’re looking to earn some extra money online in the UK.


  • Reasonable pay for a GPT site.
  • Lots of offers.
  • Pays cash.
  • Legit site and company.
  • Free to join.
  • Low cashout threshold.
  • No minimum offer threshold.
  • Very good user reviews on Trustpilot.
  • ‘No spend’ category means you can avoid offers with costs.


  • UK residents only.
  • Some offers cost money.
  • Sneaky rebills with some merchants.
  • Low long-term earning potential.
  • Can take up to 30 days for money to be credited.
  • Some offers might not track.
  • Possible spam emails.

Payments and Ownership: I DON’T own or work for OhMyDosh. If you have payment issues – you’ll need to contact OhMyDosh directly. ALWAYS make sure that you understand the payment and billing arrangements BEFORE subscribing or buying anything.

Opinion Disclaimer: the content in this review is ultimately a reflection of my own opinions and is not intended to malign any religion, ethnic group, club, organization, company, individual, anyone, or anything.

This post contains affiliate links. This means that if you click a link and buy something, we might make money. This is at NO extra cost to yourself. But it helps to keep this website up and running. 🙂 As per the Review Policy, the presence of affiliate links does NOT influence the content of the review.

Type:GPT – cashback
Price:Free to join
Money-back guarantee?N/A
Rating:3.8 / 5
Recommended?Yes – if you like rewards websites
How to join?Click here to join now

Welcome to my honest OhMyDosh review.

I’d heard that OhMyDosh is quite good if you’re looking to make a bit of extra pocket money online…

So I decided to sign up for myself to see what the score is.

Here’s what I discovered.

Screenshot of the OhMyDosh Website.

Image source: OhMyDosh.co.uk

What is OhMyDosh?

OhMyDosh is a type of cashback website.

Where you’re paid money directly into your OhMyDosh account for signing up to 3rd-party websites and completing a specific action.

Such qualifying activities may include:

  • Taking out a subscription.
  • Signing up for a service like a broadband, energy, or phone plan.
  • Spending money with a casino, bingo, sportsbook, or lottery provider.
  • Starting a free trial with someone like Amazon, Which, or Audible.
  • Investing in stocks or shares.
  • Taking out a car, pet, or home insurance policy.
  • Downloading apps.
  • Shopping online.
  • Entering competitions.
  • Taking an online survey.

The whole thing is a bit like 20 Cogs

Except you’re not forced to complete a set number of tasks before you can cash out.

More on cashing out in just a moment.

Screenshot of the OhMyDosh No Spend Offers.

Who’s Behind OhMyDosh?

Submission Technology Ltd is behind OhMyDosh.

Submission Technology Ltd’s Beehive and Clickwork7 platforms offer lead generation solutions for advertisers and publishers.

Submission Technology Ltd was incorporated in June 2002.

Is OhMyDosh a Scam or a Legit GPT Site?

OhMyDosh appears to be a legitimate GPT website that pays out and is NOT a scam.

I’m basing this on the high number of positive review that I discovered on Trustpilot…

Where the average rating is 5/5 stars based on an aggregate of 2,250 user reviews:

Screenshot of OhMyDosh's Trustpilot user review score.

Image source: uk.trustpilot.com/review/ohmydosh.co.uk

Is OhMyDosh Safe to Use?

The OhMyDosh website is as safe as a website can be.


Although OhMyDosh appears to link to pretty legit 3rd party websites, you should always think twice before entering your personal details or payment information with a merchant…

And just bail out if something looks off.

How Does OhMyDosh Work?

The concept is pretty simple.

  • Create your free OhMyDosh account.
  • Choose an offer from the categories bar.
  • Click on the ‘earn [amount]’ button for an offer.
  • Follow the instructions exactly as described.
  • Wait to get paid.
  • Withdraw your money.

Can Anyone Sign Up?


You must be from the UK and at least 18 years old.

How Much Money Can You Make With OhMyDosh?


I’ve seen other Oh My Dosh reviews that claim to have made more than £20 within the first 30 minutes of joining.

Which isn’t bad at all.

And some of the cashback deals are as much as £50 for some of the financial investment offers.


It’s important to remember that not every offer is 100% free because you quite often have to spend money to get the cashback…

And you could even lose money with some of the gambling offers.

(Unless you incorporate matched betting or casino matched betting).

But to answer the question?

I’d say that you’d be lucky to make more than £1 per hour on average with cashback sites in general over a large sample of offers.

This estimate is based on the NerdWallet’s online survey case study.

What’s the Minimum Cashout Threshold?

The minimum cashout for OhMyDosh is £10.

Which is surprisingly reasonable, since many GPT sites will typically enforce a ridiculously high threshold so they can avoid paying you.

How Are Payments Made?

Payments are made either to your bank or PayPal account.

Payments are processed 3 times per week and you’ll usually get your money within 5 working days.


It can initially take up to 30 days from the point of completing an offer to have the money credited from the merchant to your OhMyDosh account – at which point you can then cash out.

The delay is due to the fact that OhMyDosh need to get paid by the merchant before they can pay you – since OhMyDosh operates on the affiliate/CPA business model.

How Do You Submit a Missing Offer Claim?

In some cases, it may take longer than 30 days to have your offer go from ‘pending’ to ‘payable’.

But you may also wish to submit a ‘missing offer’ claim if you think that your offer has not tracked.

Follow the instructions here to submit your claim.

Does OhMyDosh Have a Referral Scheme?


You can get £5 for each person that joins up through your unique referral link.

Your link is located under the ‘refer friends’ section on the left-hand navigation bar of your OhMyDosh membership area.

Screenshot of the OhMyDosh Referral Scheme.

My Thoughts On OhMyDosh

I’ve been using and reviewing GPT sites for a long time now…

So I’ve got a fair idea of what you need to watch out for with these types of rewards platforms.

And having had a good look at their website…

Here are my honest thoughts on – and advice for – using OhMyDosh.

1: It’s a Legit Way to Make Money


You’re not going to get rich, but OhMyDosh is actually a legitimate way to make a bit of extra pocket money online.

Which is saying something.

Because the vast majority of the GPT sites that I’ve recently reviewed have either turned out to be low-quality aggregator sites or outright data harvesting scams.

2: Don’t Overlook the Affiliate Scheme

In my opinion?

The affiliate scheme is probably the best way to make money with OhMyDosh in the long run.


Because by posting your affiliate link somewhere where people are likely to click it and join up can make you money passively.

This means that you don’t have to sit there signing up to different websites over and over again to avail of the cashback offers.

And at £5 per referral…

You could earn yourself a nice steady stream of passive income by placing your links in the right places.

And where’s the best place to put your links?

You could try Facebook groups and forums for some ‘smash and grab’ referrals.

But I’d recommend setting up your own website that is likely to attract people interested in OhMyDosh and inserting your links there.

Money saving/making and lifestyle blogs aimed at parents and students seem to be pretty popular and relevant.

3: Watch Out for Sneaky Rebills

This isn’t so much a problem with OhMyDosh itself.

Because I ran into the same problem using 20 Cogs.

But basically…

Some of the subscription and lottery services will ask for your bank details upfront.

And then start billing you automatically without warning when the trial period is up.

You can avoid some of these headaches using the ‘no spend’ offer category.

But always make sure you read the fine-print so that you’re aware of the exact billing terms.

4: Use a Separate Email Address

Even if the 3rd party websites that you’re joining are legit…

Always use a separate email address to sign up with.

This will allow you to manage your correspondence more effectively.

And avoid getting overwhelmed with spam.


Be careful when giving away sensitive data to 3rd party sites.

Especially online surveys.

Because you don’t really know what they’re going to do with it.

5: Use an Anti-Malware Suite

I’m probably being a bit over cautious here.

Because I recognised many of the 3rd party merchants being linked to from OhMyDosh as being legit.

But I always like to keep my real-time anti-malware protection switched on when visiting unfamiliar sites.

Because on a number of occasions…

This has saved me from getting caught out by dodgy sites that house trojans, hijackers, and other malicious programs.

Better to be safe than sorry in my view.


  • Reasonable pay for a GPT site.
  • Lots of offers.
  • Pays cash.
  • Legit site and company.
  • Free to join.
  • Low cashout threshold.
  • No minimum offer threshold.
  • Very good user reviews on Trustpilot.
  • ‘No spend’ category means you can avoid offers with costs.


  • UK residents only.
  • Some offers cost money.
  • Sneaky rebills with some merchants.
  • Low long-term earning potential.
  • Can take up to 30 days for money to be credited.
  • Some offers might not track.
  • Possible spam emails.

Conclusion: One Of the Better GPT Sites

If I’m being honest?

Although I’m not really a fan of GPT sites on the whole due to their poor relative hourly rate…

OhMyDosh is probably one of the best ones that I’ve reviewed so far.


They pay you in real money (no ‘points’ nonsense).

The cashout level is set at a reasonable level of just £10.

And you’re not forced to complete a specific number of offers before you can withdraw.

Is OhMyDosh Right for You?

If you’re looking to make a bit of extra pocket money online in the UK…

And you don’t mind trading your time for money, then you’ll probably like using OhMyDosh.

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