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Type:Fund recovery
Trial?Free consultation
Money-back guarantee?No
Rating:4 / 5
How to join?Click here for your free consultation

I expose a lot of scams here on Online Income Solutions.

This has resulted in two things.

The first being people contacting me asking for help getting their money back.

And the second being companies trying to leave comments on my posts and reviews offering to help scam victims get their money back.

Seems like an ideal match – right?

Not exactly.

Because pretty much without exception…

Those offering such ‘help’ are actually fund-recovery room scams.

Who’re deliberately retargeting people who have lost money to a scam with the intention of scamming them for a second time…

By charging them an upfront fee to ‘get their money back’…

Only to take that cash and disappear into the ether never to be seen again.


I was pretty sceptical when I heard of MyChargeBack.

But I’ve done a some further digging on this company.

And as I’m about to reveal in this honest MyChargeBack review…

The service they offer may indeed be of use to you.

But there are a few things to keep in mind also.

What is MyChargeBack?

MyChargeBack is a fund recovery service.

Who specialise in helping individuals who have lost a minimum of $5,000 to a scam get their money back.

This is apparently done by issuing a chargeback, wire recall, or court case.

Each case is reviewed individually and is subject to acceptance.

Screenshot of the MyChargeBack Website.

Image source:

Who’s Behind MyChargeBack?

Cactil LLC is the company associated with the MyChargeBack brand.

According to MyChargeBack’s BBB profile…

MyChargeBack apparently has offices in Europe, Africa, Asia, Oceania, and the Americas.

Which Scams Are Covered?

Pretty much all scams are eligible.

Providing that you paid via credit or debit card.

Here’s a list of scams that MyChargeBack could potentially help you with:

  • Binary options scams.
  • Forex trading scams.
  • Cryptocurrency scams.
  • Medical malpractice scams.
  • Agribusiness scams.
  • Business email compromise scams.
  • Carbon credit trading scams.
  • Charity scams.
  • Credit card skimming scams.
  • Credit repair scams.
  • Diamond investment scams.
  • Fake cheque and money order scams.
  • Foreclosure scams.
  • Forgery scams.
  • Funeral scams.
  • Ponzi scams.
  • Gift card scams.
  • Scams targeting the elderly.
  • Home repair scams.
  • Loan fee scams.
  • Lottery prize scams.
  • Online gambling and casino scams.
  • Online shopping, classified ads, and auction scams.
  • Parking ticket scams.
  • Pension advance and release scams.
  • Pet scams.
  • Phishing scams.
  • Rare metal investment scams.
  • Real estate scams.
  • Reverse mortgage scams.
  • Small business scams.
  • Student loan forgiveness scams.
  • Tax impersonation scams.
  • Tax rebate scams.
  • Travel prize scams.
  • Unregulated investment scams.
  • Used car scams.
  • Vacation and holiday scams.
  • Warranty scams.

What is a Chargeback?

A chargeback is a demand by a credit card provider or bank to a retailer to reimburse the loss on a fraudulent or disputed transaction.

This retroactive action can be initiated by yourself if you believe you did not authorise the transaction…

Or that the transaction was made for goods or services that were not delivered as contracted.

How Does MyChargeBack Work?

In their own words:

‘Our Chargeback Program is custom-made for clients seeking to retrieve $5,000 or more in funds charged to a credit or debit card. It will provide you with a comprehensive and compelling Dispute Report designed to explain to your bank why it should approve your chargeback request. The MyChargeBack team will accompany you from start to finish throughout the chargeback process, regardless of the time it takes.


Can’t You Just Do a Chargeback Yourself?


But when dealing with anything other than clear fraud – such as service related chargebacks – the banks may incorrectly dismiss your case.

This may happen because you’re forced to acknowledge that you authorised the transaction.

In which case the bank may use this as an overruling factor – despite the fact that the service provided was not as described.

This is especially true in the case of trying to recover funds from binary options and other trading scams.

Furthermore, you may struggle to get anywhere if the 120 day ‘deadline’ for filing a credit card dispute has passed.

MyChargeBack can supposedly present a better case for you – even if the deadline has passed.

How Much Does It Cost?

The initial consultation is free.

You can book yours by clicking here.

Your case will then be assessed on an individual basis.


The fees will be tailored as such.

But I believe that you’ll be charged an initial fee to cover ‘documentation and discussions with your bank’.

Plus a ‘success fee’ that – I can only assume – is a percentage of the money recouped.

I don’t know what the exact percentage is though.

Can Any Amount Be Recovered?


MyChargeBack say that they will only consider cases where the amount lost is $5,000 or more.

Are All Cases Accepted?


If your case presents ‘insurmountable obstacles’ then it’s unlikely to be taken.

Are You Guaranteed to Get Your Money Back?

Not every case will be successful.

Although MyChargeBack say they will be honest and upfront with you in regards to whether ‘…our services would be of benefit to you’.

Is MyChargeBack a Scam or Legit?

Based on my research?

I think that MyChargeBack is legit and NOT a ‘recovery room’ retargeting scam.

Because they have an A- rating on the BBB website at the time of writing.

And although I’ve not personally gone through the claim process with MyChargeBack…

There are many reports online from people who say that MyChargeBack DID help them get their money back.

I’ve provided some examples below.

Along with a few things that you’ll probably want to keep in mind.

My Thoughts On MyChargeBack

In light of my research?

Here are my thoughts and feedback in relation to MyChargeBack.

Feel free to leave a comment at the end of this review with your own experiences with MyChargeBack.

1: You Could Get Your Money Back

I had a look online for some genuine MyChargeBack user reviews and testimonials.

MyChargeBack has a rating of 4/5 stars on Trustpilot based on 139 reviews.

With 77% of the reviews being marked as ‘excellent’:

Screenshot of MyChargeBack Trustpilot overall rating.

Image source: Trustpilot – MyChargeBack reviews.


Here are some individual reports from people who apparently got their money back with the help of MyChargeBack.

Screenshot of a report from a MyChargeBack user who apparently got their money back.


Here’s a 5 star review from another site:

Screenshot of a MyChargeBack testimonial.

2: You Might Lose Money


If I’ve understood the process correctly…

Then after your free consultation…

You’ll have to pay to have MyChargeBack prepare your case and engage with your bank.


This isn’t a guarantee that you’ll get your money back.

So unless I’ve missed something major here…

You could end up out of pocket again if your case is unsuccessful.

My only hope is that MyChargeBack will be honest and upfront about your chances of success in your free consultation.

3: You Won’t Get The Full Amount Back

As I said before.

An additional percentage fee is applied to the amount successfully recovered.

I don’t know what the exact percentage is.

But this ‘success fee’ means that you’re never going to get 100% of the lost amount back.


  • People have reported getting their money back.
  • Possibly a better chance of success than filing a chargeback alone.
  • Free consultation.


  • Not guaranteed to get your money back.
  • Initial fee once your case is accepted.
  • Case not eligible if you’ve lost less than $5,000.

Conclusion: Take The Free Consultation

In my view?

You have two options here.

The first?

To file the chargeback on your own.

Where you’ll get to keep all of the money if you’re successful.

But with a potentially increased risk of losing because your case wasn’t prepared and presented in the most robust manner.

The second?

To have MyChargeBack use their expertise to give you the best possible chance of getting your money back.

In exchange for the initial fee plus a percentage of the money recouped.

The bottom line?

I would take the free consultation by clicking the button below.

This will help you gain a better understanding of how successful your case is likely to be.