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My Income Club shows you how to market the same opportunity to others and make money when they make additional purchases via your affiliate links.

Because My Income Club doesn’t ask for an upfront payment or rely on ‘downlines’.

It’s technically not a pyramid or MLM scheme.

But I personally feel that you may eventually run into market saturation issues and thus struggle to get sign ups.

Simply because the training and resources are all centred around promoting My Income Club to others – who will then do the same.

Overall: I personally don’t feel happy recommending My Income Club to others – but the choice is ultimately yours.


  • You might make money.
  • Some value to the training.
  • Free to join (at the time of writing).


  • Based on recruiting others into the same programme.
  • Linked to 3rd-party MLM schemes.
  • You might struggle to get sign ups.
  • Not a sustainable business model.

Opinion Disclaimer: the content in this review is ultimately a reflection of my own opinions and is not intended to malign any religion, ethnic group, club, organization, company, individual, anyone, or anything.

Name:My Income Club
Type:Affiliate marketing
Price:Free (at the time of writing)
Money-Back Guarantee?N/A
Rating:2.3 / 5
Recommended?No (unsustainable business model)
How to Join?Invite only – referral link

Welcome to my honest My Income Club review.

I’m a member of a few ‘make money online’ Facebook groups.

Where nearly every single post is basically someone trying to recruit for a scam or promote their own stuff.

And whilst I’d never actually think about trying to legitimately make money with such ‘opportunities’.

I do like to bait the scammers and their affiliates to find out what they’re up to.

And that’s exactly how I found out about My Income Club…

When I responded to this ‘ad’ asking for ‘more info’:

Facebook Post Advertising My Income Club

I was then sent a PM with a referral link to join My Income Club.

Here’s what I discovered upon clicking that link…

What is My Income Club?

Good question.

Having signed up to My Income Club and worked my way through their membership area.

It seems to me that My Income Club simply provides you with some basic internet marketing training that shows you how to recruit others into My Income Club – who will then do the same.

I’ll explain why this sort of business model might prove to be a problem for you in just a moment.

My Income Club Logo Large

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How Do You Make Money With My Income Club?

Unless I’ve missed something major here.

It looks like the only way to make money with My Income Club is by getting others to join My Income Club through your referral link.


This alone won’t make you any money.

Because as far as I can tell…

The only way that you’ll actually earn any cash is when your referral then goes on to sign up to the affiliated products and services included inside My Income Club.

These include:

  • MyEcon (MLM platform);
  • Easy1Up (MLM platform);
  • Aweber (email autoresponder);
  • ClickFunnels (funnel builder).

And I do have concerns regarding the quality of a few of these services.

More on this soon.

Is it Actually Possible to Make Money With My Income Club?

It seems like it.

Because they reference legit affiliate programmes like Aweber’s.

However, I do think that there are better ways to make money online with affiliate marketing.

(Check out my own personal $10,893.77 niche website case study to learn how).

Who’s Behind My Income Club?

The two chaps that appear in the My Income Club videos introduce themselves as Diosnedy Pelegrin and Alfredo Delgado.

Here are their Facebook profiles:

How Much Does My Income Club Cost?

I was able to join up for free.


There are additional costs involved in regards to setting up your autoresponder.

Plus, you’ll also have to pay extra if you decide to implement any of their ‘paid traffic’ training (solo ads).

Is My Income Club a Scam or Legit?


My Income Club is not a scam.

Because you’re getting free internet marketing training on strategies that can theoretically work.

(I know because I’ve used them myself).


You could actually make money if someone signs up via your referral link and then goes on to make additional purchases.


I wouldn’t feel happy saying that My Income Club is 100% legit either.


Because I have some serious concerns regarding My Income Club’s apparently self-serving business model.

More on this shortly.

Here’s How My Income Club Works

This is how you use My Income Club.

1: Join Via a Referral Link

It looks like the only way to join My Income Club is through a referral link.

Because when I go to it just redirects to the login page with no option to join up.

Now… I could post my own referral link so that you can join.

But honestly?

I don’t really want to get involved with this programme.

However, if you do click on someone’s referral link.

You’ll end up on a landing page that’ll look something like this:

Examples of My Income Club Landing Pages

Where you can jump through the required hoops to get access to My Income Club.

2: Configure Your Funnel

Once you’re inside your membership area.

You’ll be guided through a 4-step process that – to be honest – is really just designed to get you to sign up to MyEcon and Easy1Up.

In order to actually get set up?

You’ll need to follow the instructions under the ‘Training’ tab to learn how to configure your landing pages and follow-up sequence.

Screenshot of My Income Club's Main Menu

3: Drive Traffic

The next step is to drive traffic to your landing page.

Go to ‘Training’ > ‘Free Traffic’.

And you’ll find some videos that explain how to get traffic using Facebook and YouTube.

If you go to the ‘Traffic’ tab.

You’ll also find additional training on how to generate more traffic using paid ‘solo ad’ techniques.

Pros – What I Like About My Income Club

Here’s what I think is good about My Income Club.

1: There’s Some Value in the Training


Is the training inside My Income Club comprehensive enough to help you market ANY opportunity online?

Not in my view.

Because the training is all geared towards promoting My Income Club.

(Here’s the FREE training that I used to help me make $10,893.77 from internet marketing).

But if you’re 100% new to making money online?

Then you may find the videos about setting up Aweber and using solo ads useful.

2: It’s (Almost) Done-For-You


You do need to set up Aweber.

And you might need to pay for traffic if you’re not getting results with Facebook or YouTube.

But other than that?

You’re pretty much set.

Because your capture pages come with your affiliate links already integrated into them.

All you need to do is get people to join up via them to secure leads.

3: No Upfront Costs

At the time of writing?

You can join My Income Club for free.

Which is a good thing.

Because you won’t make any money with this system if you can’t get people to join up.

Cons – What I DON’T Like About My Income Club

Here’s what I’m not so keen on.

1: Focus On Recruitment

As I said earlier.

Unless, I’ve missed something.

The only way to make money with My Income Club is by getting others to join My Income Club.

And then taking a cut when they subscribe to Aweber etc.


Because My Income Club DOESN’T charge an initial fee so that you can market the same opportunity to others (unlike Press 1 Cash).

It’s technically not a pyramid scheme or MLM (‘multi-level marketing’) set up.


I’d argue that the business model is still self-serving.

Because all of the done-for-you capture pages are configured to promote My Income Club and nothing else.

Which means that you may end up struggling to get people to join up once the market has become saturated with the same landing pages.

2: Links to MLM Schemes

Aweber and ClickFunnels are legitimate marketing tools.

But MyEcon and Easy1Up are a different kettle of fish.

Because when I looked online for MyEcon reviews and Easy1Up reviews.

I discovered that they are MLM (‘multi-level marketing’) schemes.

I’ve personally reviewed MLMs like Herbalife before.

And the MLM model typically makes it very difficult to make any money because the focus is on recruitment.

Plus you could actually end up LOSING money if you’re forced to make an upfront payment.


I would suggest that you conduct your own research in regards to MyEcon and Easy1Up before getting involved.

3: Not a Source of Stable Income

In my opinion?

‘Done-for-you’ systems are not a great way to make money over the long term.

Because there’s always the risk that the owners will close up shop.

Which means that your new online business could disappear at any point.

The alternative?

The strategy that worked for me was setting up and monetising my OWN websites.

Because it’s up to me what I promote and where I get my traffic from.

Check out my $10,893.77 case study to see how I did it.

Conclusion: Not a Scam – But Be Careful

Although I don’t really like how My Income Club works.

I can’t really call it a scam.

(Based on what I’ve seen so far).

Because it’s technically not a pyramid scheme, the training is kind of legit, and you might make money.

But if you’re thinking about promoting My Income Club…

Just keep in mind that your new online ‘business’ is likely built on a house of cards.

And if the whole thing collapses.

So will your source of income.

As such?

I don’t recommend My Income Club.

But the choice is ultimately yours.

Or Have I Got it All Wrong?

What have I overlooked?

Are you making really good money with My Income Club?

Or have you spotted a serious flaw in their training or marketing system that I haven’t?

Let me know what you think about My Income Club in the comments section below.

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