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The Betting Gods is a professional tipster management platform that provides you with profitable sports betting tips across a range of sports.

Each tipster must pass a strict 16-week proofing process before they are allowed to join the Betting Gods tipster stable.

All tipsters are subject to ongoing auditing and are cut if they cannot maintain an acceptable level of performance.

The Betting Gods was founded in 2014 by Darren Moore and are now widely recognised in the tipping service industry for their professionalism and excellent customer service.

Some of the best pro-tipsters in the UK operate out of the Betting Gods platform – such as Gary Poole and Quentin Franks.

The Betting Gods is my #1 solution for anyone who wants to make money from speculative betting.


  • Excellent proofing protocol.
  • Tipsters subject to ongoing auditing.
  • Highly rated on Trustpilot.
  • Established tipsters.
  • 30-day money back guarantee.
  • Covers a range of sports.
  • Excellent customer service.
  • Trusted brand – founded in 2014.


  • Price attainability with some tipsters.

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Name:Betting Gods
Type:Sports betting tipster stable
Money-Back Guarantee?30-days
Rating:4.4 / 5
How to Join?View tipsters here

I first started dabbling with sports betting tipsters and Betfair trading systems back in around 2015.

Mostly in an effort to supplement my matched betting income.

And after getting caught out by a bunch of scams and purchasing some generally very poor products early on.

I finally managed to find success with the Betting Gods professional tipster network in around 2016.

Since then, I’ve tested a wide range of their tipsters, including:

  • Rods Runners;

The Bookies Enemy Stats

  • The Boxing Betting Tipster;
  • The Football Formula.

Whilst each service had its ups and downs.

I made more money than I lost overall.

I’ve included some of my trial results in the second half of this Betting Gods review.

And by sharing my first-hand experiences this should hopefully help you decide if the Betting Gods service is right for you.

Let’s jump in.

Betting Gods Free Horse Racing Tips

What is Betting Gods?

The Betting Gods is a tipster stable.

This means that they do not produce their own betting tips and predictions in-house.

Instead, they seek out and independently proof so-called ‘professional’ sports bettors.

And if the tipster is able to pass their 16-week vetting process, they are invited to join the Betting Gods’ tipster network.

In addition to their ‘attainable results’ and ‘industry-leading support’.

Their ‘extensive vetting’ is what makes the ‘Betting Gods different from the rest’ (according to them):

Betting Gods Claims

Being on the ‘roster’ means that your tips will be distributed to folks who have subscribed to your service.

(Yes – you can apply to become a Betting Gods tipster if you think that you’re good enough!)

And you will be compensated accordingly.

As a consumer, you’ll only pay for the individual services that you subscribe to.

That is, under normal conditions, you can’t ‘join’ Betting Gods and get unlimited access to all of their individual tipsters in one go.

Who Owns the Betting Gods?

Darren Moore - Owner of Betting Gods

The Betting Gods is a registered company that was founded in 2014 by Darren Moore (pictured).

Although Companies House lists Betting Gods as being dissolved as of April 2018 – this is because they have moved their head office to Malta.

Now called Betting Gods Malta Ltd, their registered address is Level 4, The Quay, Portomaso Marina, STJ 4010, Malta.

And their company number is C81743.

In addition to Darren, the other staff listed are:

  • Maria Della – HR Manager.
  • Michael Romero – Graphic Designer.
  • Tackitey Ebenezer – Agent.

An Interview With Darren Moore

I caught up with Darren himself to ask him a few questions.

Here’s what he had to say.

How Did You Get Into Betting and What Inspired You to Create the Betting Gods?

“I had been in the betting industry for a few years before launching Betting Gods. Initially, I worked with another tipster network as an affiliate manager and then I launched Tipster Warehouse with a partner.

However, it turned out we wanted to take Tipster Warehouse in different directions; so we decided to part ways and that is where Betting Gods came from.”

What Have Been Your Highlights So Far?

“As a business, seeing people rave about our network has got to be the greatest highlight and receiving emails from people who have made a decent profit by following our tipsters.

When it comes to our tipsters, there are a few big winners from the past 12 months which were certainly highlights for me.

I remember the Golf Betting Expert picking the winner of the Hong Kong open just before Christmas at 250/1. Another memorable bet was recommended by The Each Way King back in May, a 1pt EW doubles on two horses, which produced a profit of nearly 175pts. 

It’s easy to pick out the huge wins throughout the year though, wins that some people may call lucky. It’s why my final highlight of Betting Gods is seeing tipsters stand the test of time.

Tipsters like Value Racing Tips (been with us since November 2013), Master Racing Tipster (April 2014) and Quentin Franks Racing (July 2014) have all proven that in the long term you can make money from your betting as long as you’re disciplined and stick with it.”

What Sets the Betting Gods Apart from the Competition?

“Quite a few of our competitors seem to launch new services every few weeks with some networks now managing 50 or more services. We think this is the completely wrong way to go about it.

Instead, at Betting Gods, we focus on quality whilst providing tipsters who cover a range of betting styles and sports.

We run Betting Gods both for bettors and for our tipsters. Our aim is to provide profitable tips to our members but to also ensure our tipsters receive the exposure they deserve and we don’t see how this is possible with a network of 50.

We are also trying to be the most honest and open network on the internet.

We’re not saying other networks are dishonest or use shady tactics in their marketing, but we do everything possible to prove we can be trusted. This includes allowing any review sites to review any service for as long as they want, keeping results completely up to date and not hiding losses.”

Do You Sponsor Any Races or Events?

“We’ve had some trackside advertising at UK racecourses, but have recently started sponsoring industry events and conferences such as SiGMA in Malta, ViGE in Vienna, and Betting on Football.”

Have You Been Featured in Any Prominent Media Outlets?

“In the interest of transparency, we strive to achieve as much publicity as possible, recent examples include Money Penny, Calvin Ayre, Malta Today, Trustpilot.”

How Do You Select Your Tipsters?

“Our vetting process lasts a minimum of 4 months which unsurprisingly stops quite a few so-called tipsters applying in the first place.

During those 4 months, our proofing team will record the results of every tip and after the first 4 months, we decide if the service is ready to launch or if we require further proofing. This allows us to find both profitable and serious tipsters.

Once a service has launched, we are constantly keeping an eye on results and have in the past limited the sales of a service due to poor performance and in some cases removed a service entirely from the Betting Gods platform.”

What Differentiates Your Tipsters from Each Other?

“We feel each and every tipster on the Betting Gods network is here for a reason and provides something different to one another. For example:

  • Value Racing Tips – 3 level stakes win bets sent the evening before racing.
  • Master Racing Tipster – Just 1 or 2 bets a day with a full write up provided.
  • Big Racing Bookie Busters – Focusses on the big festivals with a full write up.

Then there are tipsters who focus on finding value but will often have a lower strike rate or tipsters with a higher strike rate but who tend to look at the slightly shorter odds.”

What Does the Future Hold for Betting Gods?

“Ultimately Betting Gods is a business and, hopefully, the future holds further growth with more and more bettors discovering the platform.

What this does mean is that we plan to put more effort into getting the Betting Gods brand out there whether this is through further sponsorships of sports events or advertising.

We also want to look at covering sports we currently don’t cover such as tennis, cricket and US horse racing.” ***


All of these sports are now covered by the Betting Gods current roster of tipsters.

How Do You Make Money With the Betting Gods Tipsters?

At the time of writing, there are 22 tipsters listed on the Betting Gods platform.

So, the first order of business is to find a tipster that suits your betting style.

You can do this by using their Tipster Comparison Table to sort each service in terms of their average monthly profits, strike rate and return on investment (ROI):

You can then click through to each service to find out more about the average odds, the type of bets advised, the time the tips are issued, the number of tips sent each month and the required starting bankroll (in points).

Plus, you’ll also see a graph that maps the total profit to date at the advised prices.

Once you’ve signed up, you’ll start getting emails telling you what to bet on and how much you should risk.

And then you just sit back and watch the profits ‘roll’ in.

In theory!

Does it Work?

Generally speaking – yes.

I’ve made more money than I’ve lost following the Betting Gods tipsters over the last few years.

And why does it work?

Because the tipsters know enough about the sport to identify what are called ‘value bets’.

Value bets are bets that pay out more money than what is considered to be mathematically fair – relative to the selection’s true probability of success.

And when combined with the optimal staking strategy, this serves to create a net profit over time.

Quentin Franks Racing Results

How to Profit With the Betting Gods

Tipping services aren’t a get rich quick scheme.

Because not every value bet that you place will win.

Just like financial investing – you’ll need to be patient and consistent when following a historically profitable tipster.

To increase the chance of success you’ll need to commit to placing bets for at least 3 – 6 months.

This will allow for the wins and losses to even out.

You should always stick to the advised staking plan for your tipster.

Also, running several tipsters alongside each other is a good way to stabilise the variance.

Because it’s going to be more likely that one or more of your tipsters is going to be ‘in form’.

Click the button below to compare tipsters and build your portfolio.

How Much Does it Cost to Join the Betting Gods?

Each individual tipster has its own pricing structure.

Typically, there are monthly, quarterly and annual plans available for each service.

And you can usually test each one at a discounted rate.

What’s the Refund Policy Like?

You can claim a full refund any time within 30-days.

All payments and refunds are processed via the ClickBank platform.

Do Their Tipsters Work on the Betting Exchanges?

Most of the Betting Gods tipsters are not designed to work on the betting exchanges.

And because the exchange markets are generally very efficient – there’s always the danger that you’ll kill the value of your bet if you take a worse price.

In fact, depending on how thin the value margin is, even taking an exact price match on the exchange might sap the equity once the commission has been factored in.

With that said, if the appropriate market is available, you can add the commission to the win part of the odds to arrive at an equivalent value price.

For example, the Betfair Exchange charges a 5% fee on winning bets.

Which means that to avoid value decay, 5% must be added on to the win part of odds to preserve any intrinsic value.

And so, a selection quoted at decimal odds of 2.0 with the bookmaker would need to be placed at back odds of 2.05 on the Betfair Exchange.

I tried this when I tested out Chloe’s Football Focus.

And it did work to some extent.

The main issue being that I’d often fail to get matched in efficient markets that didn’t drift out to fill my order pre-match.

Betting Gods Free Pro Football Tips

My Personal Results Using 3 of the Betting Gods Tipsters

Here’s a quick snapshot of my results when I tested three of Betting Gods’ tipster services.

1: Chloe’s Football Focus

I found Chloe’s Football Focus to be quite a volatile service.

Which isn’t surprising given that the service explicitly states that the selection process involves backing ‘underdogs’.

However, given that Chloe only recommends 1-2 bets per day, it can feel like the losing runs last forever.

The trade-off, however, is when a long-shot comes in and tips you back into profit.

This is not a service for the impatient.

Chloe's Football Focus Stats and Results

2: Quentin Franks Racing

Quentin Franks is one of the Betting Gods’ most established tipsters.

QFR launched in July 2014 and has amassed a profit of nearly £12,000 at the advised prices.

And his second service, QF Value Tips, has been averaging more than £100 in profit each month since early 2016.

However, I found it quite difficult to obtain the prices quoted.

Meaning that what should have been a profit of 56.4 points for the trial amounted to less than 5.

This gulf is down to the popularity of the service – causing the bookmakers to cut their prices as the weight of money floods in shortly after the tips are issued.

So, you might want to hunt for value prices on the betting exchanges as an alternative.

Quentin Franks Pro Horse Racing Tipster Lifetime Profit Graph

3: Flat Racing Master

The Flat Racing Master was one of the first Betting Gods tipsters that I trialled.

And since I banked my 78 points in profit – Matt has gone on to secure almost £8,000 for his members.

This is an underrated service.

Which means that it’s generally a lot easier to obtain the quoted prices.

Flat Racing Master Results

Betting Gods Testimonials: What Do Others Think?

A quick visit to Trustpilot reveals that out of 392 user reviews, 69% rated Betting Gods as ‘excellent’.

23% of people said that the service was ‘great’, 3% ‘average’, 2% ‘poor’ and just 4% rated Betting Gods as being ‘bad’.

Having worked for an emerging tipping company in the past.

I can say with confidence that this sort of feedback is outstanding.

Betting Gods Reviews on Trustpilot


Because recreational gamblers typically lack the ‘investor’ mindset that is CRITICAL for success with speculative sports betting.

Most gamblers hop from system to system when they hit a losing run.

Instead of giving the tipster time to prove themselves.

And, upon digging into the negative reviews.

It’s quite obvious that many of the authors have vastly underestimated the level of natural variance that’s part and parcel of sports ‘investing’.

The Golf Betting Expert Average Monthly Profits

Betting Gods Review Conclusion: High-Quality Tipsters that You Can Trust

Want to know what I like the most about the Betting Gods service?

It’s the fact that all the tipsters have to pass the 16-week proofing period before being allowed to go live.

And are monitored closely thereafter – subsequently being given the boot if they can’t maintain good results.

This vastly reduces the chance of following a service that’s pure garbage.

Accurate Public Betting Records for Complete Transparency

And that’s not all.

With each tipster’s historical betting record being made completely public.

You can see for yourself how the service has performed over time.

This is important because many companies that just push their own tips are notorious for manipulating past data, cherry picking the results, and generally trying to bend the truth.

In my opinion, the Betting Gods platform is a great place to find your ideal tipster.


  • Reputable tipsters.
  • Discounted trials for most services.
  • 30-day money back guarantee.
  • Tips available for a wide range of sports.
  • Tipsters are proofed prior to launch.
  • Services are subject to ongoing quality control.
  • Support available via email and Live Chat.


  • Price acquisition can be difficult with the more popular services.
  • Unsuitable for users who are unable to manage the stress of dealing with the inevitable losing runs.

Betting Gods 5 Star User Review

A Professional Service that Delivers

Whilst there are obviously going to be variations between individual tipsters in terms of their performance.

The overall Betting Gods service is of a very high quality in my opinion.

I have watched Darren Moore’s company grow steadily over the past few years.

And I believe that this is down to their professional approach in an industry that’s otherwise notorious for being polluted with shoddy services and outright scams.

Betting Gods are taking things in the right direction in my view.

Click the button below to start building your professional tipster portfolio.

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