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Tipstrr is a marketplace that allows you to subscribe to and get tips from some of the most profitable sports betting tipsters in the world.

Every tip is recorded independently via the Tipstrr platform.

Which makes it impossible for a tipster to alter their past results.

Tipstrr offers a massive range of professional sports betting services across a huge range of sports.

Tipstrr is best suited to bettors who want to compare tipsters to find a service that suits their betting style exactly.


  • Accurate records.
  • Free services available.
  • Huge range of sports covered.
  • Reasonably priced.
  • No bookmaker affiliate links.


  • Staking plans not always clear.
  • Full refunds not always available. 

This post contains affiliate links. This means that if you click a link and buy something, we might make money. This is at NO extra cost to yourself. But it helps to keep this website up and running. 🙂 As per the Review Policy, the presence of affiliate links does NOT influence the content of the review.

Type:Sports betting tipster marketplace
Money-Back Guarantee?Partial refunds sometimes available
Rating:4.2 / 5
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Welcome to my Tipstrr review.

Where I’ll be taking a look at one of the most popular tipster platforms currently available online.

Let’s dive in.

What is Tipstrr and How Does Their Marketplace Work?

Tipstrr is a marketplace-style platform that allows independent tipsters to offer their services to people who want to follow their tips.

That is, rather than pushing their own services, the Tipstrr company focuses more on the tools and features that allow you to find the type of tipster that suits your personal betting style.

For example, when you log in and click ‘discover’ on the left-hand panel, you can then filter tipsters by their ROI, profitability, tip volume, odds ranges and more:

Tipstrr Platform Service Filter

That’s basically the core of the Tipstrr service.

With the ‘Tipstrr Pro’ element taking you directly to the most successful and popular tipsters.

These services – as you’d expect – come at a cost.

However, there are plenty of decent tipsters that you can follow for free.

And there are a few other features too.

There’s a section called #BetBetter that provides bookmaker reviews, a heads up on betting scams to avoid, and a library of strategy articles.

(And – as far as I can tell – there are NO bookmaker affiliate links on the site – which is something I didn’t expect).

Here’s what Tipstrr is all about in their own words:

Who’s Behind the Tipstrr Company?

On the website, the founders are listed as:

1: Damien Fearn – Managing Director.

2: Andy Jones – Technical Director.

3: Liam Cooper – Lead Developer.

You can read more about them via their on-site bios – so I’ll not go into further details here.

Damien Fearn – Managing Director

How Do You Make Money With Tipstrr?

At a practical level, you make money with Tipstrr by picking out a profitable tipster that suits your betting style and placing your wagers in accordance with their advice.

At the mathematical level, each tipster that is able to show a profit over a significant sample of bets is ‘beating the odds’.

That is, through their chosen style of analysis – combined with their staking plan – they are able to identify value in the betting markets.

Such bets are called ‘value bets’.

Value Betting in a Nutshell:

For example, if a tipster has decided that a selection has a 50% ‘true’ chance of winning, a fair price would be 2.0.


Because over a large sample of bets, you’d win just as much as you’d lose because:

((+1 unit x 0.5) + (-1 unit x 0.5)) = 0

However, by securing a price at, say, 2.2, you’d show a net profit over time because proportionally, you’d win more than you’d lose:

((+1.2 unit x 0.5) + (-1 unit x 0.5)) = 0.1

A Quick Word on the Overround:

In the real world, matters are complicated by the bookmaker’s ‘overround’ (their edge).

The overround is what keeps the bookmakers in business.

And the average gambler out of pocket.

If a tipster is able to show a profit over a large sample of bets – they are beating the overround.

The analytical process that meets this endpoint, however, differs from tipster to tipster.

Does Tipstrr Work?

I think it’d be more appropriate to question the validity of the tipsters on the platform.

Because as a service, the tipster software most definitely fulfils its purpose when it comes to independently recording the tip results.

That is, a tipster may not attempt to skew the data or leave out losing bets.

Which is something that independently owned tipping services are notorious for.

But to answer the question – yes.

There are plenty of tipsters available that show an impressive profit over 12 months or more of betting.

Each Way Value Tips Stats and Profits

A Bit of Advice

When picking a tipster, it’s important that you look at the sample size and the timeframe over which it was recorded.

For example, if a tipster is showing an enormous profit after just, say, three months of betting – this could be due to a big priced winner that’s skewed the results.

Personally, I only start to consider statistical significance at around the 500-bet mark.

This allows for the wins and losses to even out and for regression to the mean to occur.

In the case of high volume tipsters, I look for that sample size to be distributed over 12 months or more.

This is particularly important with horse racing tipsters – where transitions between the flat-jump cycles can be problematic for some tipsters.

Similarly, football systems may need to be tested over a couple of seasons to account for the fundamental shifts.

What are the Risks?

Obviously, not every bet is going to win.

Even winning tipsters tend to have the equivalent of around three losing months out of the year.

As such, you need to be properly bankrolled and ensure that you follow the staking advice of your chosen tipster correctly.

Over-staking and chasing losses is a sure-fire way to go broke very quickly.

There’s also the risk that a winning tipster could go off the boil and lose their edge.

If you’ve done your due diligence on the tipster’s betting record, it’s going to be up to you to decide when to pull the plug if their current performance is worse than what you’d expect.

Personally, I give a tipster that’s historically profitable 3 – 6 months to prove themselves in real time.

How Much Does it Cost to Join Tipstrr?

You can open an account and follow a range of tipsters for free.

Should you wish to follow a Pro Tipster, you may do so on a weekly, monthly, quarterly, biannual, or annual basis.

Subscription prices vary.

And many come with a trial period.

For example, ThunderStrike – the multi-sport tipster with a historical profit of £5,957.21 over the last 6 months – charges £39 per month after the 7-day trial that costs £1:

ThunderStrike Professional Multi Sport Tipster

My Experience Using 3 of Tipstrr’s Pro Services

I performed a micro-trial on three of Tipstrr’s Pro services.

The sample size was far too small to draw any meaningful conclusions.

However, it gave me a fair impression of the service quality being offered by Tipstrr in general.

And on the whole, I was impressed.

The tips arrived promptly via email, and I could also log into the platform directly to check the tips.

And from there, I could also view the results as they came in:

Each Way Value Tips Results

1: Each Way Value Tips:

This is one of Tipstrr’s most popular services.

Nearly all the tips were ante-post and I found the prices pretty easy to obtain.

I also had a go at taking prices on the Betfair Exchange – with mixed results.

Mainly because opportunist ‘layers’ would shape the early exchange markets with poor back-prices.

To combat this, I queued up bets at both the advised price and an equivalent value price (+5%).

These bets were matched at a rate of 70% but showed a small loss over the recorded sample size.

2: WadsterTips: 

This tennis tipster was able to secure a strike rate that mapped to equivalent odds of 3.53.

But by following his tips – I was able to secure average odds of 4.75.

And this value margin manifested as a nice profit of nearly 30 points over the sample size.

My attempts to turn a profit on the Betfair Exchange, however, were mostly unsuccessful.

There were either no equivalent markets – or the liquidity was insufficient to get matched.

3: Nmbrs:

Many of the selections posted by this football tipster were quoted at odds available with the Pinnacle platform – which isn’t currently available to UK residents such as myself.

And given the highly obscure nature of his selections, I wasn’t always able to find a UK bookmaker who carried the equivalent markets.

This explains the disparity between the P/L figures for the advised prices and those I obtained.


  • Plenty of profitable tipsters available.
  • You can follow some tipsters for free.
  • Tipsters available for just about every sport.
  • Pro services are reasonably priced.
  • No bookmaker affiliate links.
  • Access to accurate betting records.


  • Staking plans are not always clear.
  • Full refunds not always available. 
  • Always the chance that a winning tipster could turn into a losing one (a universal risk).

Get Daily Free Pro Sports Betting Tips From Tipstrr

Conclusion: Find Your Ideal Tipster With Tipstrr!

Having reviewed a lot of tipsters over the years.

I can report that there are plenty of tipping services that are manipulating their betting records and past data to bend the truth.

But with the Tipstrr platform.

This risk is eliminated.

Because every tip is recorded as it was advised and there’s no way that the tipster can alter this.

So when it comes to transparency.

The Tipstrr platform is as legit as it gets.

Furthermore, the sheer volume of tipsters on offer means that if you want to make money betting on sports.

It’s pretty likely that the Tipstrr platform has something that you’ll like.

Click the button below to have a browse and pick out something that suits your betting style.

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