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Name:Money Rewards
Type:Data harvesting scam
Money-back guarantee?N/A
Rating:< 1 / 5
How to join?Don’t

Data harvesting scams.

Social media is rife with these very deceptive and highly dangerous cons at the moment.

And in this Money Rewards review…

I’ll be revealing why signing up to this website could actually end in the theft of your personal details.

Allow me to explain.

Screenshot of the Money Rewards Website

Image source: MoneyRewards.co

What is Money Rewards?

In my opinion?

Money Rewards is not what it looks like.

Money Rewards claims to pay you $10 for each person that you refer to Money Rewards via your unique affiliate link.

In addition to this…

I also found a $25 ‘welcome bonus’ waiting for me when I logged in.

And if you think that sounds too good to be true…

Then you’re probably right.

Screenshot of Money Rewards Fake Money Earnings

How I Think Money Rewards REALLY Works…

I’ll provide my full reasoning in the next section.

But in a nutshell?

I personally believe that Money Rewards has been set up for nefarious purposes.

Specifically to steal your personal information.

So the owners can sell it on to other companies and possibly even criminals.

Whilst potentially pocketing a nice bit of ‘side cash’ from the CPA deals they hold with the companies listed in their ‘paid’ offers section.

It’s also possible that the owners of Money Rewards may try to break into your personal bank, PayPal and email accounts by using the information you have provided on their site.

Is Money Rewards a Scam or Legit?

It’s my opinion that Money Rewards is scam.

Because in addition to possibly lifting your personal details…

I’m almost certain that not a single person will receive a penny of the ‘money’ they have accrued in their membership area.

And that’s not all.

By using your referral link to ‘make money’…

You’re unknowingly drawing other people into the scam.

Whose personal information may also be harvested for illicit purposes.

Fake Money Rewards Reviews

But before I justify my claims.

I need to tell you that many of the MoneyRewards.co reviews that you’ve probably already seen online are actually fake.

Because these ‘payment proof’ videos are often created by people who don’t realise that they won’t be able to withdraw their balance when the time comes.

Or the reviews are fabricated by the owners themselves to look legit.

3 Reasons Why Money Rewards is a Scam


What makes me so sure that Money Rewards is a data harvesting scam?


Here are three pretty compelling reasons in my book.

1: Resembles Proven Scams

The truth is that I’ve already exposed this type of scam multiple times already.

The precise framework is simply copied and rebranded each time the scam gets busted.

Take a look at any of my previous ‘influencer network’ reviews:


You’ll see that the wording, website design, earning claims, and even the promotional graphics are almost identical to that on the Money Rewards site.

Kids Earn Cash for example is a proven scam.

Because no one got paid.

And some of the people who signed up claimed they had hacking attempts made on their email accounts, and got spammed into oblivion on their mobile phones and social media profiles.

This is what the Kids Earn Cash promotional banner looks like:

Kids Earn Cash Scam Advert

And here’s the modified Money Rewards promotional graphic:

Money Rewards Promotional Graphic

And once I’d logged in?

The membership area is structured very similarly to the other ‘outed’ scams.

Including the ever-critical ‘Paid Offers’ area…

That’s used to redirect you to CPA sites and possibly steal more of your personal details along the way.

Screenshot of the Money Rewards Paid Offers Membership Area

2: Flagged as a Dangerous Site

The instant that I tried to sign up to Money Rewards…

My anti-virus flagged moneyrewards.co as being a potential scam website:


And despite Money Rewards providing testimonials from 2018:

Fake Money Rewards Testimonial

When I did a WHOIS Lookup…

I discovered that the MoneyRewards.co domain was registered in 2019 just 79 days ago:

This irregularity is consistent with how the other data harvesting scam sites present their claims relative to the actual age of the domain.

3: No Real Payment Proof

I’ve yet to find a single genuine user who’s actually gotten paid by Money Rewards.

Because the ‘Testimonials’ section is completely made up.

And the people posting screenshots on Twitter have yet to realise that they can’t actually withdraw their balance.

Give it some time…

And I’m sure that the Money Rewards payment complaints will start to surface.

Conclusion: Almost Certainly a Scam – Avoid

I know.

The evidence that I’ve presented to you is circumstantial at best.

But everything that I’ve seen so far leads me to believe that Money Rewards will turn out to be a data harvesting scam.

And I think that I’ll eventually be proved right.

But until then?

My advice is to avoid Money Rewards and its scam clone sites.


  • None known.


  • Almost certainly a scam.

What’s the Alternative?

In my opinion?

I would forget about GPT (‘get paid to’) sites.

Even the legitimate ones.

Because the relative hourly earning rate is simply too low in my view.


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