Matched betting without free bets may sound impossible.

Because after all.

Free bets are what makes matched betting profitable – right?


But strip away the free bets.

And what are you left with?

The ability to place ‘risk-free’ bets.

Which is what the five strategies below are all derived from.

Allowing you to ‘matched bet without free bets’.

Strategy #1: Place-Market Arbitrage

This strategy makes a profit by exploiting the bookmakers’ pricing mistakes.

Specifically, those in the UK’s horse racing place-markets.

You see, the odds of the horse placing are calculated as a fixed fraction of its win odds.

Which often leads to place odds that are greater than the corresponding lay odds on the Betfair Exchange.

And by laying off the win and place parts separately.

It’s possible to lock in a guaranteed profit:

Each Way Sniper Lay Calculator Profit Output

Earning Potential: £1 – £10 (or more) Per Race

You can expect to make between £1 and £10 for every £100 staked in back bets.

That might not sound like a lot.

But there are usually several qualifying races available each day.

Weekends can be especially lucrative.

With some bets offering a return of £20 – £30 per each £100 staked.


  • Lock in a profit no matter which horse wins;
  • Great for making extra money from bonus-banned (‘gubbed’) accounts;
  • Compound your profits by placing larger bets.


  • Will eventually lead to stake restrictions.

Best For: Gubbed Accounts

Place-market arbitrage exploits the bookmakers’ weak prices.

Which means that it will eventually lead to your accounts being stake-restricted.

That’s why I only use it on my bonus-banned accounts to extract more money.

With that said, if you keep the stakes sizes to no more than £25 each-way.

You can get away with this strategy for quite a long time with the more tolerant bookmakers.

Get Started With Each Way Sniper

You’ll need special each-way odds matching software to find the bets for you.

I use Each Way Sniper because it finds the most profitable bets before they disappear.

And the integrated calculators handle the maths almost instantly.

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Strategy #2: Extra-Place Dutching

Extra-place Dutching exploits the same place-market arbitrage loophole as strategy #1.

But instead of backing and laying.

You place an each-way bet on every horse in the race.

And you only do it on races where the bookmakers are paying out ‘extra places’.

The main advantage here is that you can lock in more money.

Earning Potential: Approx. £30 – £70 Per Every £200 Staked

This is an incredibly rough estimate.

You could make much more.

Or significantly less.

The actual profit figure will depend on the final placement of the horses and how much you staked.


  • Lock in big profits on good races.


  • Not many qualifying races.

Best for Boosting Your Bankroll

High ‘EV’ races only occur around once per day on average.

Making this strategy good for banking a bit of extra money on the ‘side’.

Get Started With the Dutching Bounty Software

You’ll need special software to find the profitable races for you.

And a custom-built calculator to work out the size of the each-way bets.

The Dutching Bounty software does both.

And it comes as part of the Advantage Play Secrets system.

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Strategy #3: Exploit BOG Shifts

If a horse starts the race at a better price than what you originally backed it for.

A BOG (‘best odds guaranteed’) bookmaker will pay out at the better price.

By backing every horse in a race with a BOG bookmaker to remove the risk.

You can make a nice profit when a horse drifts and wins at a BOG price.

Earning Potential: Variable

It’s difficult to quantify an exact amount here.

But if you backed a horse at odds of 10.0 for £20.

And it won at a BOG price of 13.0.

That’s an extra £60 of profit (minus the initial qualifying loss).

And it’s not uncommon for big priced outsiders to drift massively.

Golden Parachute Calculator


  • Big drifts can result in big profits.


  • Won’t work on gubbed accounts if your BOG enhancements were revoked too.

Best For: Mid-Week Profits

There are multiple qualifying races available each day.

Making it a good strategy to use in the week if there’s not much else going on.

Get Started With the Golden Parachute Software

You’re not going to hit a winner on every race.

Which is why it’s crucial that you minimise the qualifying losses.

You do this by only betting on races with tight overrounds.

The Golden Parachute Software that comes with Advantage Play Secrets will do this for you.

Strategy #4: Ante-Post Arbitrage

With this strategy, you back horses in the evening – whose price is expected to shorten the next day.

You then lay off the bet at the lower lay odds to lock in a profit.

When executed correctly – this technique is very low-risk.

Earning Potential: Approx. £30 for every £100 Staked


The earning potential with this system will vary depending on the amount you are staking with each bet.

But on average, you can expect around a 30% ROI (‘return on investment’).


  • Great for extracting more profit from your gubbed accounts.


  • Will eventually lead to stake restrictions.

Best For: Evening and Morning Profits

You need to place the back bets between 6 pm and 11 pm:

Bookie Blowout Software

And you should lay them off the next morning when the price has come in.

However, the bookmakers don’t like people who place these ‘ante-post’ evening bets.

Because they are often ‘professional’ gamblers or racing tipsters.

And such bets are very easy to spot.

So, you should only use this technique on your bonus-banned accounts.

Get Started With Bookie Blowout

The fulcrum of this strategy is consistently finding the horses whose price will shorten.

The Bookie Blowout system will find such selections.

And email the bets to you as soon as they come in.

Strategy #5: Win-Market Arbitrage

Back a selection at high odds with the bookmaker.

And lay it off at a significantly lower price on the betting exchange.

That’s the easiest and quickest way to make money online that I know of.

Which is why it’s also the fastest way to get your bookmaker accounts banned!

Earning Potential: £1 to £20 (or more) Per £100 Staked

Bookmaker-exchange win-market ‘arbs’ provide some of the highest ROI bets that you’ll find online.

And there are dozens of them available each day.

You can compound your profits by increasing your stake sizes.

This will get amplify the effects of the ROI.

Arbitrage Odds Matching Software


  • Almost instant profits.


  • Will get your bookmaker accounts banned quickly.

Best For: Instant Profits

This system is devastatingly effective at producing fast profits.

But it comes at a cost.

The bookmakers will limit your stake sizes to just a few pence pretty quickly.

So, you should only use this strategy on betting accounts that you don’t care about losing.

Get Started With the PM Matched Betting Software

You’ll need to make every bet count with this system.

Because you won’t be able to place many of them!

That’s why you need to find the best arbs with the highest ROI.

And the easiest way to do that is with the PM Matched Betting Software.

Conclusion: 5 Ways to Matched Bet Without Free Bets

Place-market arbitrage.

If I only had to pick one strategy from this list to use.

That’d be it.


Because it’s not as noticeable as win-market arbitrage betting.

And there are plenty of qualifying races available.

Plus – it works with just about every online UK bookmaker.

Click here to get started with place-market arbitrage.

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