Welcome to my 7-step guide to matched betting with accumulators.

Where I’ll be walking you through the process of making money from accumulator bets.

But without gambling your money.

Or taking massive risks.

Accumulator Betting Basics

Before I reveal the core strategy…

Here’s what you need to know about accumulator betting in general.

What is an Accumulator Bet?

An accumulator bet (‘acca‘) is a single bet that contains four or more individual bets.

Each selection is called a ‘leg’.

ALL of the legs must win for the accumulator to produce a return.

If one or more legs lose – your entire stake will be lost to the bookmaker.

How to Place an Accumulator Bet

Placing an accumulator bet is easy.

Simply click each of the individual selections that you wish to include in your accumulator.

The bet slip will then give you the option to place an ‘x-fold’ accumulator bet.

Where ‘x’ would be equal to the number of legs that you’ve selected.

For example, by adding Fulham, Brighton, Leicester, and Tottenham to my bet slip.

I’m given the option of placing a ‘4-fold’ accumulator bet:

The odds for each selection are multiplied together to give me odds of 16.2 for the 4-fold accumulator.

This exponential increase is due to the fact that I’m betting on ALL of the selections to win.

Why Accumulator Bets Are the WORST Bets You Can Place

The bookmakers LOVE it when you place accumulator bets.


Because it allows them to compound their mathematical advantage.

Which means that they are able to swindle you out of your money over the long run more efficiently.

How so?

The Overround

You may not know this.

But the bookmakers make their money by offering you odds that are WORSE than what is mathematically fair.

This creates an edge – called the ‘overround’.

And it’s why the online betting industry makes obscene amounts of money each year.

For example, fair odds on a coin flip are 2.0.

Because proportionally, you’d win one unit for every one unit that you’d lose over a large sample of bets.

And given that you have a 50% chance of each outcome occurring, you’d break even because:

(0.5 x (+1)) + (0.5 x (-1)) = 0

However, knowing full well that the fair odds are 2.0 on a coin flip.

The bookmaker would offer worse odds.

Typically, something like 1.90.

In such a case, you’d lose more money than you’d make over a large sample if bets.

Because half the time you’d win 0.9 units.

And lose 1 unit the other half the time.

Hence, you’d lose 0.05 units on average for each bet placed because:

(0.5 x (+0.9)) + (0.5 x (-1)) = -0.05

Accumulators COMPOUND the Effects of the Overround

The odds for an accumulator are calculated by multiplying the odds for each leg together.

And so, the overrounds for each leg are also interlinked by the same operation.

This causes the net effect of the overround to increase at an exponential rate for each leg added.

For example, creating a 6-fold accumulator – where each leg has a 5% edge in favour of the bookmaker – results in a net overround of 34.01%:

Accumulator Overround Exponential Increase

The edge is 34.01% rather than 30% because the operation is exponential rather than linear.

The bottom line?

The bookmaker takes an extra 4% when you place a 6-fold accumulator.

Compared to placing the same 6 bets as ‘singles’.

Warning: Football Accumulator Betting Tipsters

This is a bit of a side note.

But in light of the fact that the bookmakers’ overrounds are incredibly accurate on major league football matches.

(Due to the abundance of historical data).

And that the overrounds increase exponentially with each leg added.

How much true value do you think you’re getting from a football accumulator betting tipster?

I’d argue not much.

Especially if you’re getting your tips from Twitter.

Where these ‘accumulator challenges’ are little more than affiliate scams.

My opinion?

Steer well clear of social media ‘accumulator’ tipsters.

Accumulator Matched Betting: Your 7-Step Guide

What’s the easiest way to completely negate the effects of the bookmakers’ overround and make a profit?

By using their free bets against them.

In the context of accumulator matched betting, this can be done by exploiting the online bookmakers’ accumulator insurance offers:

Acca Offer Ladbrokes

Such offers mean that you’ll get your stake refunded in full as a free bet (to a capped amount)…

If EXACTLY ONE leg of your qualifying accumulator loses.

From which you can then lock in a profit.

I’m now going to show you how to do this in 7 steps.

1: Learn the Basics of Matched Betting

If you’re looking for an accumulator matched betting guide.

Then I’m going to assume that you’re already proficient in the basic matched betting process.

But if you’re not.

Read my full Matched Betting Guide.

Because you’ll need to be confident in placing lay bets for the strategy below to work.

2: Understand Sequential Laying

‘Sequential laying’.

This is the fulcrum of this accumulator matched betting strategy.

How does it work?

By laying off each leg of your accumulator bet in turn – STOPPING when you hit a single losing leg (or if all the legs win).

It’s basically just like doing a series of ‘qualifying bets’ one after the other.

But why stop at one losing leg?

Because your lost accumulator stake (and any accumulating winnings) has been covered by the betting exchange.


You’ll need to make sure that the qualifying loss is kept to a minimum.

Because you’re not going to hit the refund every time.

What’s the Easiest Way to Do This?

By using the Accumulator Generator software to find the most profitable accumulator combinations:

Acca Matcher

The alternative is to find the selections manually.

However, this is a real pain.


Because the legs MUST be playing at different times.

Plus, you’ll need to create an accumulator matched betting spreadsheet to handle the sequential lay calculations.

I gave up doing this because the Accumulator Generator package comes with an inbuilt calculator that does all of the heavy-lifting in seconds:

Accumulator Generator Sequential Lay Calculator

Learn How to Use the Accumulator Generator Software

The Accumulator Generator software comes with it’s own video training.

Click here to read my Accumulator Generator review.

Where you can sign up for just £1.

Done that?

Inside your Accumulator Generator membership area…

Go to the ‘Training’ tab:

Accumulator Generator Menu

And work your way through the ‘basics’ and ‘how to use the different features…’ sections.

These resources will explain how to use the Accumulator Generator software.

The rest of this guide will make much more sense once you’ve done that.

3: Find a Profitable Accumulator Bet

Pick out a selection from the Acca Matcher.

Here’s mine:

Accumulator Generator Acca Matcher Software

Click on the ‘Actions’ section to bring up the calculator.

Make sure the ‘Back Stake’, ‘Bet Type’ and ‘Multiple Type’ are correct.

The ‘Bonuses Section’ and ‘Lockin Refund’ should both be set to ‘No’.

Click through to the lay markets and update the lay odds if required.

Change the ‘Commission %’ to the correct value.

Here’s my example:

Accumulator Matched Betting Calculator Example

4: Place Your Bookmaker Accumulator Bet

Find the selections with the appropriate bookmaker.

Double check the back odds.

Update these as required on the calculator.


Go ahead and place your accumulator bet with the bookmaker.

5: Lay Off the FIRST Leg ONLY

Copy the ‘Stake Ideal’ figure into the ‘Actual Lay’ box in the calculator.

Click through to the first leg on the betting exchange.

Check the lay odds (again).

Copy the ‘Actual Lay’ figure.

Paste it into your betting exchange bet slip for the correct lay selection.

Double check that the liability is equal to the positive value of the [negative] ‘Back Wins’ figure on the calculator.

Place your lay bet.

The first leg of your accumulator bet has now been correctly layed off ‘risk-free’.


6: Wait for the Game to Finish

Did your selection WIN?

Then you should input a ‘W’ into the ‘Back W/L’ column:

Now lay off the NEXT leg as before.

Keep doing this until you either hit ONE losing leg.

Or all of the legs win.

(If the first leg lost – stop laying).

7: Lock in a Profit from the Free Bet

If exactly ONE leg of your accumulator bet lost.

You’ll get your stake back as a free bet.

You can then back and lay this bet for a guaranteed profit.

In most cases, this can be done using the ‘SNR free bet strategy’ using a single selection.

Make sure to check the ‘Offers’ section in your Accumulator Generator members area for the exact details for each offer.

Rinse and repeat the above process to make more money from accumulator insurance offers.

Get 4 Advanced Accumulator Betting Strategies

Backing and ‘hoping’ that one leg loses is not the only way to profit from accumulator bets.

There are four more strategies:

  • Lay the refund – variable return;
  • Lay the refund – equal return;
  • Lay all;
  • Advantage play.

Start Profiting From Accumulator Bets Now

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