Most of the matched betting guides that I’ve read are too complicated and long-winded.

Making you more likely to get frustrated and make a mistake.

But this matched betting made easy guide is different.

Because I’ll be showing you how to use a proven matched betting product by Mike Cruickshank to help you make up to £500 in next to no time.

And that’s not all.

I’ve thrown in some bonus training that’ll help you break the £1,000 earnings mark.

Setting you up for ongoing matched betting profits. 🙂

Matched Betting Made Easy – Make £500 in 5 Steps

This is the fastest way to cut the matched betting learning curve that I’ve personally used.

Because I’ve tried the alternative.

Which is trying to figure out matched betting with free guides and fragmented forum posts.

And I can tell you that the process below will make you much more money.

In just a fraction of the time.

Step 1: Join Bonus Bagging for £1

Bonus Bagging Logo

The Bonus Bagging semi-automated software will send you the exact bets to place directly to your inbox.

I say ‘semi-automated’ because you’re free to initiate it at a time that suits you.

But once you have – the arduous bet-finding and stake-sizing process will be handled for you behind the scenes.

(You WON’T even have to waste your time trying to learn how to use a ‘matched betting calculator’ either!)

The bottom line is that if you just do what Mike’s instructions say – you’ll make money.

Do This Now:

Go to my Bonus Bagging review page.

Where you’ll find links that’ll allow you to sign up to Bonus Bagging for £1.

Once you’ve joined up – come back to this guide.

Step 2: Watch the Training Videos

Once you’ve logged into your Bonus Bagging member’s area – go to the FAQ tab:

Bonus Bagging Members Menu

Work your way through the training.

Pay careful attention to the following videos:

  • How to Place a Qualifying Bet;
  • How to Place a Free Bet;
  • My Bet is Unmatched – What Do I Do?;
  • I’ve Placed the Wrong Bet with Betfair – Can I Fix this Problem?

Earn Whilst You Learn

The qualifying bet and free bet videos show you how to quickly make money from matched betting using the Bonus Bagging system.

The ‘unmatched’ and ‘wrong bet’ videos show you how to quickly fix common matched betting problems.

You can earn whilst you learn with the Bonus Bagging system.

But if there’s something that you’re unsure about, you can email Mike directly for help here: support [at]

Also – I’ve been using Bonus Bagging for years.

So you can ask your general questions at the end of this post and I’ll probably be able to answer them.

Step 3: Request a Qualifying Bet

The first step to making money from matched betting requires you to place a ‘qualifying’ bet.

In your member’s area, hover over the FAQ tab and click ‘Request New Bet’.

Then click this button:

Request New Qualifying Bet Button

Wait for a few minutes.

And an email with the precise instructions for placing your first qualifying bet will arrive in your inbox:

Bonus Bagging Qualifying Bet Email

Open the email.

All of the information that you’ll need to place the qualifying bet is there for you.

This includes the offer type, free bet amount, when the free bet is credited, the minimum qualifying bet odds, the start time of the event, the required deposit method, and exactly how to find the selection to bet on.

You’ll also be told how much to bet with the bookmaker and the Betfair Exchange, the projected qualifying loss, and what to do next once the free bet has been credited.

Bonus Bagging Email Instructions

If you find that the odds have changed once you’ve arrived at the bookmaker’s and/or the Betfair Exchange’s website, simply click the ‘IF THE ODDS HAVE CHANGED…’ link at the foot of the email.

You can then enter the new odds here:

Bonus Bagging Matched Betting Calculator

When you click ‘Recalculate’ the bet sizes are updated instantly in the instructions below the box.

Meaning that you’ll NOT have to wait for another email to come through.

Step 4: Extract a Profit From the Free Bet

Has your qualifying bet settled?

Then the bookmaker should have credited your account with a free bet to use.

You’re now going to extract a guaranteed profit from this free bet.

To initiate this process, hover over the FAQ tab and select ‘Claim Free Bet’.

Select the bookmaker with whom you have the free bet ready to use.

Enter the size of the free bet.

And click ‘Claim Free Bet’.

Claim a Free Matched Bet With Bonus Bagging

Just as before, you will shortly receive an email with the precise instructions for placing your bets.

But this time – you’ll be locking in a guaranteed profit 🙂

Step 5: Rinse and Repeat!

Repeat the above process until you have completed all of the initial Bonus Bagging bookmaker offers.

And you’ll have banked up to £500 in tax-free profits.

You can then move on to the advanced matched betting training below to bump this figure up to the £1,000 mark.

Before exploiting the bookmakers’ ongoing bonuses for daily profits.

Bonus Training: How to Build Your Bankroll to £1,000 (And Beyond!)

Ready to start making some real money?

Then DON’T spend the money that you’ve made with Bonus Bagging.

Instead, use it to bankroll yourself so that you can compound your earnings with Profit Maximiser.

‘Money makes money’.

That’s the golden rule!

1: Join Profit Maximiser

Profit Maximiser is Mike’s follow-on product to Bonus Bagging.

It shows you how to profit from the bookmakers’ higher value sign-up offers to make more easy money.

And use advanced matched betting techniques to syphon regular profits from the bookmakers’ ongoing offers.

There’s also training that shows you how to exploit casino bonuses and bingo promotions too.

Do This Now:

Go to my Profit Maximiser review page.

You’ll find links on there that will give you access to Profit Maximiser for just £1.

Sign up.

2: Cash Out the Bookmakers’ Advanced Welcome Offers

Once inside Profit Maximiser, the first thing you need to do is click the ‘Training’ tab.

Watch all of the ‘Bookmaker Offer Basics’ videos:

Profit Maximiser Training Videos

You’ll find that much of what you were doing with Bonus Bagging is explained in more detail and expanded upon.

Don’t get involved with the casino stuff yet.

Instead, you should click on the ‘Bookies’ tab.

And work your way through the list of ‘Bookmaker New Account Offers’ in order:

Profit Maximiser New Bookmaker Account Offers

Once complete, your bankroll should now be around £1,000 🙂

Move on to step three below.

3: Hit the Daily Calendar for Ongoing Profits

Go back to the ‘Training’ tab.

Scroll down to the ‘Advanced Bookmaker Offers’ section.

Work through the following sections:

  • Bet365 4/1 Method – Version 2;
  • Extra Places;
  • Price Boosts;
  • How to Calculate Refund Offers;
  • What is Underlaying?;
  • How to Use the Calendar.


Leave the other sections until later – they are very advanced.

It doesn’t matter if some of the above strategies are a bit over your head at this point.

The goal here is simply to become familiar with the most widely applicable advanced matched betting strategies.

You’ll be linked back to these templates via the daily ‘Calendar’ as appropriate.

How to Make Money

Click on the ‘Calendar’ tab.

Work your way through each offer in turn.

But leave out the casino offers for now.

Just focus on the ‘risk-free’ and ‘low-risk’ bookmaker stuff:

Profit Maximiser Calendar Offers

Instructions for making money are included for each offer.

You’ll be linked back to the training sections if required.

All that’s left for you to do is take action!

Work your way through the Calendar each day and do as many offers as you can.

As your confidence and bankroll grow, you can think about tackling the spread betting, casino, and bingo offers to increase your long-term profits.

For example, I’ve personally made more than £4,000 in the last few months from Profit Maximiser’s casino offers alone:

Casino Profit vs EV Graph

If you have any questions – leave them below and I’ll get back to you ASAP.

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