Have you completed all of the matched betting sign-up offers?

Then you might well be wondering if you can carry on making money from your bookmaker accounts.

Because when I first started matched betting back in 2012, it took me until about 2014 to really understand how to bleed the bookmakers for every penny.

And although the matched betting landscape has changed significantly in recent times – there’s still plenty of cash to be made.

In this advanced matched betting guide, I’m going to show you how to continue making money from the bookmakers’ free bets and bonuses – in seven easy steps.

Let’s dive in.

How Much Money Can Be Made Realistically?

Once upon a time, I was able to clear in excess of £1,000 each month from the sportsbook offers alone.

But unless you’re multi-accounting, this just isn’t possible in the current matched betting climate.

And although exact figures will vary, I’d say that £100 – £500 in profit each month is a fair target to begin with.

This number could increase significantly if you’re betting more money on some of the uncapped trigger-refund offers.

Bet365’s ‘Early Payout’ offer is a good example.

What Do You Need to Get Started?

You should have a solid grasp of the basic matched betting process.

If you are brand new to matched betting you should join Mike Cruickshank’s Bonus Bagging service first.

This will teach you the basics of matched betting.

And show you how to make up to £500 very quickly.

Matched Betting After the Sign-Up Offers – Total Profit Mastery in 7 Steps

Here’s the exact seven-step process that I followed to carry on making money from matched betting after I’d completed all of the sign-up offers.

1: Join Profit Maximiser

If you’re not already part of an advanced matched betting platform – you should join Profit Maximiser.

I have been a member of just about every major matched betting company that’s currently on the market.

And Profit Maximiser is still my number one choice.


Because Mike’s service was the first of its kind.

And it’s the only one that carries the advanced casino offers – which now make up the bulk of my ongoing profits.

If you’re worried about the upfront costs – you can try Profit Maximiser for just £1 for 14-days.

Read my full Profit Maximiser review here.

2: Hoover Up Value from the Advanced Sign-Up Offers

I know.

You’ve already cashed out all of the bookmakers’ new customer offers (NCOs).

But it’s worth clicking on the ‘Bookies’ tab inside your Profit Maximiser member’s area:

Profit Maximiser Main Menu

And taking a look at the grid of NCOs that appears on the next page.

Make sure that you’ve completed all of these offers.

Because NCOs are the easiest way to add money to your bankroll.

(There’s also some mobile, virtual, and spread betting offers to have a crack at too).

Profit Maximiser New Bookmaker Account Offers

Oh, and like I said earlier, if you have any gaps in your basic matched betting knowledge – now’s the time to fix that.

Click on the ‘Training’ tab and work your way through the videos under the ‘Bookmaker Offer Basics’ section.

This will get you up to speed quickly.

3: Learn How to Exploit the Trigger Refund Offers

The bulk of your ongoing profits from the advanced matched betting offers will come via ‘trigger refunds’.

This means that you’ll be given a free bet only if a certain condition – or set of conditions – happens.

These types of offers tend to follow a predictable syntax:

Bet [£X] and get a [£Y] free bet if [outcome Z] happens.

(Where ‘Z’ could be a series of outcomes – making the offer multi-conditional).

Unfortunately, unlike the NCOs, the bulk of the bookmakers’ trigger refunds will not result in a free bet every time.

As such, it’s important to prioritise the high-percentage/high-value triggers ahead of the low-percentage/multi-conditional triggers.

This will help you maximise your hourly rate.

To do this, you should go to ‘Bookies’ > ‘Ongoing Bookmaker Offers’ inside your Profit Maximiser member’s area:

Profit Maximiser Ongoing Bookmaker Offers Tab

Carefully work your way through the following training elements in order:

  • Bet365 4/1 horse racing offer (version 2);
  • Price boosts;
  • Refund offers;
  • Extra places;
  • Acca offers.

This will prime you with enough knowledge to be able to tackle the Daily Calendar with confidence.

4: Hit the Daily Calendar – Every Day!

Here’s where you’re going to be making your money.

Every day, you should click the ‘Calendar’ tab and work your way through each offer in turn.

Unless you have a good reason for missing out a bookmaker offer (gubbed, bankroll too small, low-value offer, etc) you should complete them all.

(You can miss out the casino and bingo stuff too – until you’re ready to tackle them).

Click on ‘More Details’ to reveal precise instructions for completing each offer.

Profit Maximiser Calendar Offers

You’ll want to pay particular attention to the following types of offers:

  • Guaranteed bet £X get £Y in-play free bets;
  • £X risk-free horse racing and football refunds;
  • ITV horse racing promotions;
  • Money back on all losers if horse X wins the race;
  • Sky’s price boosts;
  • Goal-scorer refunds;
  • Mobile deposit bonuses;
  • 2nd place racing refunds;
  • Bet365’s 2-UP offer (low percentage but high value).

These are the types of ongoing bookmaker promotions that remain more or less constant over time.

Use the appropriate advanced matched betting strategy to exploit each one.

5: Opt Into All the Free Bet Clubs

Many bookmakers will give you free bets just for placing X number of qualifying bets per week.

Therefore, it makes sense to opt into these promotions before you tackle the daily offers.

This way, you can qualify for some of the free bets without having to place any extra qualifying bets.

You can see a list of the most valuable free bet club offers by going to ‘Bookies’ > ‘Ongoing Bookmaker Offers’ > ‘Free Bet Clubs’.

6: Check Your Inbox Regularly

Once you’ve joined up to a new bookmaker – you’ll get a lot of personalised promotions sent to your inbox.

Some are obviously worthless.

But the vast majority offer great value.

You should keep an eye out for Bet365’s £50 In-Play Offer in particular.

It’s worth £30 – £40 a pop in guaranteed cash.

7: Make a Start on the Low-Risk Casino Offers

The above steps are enough to keep the cash coming in at a steady rate each month.

However, if you’d like to beef up your long-term earnings even more – you can move on to the casino offers.

You can take part in the risk-free casino offers whenever you like.

But I’d wait until you have at least £350 – £750 exclusively set aside before you begin to get involved with the low-risk casino offers.

(My logic is based on risking 3% of your bankroll based on £10 – £20 buy-ins – obviously you’ll need more if the buy-in is greater).

Make sure that you’ve watched all of the casino training videos by going to ‘Training’ > ‘Casinos’.

You can then access the risk-free and low-risk casino offers by going to the ‘Casino’ tab and clicking on the tiles:

Profit Maximiser Low Risk Casino Offers

Bonus Strategy: High-Risk Casino Offers

You’ll notice that a large part of Profit Maximiser is devoted to the ‘Advanced Casino Offers’.

And you’ll have noted the warning that they should not be attempted by anyone with less than one year’s casino matched betting experience.

Do not ignore this advice.

But once you’re ready, I strongly advise bankrolling yourself and getting involved.

Because this is where the long-term profits are.

As you can see from the graph below, I’ve made more than £3,500 from just shy of 1,000 casino offers.

High Risk Casino Matched Betting Offers Results Graph

I did this by mixing the low and high-risk casino offers together – making sure to never risk more than 1% of my bankroll on the high-risk stuff.

The average buy-in amount for the data set was £19.23.

Which is significantly less than the £100 – £200 possible for the higher-risk offers.

And whilst I did have some nice wins of a few £100s here and there – most of my profits came from just grinding through the offers every day.

The point being that you can still make good money from the casino offers with a smaller bankroll and without having to rely on ‘luck’ to gift you with a huge ‘jackpot’ win:

Profit Maximiser Casino Matched Betting Jackpot Win

(Although I’d probably have made a lot more money if I’d been buying in for the maximum amount and using larger spin-sizes).

Learn More About Profit Maximiser

In this guide, I’ve shown you how to carry on making money after the matched betting sign-up offers in seven steps – using the Profit Maximiser advanced matched betting platform.

Profit Maximiser is my number one personal product of choice – simply because it offers so much value beyond the basic matched betting offers.

To learn more about Profit Maximiser, click the button below to read my full Profit Maximiser review.

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